1439 Exhausted

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This was a deep and vast space, like a real universe. The black velvet curtain was decorated with green stars, bright and dazzling.

Suddenly, a green light appeared out of nowhere, spinning and expanding, turning into a wormhole-like vortex and spitting out Han Xiao's figure.

Han Xiao quickly stabilized himself and looked around curiously.

"Where did you bring me?"

He glanced at the interface, and the combat information showed his current state. He had been 'swallowed' by the Tree God. This universe-like world was the inner space of the Tree God.

The next moment, Han Xiao immediately felt the repulsion of the entire world. Pressure came from all directions, suppressing his strength. The Void Domain was so compressed that it could only stick to the surface of the body, almost becoming a flat membrane.


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