123 Germinal, There Is Something I Have to Say!

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In Division 13's headquarters, Director-general Gu Hui and the Intelligence Director stared at the phone on the desk, while Feng Jun stood to the side with a clear look of nervousness.

"Can we trace the location?"

The technician replied hesitantly, "We can't break the opponent's anti tracking protocol. He is a highly skilled hacker."

Gu Hui's vein throbbed with anger. When did that guy become a hacker? How could I not know?

After some deliberation, Gu Hui picked up the phone and said in a grave voice, "Han Xiao, you left Division 13 without permission. You violated the code of secrecy. This behavior is abominable!"

Han Xiao chuckled and laid bare Gu Hui's thoughts. "You want to ask me when I'm coming back, right?"

"You should know better yourself!" Gu Hui said.

"I am not going back."

"Are you defecting?" Gu Hui's eyes darkened, and his tone changed.


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