The Last Wolf

The first mistake lead to the death of my brothers and my fellow soldiers, the shining cities of the God Emperor's now turned to nothing but ruins of past glory, yet this is after months of constant fighting. I am Lieutenant Titerus Vain I have served my Legion the Sons of Horus for almost two centuries and bestowed many honours for countless battles and victories, my Captain is Garviel Loken a legend among the legion and I am proud to be by his side. Our mission is to travel to Istvaan III and reclaim it from any traitorous elements, how ever Loken order me to stay on board the vengeful sprite and wait to reinforce them if necessary, though I could tell his mind was else were and this worried me. I will be posting chapters every Friday and depending on my work schedule I will try to post one to two chapters a week. Hello there, this is my first time writing a novel ever, lets see how it goes. This is another TAG this is R18 please keep that in mind when reading and their is swearing in this novel and much worse. Enjoy This is an unofficial story and I don't own any of Warhammer 40k names, characters or any of the places that are in the universe. All credit goes to Games Workshop(Please Games Workshop Gods don't kill my novel) if the owner of the cover doesn't wish me to use it tell me. Thanks

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37 Chs

Standing in Darkness

With my words echoing off the spires of a silent hive city, I can see my words have struck them to the core, like my father before me I was trainned to not only use the might of our weapons... but my mind and voice... for if we can win a war with single word it save us the time to pull the trigger.

Minutes past and the Admrial was called to sort the situation on the ground, with more reinforcements landing every passing minute. The Admrial arrived with a cold look on her face, surrounded by bannermen, soldiers of all kinds and a Commissar, his face covered in scars, missing half his jaw which he replaced with a metal jaw, I looked carefully at his jaw which was inscrbed with, " Through his voice, I am his instrument". Seeing clearly the Admrial had surrounded herself with veterans, with her presence here, ever lowered their weapons.

After assessing the situation, she walked to me asking what had happend to cause all... this, with a thorough explanation I spoke only the truth of what had happend and what I disscovered through the halls of the Governors palace. With a vain on her forehead pulsing with every moment, the veterans that stood stoic and unmoving, these would have seen some of the worst of the galaxy and survived, with there fear all but unrecognizable to normal people, yet I see beads of sweat fall down thier face and the slight movement of their muscles tense.

I looked beyond the fury filled Admiral towards the Guardsmen who were ordered by the Commissar to lay down their weapons and then organized into small groups, then we're ordered to move in front of a wall.

Understanding what was going to happen to them he stormed past the Admrial and her men, as the Commissar rasied his sword, " Ready!" The looks of horror on the Guardsmen faces were stuck this pained expression and ples would be their final action, "Aim!" The Commissar turned to the firing squad, rasing their weapons in acknowledgement to his word, "Fir... What!" before he said that last word I grabbed his arm before he could swing his sword down.

He notice my hand gripping tight his forearm and dosen't move or try to take his arm from out of my hand but instead waits and stairs into the eyes of my helmet as if trying to pair through the crimson red of my lenses.

I understood the Commissar's dilemma so instead of just ordering him stop I asked him

" Commissar... stat your hand but a moment." Slowly letting his arm go, putting his sword away and looked towards the firing squad to lower their rifles, then went to message his arm, he turns to face me the, grizzled Commissar spoke with certainty, "My Lord! They drew their weapons upon one of The Emporers angles this is offense of the highest order! Surely you can under..." Raising my hand for him to stop.

Using both my hands I took off my helmet and placed under my right arm, then resting my left hand on the pummel of my sword. Taking a breath of air, my sense were assaulted by the smell of gun powder, blood and promethium. Now looking eye too eye with Commissar, I talked with him explaining to him that their are very few left in the entrie Imperium who can see the difference between the act of a traitor or loyal comrade.

Convincing the Commissar that my way would not only save him the bullets but would reinforce their ranks, with strong and loyal soldiers who will not only live for the chance to repay this kindness but will strike tenfold againest the true enemies who hide in the dark of the Imperium. Looking down upon the Commissar, I felt as if I broke his view of the world we live.

Happy that my time here was not ended on bad note, I requested to see the Admrial once more. With this war done and the victories and medals award to those who gave their lives and those who were still here. Two weeks had past since that day and my request to the Admrial had now been approved which I am happy to hear for we have pressing business to attend to, * Pushing doors * as three metre high stacks of paper fell behind the doors, The Admrial stood up from behind the desk of the previous Governor, now temporarily assuming control of the government and currently the highest military officer in the hive city so... she's up to her eyeballs in paper work, " My Lord! Oh what a pleasure to see you and I do apologize my Lord for not seeing you sooner but how can I help you?" Bring my hand behind me I brought out a beacon then placed it on the table with a pulsing light, " This Admrial is gift from one of the most powerful people who even The Emporer cherished most dearly." 

( Some where, very far away)

In the depths of space a ship lay dormant for almost ten thousand years, it size and majesty has not been often seen by the most powerful people or anyone in the Imperium since the days of old where the Imperium almost ruled the galaxy.

( Back in the office)

The Admrial examined the beacon with care then squinted, " My Lord there seems to be a name on the beacon..." using a finger to rub away the dirt that stained it's surfice, " It says... The Gjallarhorn"

I appreciate the patients you have all shown me, thank you have a good day!