The Last Man in the Universe

A man with a unique name, Ue (spelling; Yu), decides to accept an offer to join a program called 'Into The Hole' because he is bored with his life. The program requires someone to be flown and enter a Black Hole which for thousands of years has always been a mystery to scientists. This program is sponsored by Hidetoshi Akimura, who spent his entire life dedicated to studying a Black Hole which they named the Black Eye, somewhere in the Norma Arm, Milky Way. While Ue is on his mission to the Black Eye, there is chaos on Earth, a catastrophe that nearly wipes out humanity. The disaster was caused by the Healer serum, a serum previously touted as a miracle serum and highly revered by the public, now become a deadly serum that wipes out more than two-thirds of the Earth's population. Can Ue complete his mission? And what about the fate of the remaining human beings on Earth? Find the answer in this novel.

Ando_Ajo · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
172 Chs


"You need to know, Yu," said Alina as well. "Once you are out of Earth orbit and in the vacuum zone, you must maintain your physical fitness as you have been told earlier."

"Yeah," the young scientist nodded. "You should."


"You can do all that in this room," the young scientist pointed out the holographic shape of the room he was referring to. "This room is in the third section after the cockpit and your sleeping pod. Here we have provided a special treadmill, and other exercise facilities that you can use for that."

Yu looked at every part of the image that the holographic light emitted.

"In the fourth room…"


The image changed again showing a kind of room that was more like a dining room.

"…This is a simple kitchen where you eat and drink," said the young scientist. "We've been providing you with life-sustaining food and drink in space for two years."

"Two years?" Yu repeated with a frown.

"Yeah," said Alina as well. "The estimate of reaching the Black Eye is indeed in a year. However, in order to anticipate any eventuality, Mr. Akimura's research team decided to supply up to two years."

"Ah, I see, huh?" Yu nodded again.

"Try not to be extravagant there later."

"I will."

"At this point," said the young scientist. "Any questions?"

"Hmm, sorry, how about the toilet?"

Everyone smiled in response to Yu's question just now.

"Of course, we also provide that, Yu."


"The toilet and bathroom are in the fifth room," said the young scientist. "We know, and you must also realize that the plane you are going to use is not as big as other spacecraft. This plane is designed to carry only one person. We hope that you will be able to adjust later."

"I think I can do that."

"Good, that's what we wanted. Anything else?"

Yu shook his head. "No," he said, "I think I understand enough."


The holographic light disappeared from everyone's sight as the young scientist turned off the device in his hand.

"Alright, Yu," said Mr. Akimura. "We think you understand all the consequences that will happen to you later, don't you?"

"Very well," Yu nodded.

"Including," said the owner of Akimura Tech, "if something bad happens on your way."

"Understood," said Yu.

Mr. Akimura glanced at Doctor Alina, the doctor then took Yu to another room to be checked again for his body stability before his departure.

In the room that Yu usually used as the place where he ran his simulations, he was examined by four doctors, Alina being one of them.

The doctors made sure everything on the man's body and his head was in good condition, and fit. Except, Yu was a little sleep-deprived last night for one reason or another that forced him to stay up almost all night.

"You didn't seem well rested last night, Mr. Yu," said one of the doctors.

Yu looked at Alina, while the beautiful doctor was also looking at him with folded hands under her large breasts.

"I'm sorry," he said.

Alina smiled and shook her head.

"Never mind, don't think about it too much," said Alina, "After all, you can rest later after getting out of Earth orbit."

"Yeah, you can do it," said the doctor earlier.

"What if there's a big meteor blocking my plane?" Yu said with a serious face.

However, Yu's words were met with laughter by Alina, as well as by the other three doctors.

"You're so ridiculous!" said Alina.

Yu smiled, although he was really worried about it, more than that, Yu was happy because he could see Doctor Alina's smile and laughter which he knew she must be quite saddened by the death of her fiancé.

At least, one last time, Yu thought.

"I'm being serious!" Yu said. "If I sleep in outer space later, then how can I avoid such an obstacle?"

"And you think we flew you into space without proper preparation, do you?"

Yu shrugged his shoulders at Alina's question.

"Oh, Yu," Alina laughed softly. "The spaceship that will take you later is also equipped with the hazard prevention system you were worried about just now."

"Is that true?"

"Yeah," Alina nodded. "A sophisticated weapon system, although not the type of weaponry for war. But, at least, it can be your savior out there."

"Aah…" Yu smiled to himself. "How stupid I am."

Again they laughed. Well, this is something good, Alina thought. Starting this crazy long journey with laughter and jokes is likely to reduce the stress that Yu may be feeling right now, or maybe even get rid of the bad thoughts and worries themselves.

"What about your lesson?" asked Alina a moment later.

"My lesson?" Yu repeated.

"Well," Alina scoffed, "about what you're going to do when you're near the Black Hole?"

"Ah," Yu nodded. "Well, I've been repeating all that in my mind. I think I've understood everything I need to do. After all, everything is automatic, and I'm only left with a report on my travel log for anything unusual."

"Good, that's good."

"All right then," said a doctor to Yu. "You're in pretty good condition, Mister Yu, just lacking a little rest."

"Thank you." Yu smiled and nodded. "Sorry to bother you guys."

"Now," said the doctor, "do you still refuse to be injected with the Healer serum? You know, we were told that you don't want to use the serum?"

"Yeah," Yu nodded quickly, he glanced at Alina. "If I'm not mistaken, Doctor Alina has conveyed my objection to Mr. Akimura."

"That's what it's for, Yu," said Alina. "The doctor asked you again. You might change your mind."

"No, thank you," said Yu. "I feel like I'm just fine without the serum."

"He's stubborn," said Alina to her fellow doctors.

The three doctors laughed at that, including Alina and Yu himself.

"Thank you," Yu said again to the doctors.

The doctor smiled. "Don't be shy, it's our job. Alright, we're done with you and are going out now."

The three doctors left the special room, leaving Yu who was only wearing his underwear alone with Doctor Alina.

Being alone in the room made Yu recall Alina's words earlier that complimented something he had in his crotch, this subconsciously made his genitals react.

Yu cleared his throat and looked down, as well as Alina herself who saw the subtle movement in the crotch of the man who was sitting at a special table with his feet dangling.

"Hey," Yu said half-choked as if his next words were stuck in his throat.

"Yes?" the same thing happened to Alina with her beautiful blushing face.

"Ermm, about the mass heart attack," said Yu. "Have you seen the news?"

Oh, my God… this is so awkward! Yu muttered in his heart.

"Yeah," Alina shrugged and she didn't look down as best she could because she would see something sticking out in the man's crotch. "Of course. What is it? You seem quite interested in it?"