The Last Wolf

The first mistake lead to the death of my brothers and my fellow soldiers, the shining cities of the God Emperor's now turned to nothing but ruins of past glory, yet this is after months of constant fighting. I am Lieutenant Titerus Vain I have served my Legion the Sons of Horus for almost two centuries and bestowed many honours for countless battles and victories, my Captain is Garviel Loken a legend among the legion and I am proud to be by his side. Our mission is to travel to Istvaan III and reclaim it from any traitorous elements, how ever Loken order me to stay on board the vengeful sprite and wait to reinforce them if necessary, though I could tell his mind was else were and this worried me. I will be posting chapters every Friday and depending on my work schedule I will try to post one to two chapters a week. Hello there, this is my first time writing a novel ever, lets see how it goes. This is another TAG this is R18 please keep that in mind when reading and their is swearing in this novel and much worse. Enjoy This is an unofficial story and I don't own any of Warhammer 40k names, characters or any of the places that are in the universe. All credit goes to Games Workshop(Please Games Workshop Gods don't kill my novel) if the owner of the cover doesn't wish me to use it tell me. Thanks

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Needing a break... But Will Return

Hi every one I will like to start off by saying, you guys are f&#king lengends and your patience is appreciated. I will be publishing a new chapter this week, last week was a bit hard for me but I never will allow this book to die. Thank you for your understanding and please don't hesitate to ask a question or questions about the book.

See you all later on in the week and hopefully I will have more to share on not only the next chapater but my life.