41 First Operation (Part 3)

Translator: MJ_ Editor: Millman97

"Just give it a try."

Lambert cut Li Yalin off as he bent down to unmask the agent. To their alarm, the man did not have a face, or rather, he did not have any facial features.

"What— what is this‽"

Li Yao was horror-struck. They proceeded to unmask the remaining 9 men, and they were all faceless!

Suddenly, a change occurred in the first man that Han Xiao had asked them to unmask. As the mark of a black spider slowly appeared on his face, facial features also began to form, and it soon became clear that it looked exactly like Black Spider's face. Next, the wounds on this person actually began to heal up, and after a while, this 'corpse's' eyelids began to move!

"Blow his brains up!" Han Xiao instructed firmly.

Lambert fired without hesitation.


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