The Knight of Ruin(DxD)

In his past life, Romonus Gremory was named Andrew. He was brought over to this new world because of his boss Rahvdall, the god of Insanity. He was tasked with breaking the fate of DxD or Canon because gods like his boss feed on the chaos of broken fate to grow stronger. Romonus is all for it as he gets to enjoy the perks of being in a lewd world like DxD.

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92 Chs

True Birthday Gifts (1/2) +18

(Get Ready for a 4k Word Chapter or more, and it will get WILD! Lots of Mother Son Incest words, so be ready for that."

Romonus' Birthday lasted the entire day, from early morning to midnight. While it seemed that he received very few gifts, that was not true at all. Most of his guests gave him his gifts as they were leaving because some of the gifts were either rare or personal. 

Azazel fully recovered from the kick Viviana gave to his nuts. He gave Romonus the gift he had. It was something that Romonus would need soon as it was a spell that Azazel had created many thousands of years ago. 

It was a Contraceptive Spell for the man, which was how Azazel didn't have hundreds of children as he had truly massive harems through the ages. He would have orgies to exceed Solomon, and he had no children to speak of.

Azazel laughed as he teleported away, leaving Romonus feeling that Azazel was indeed a friend. As for Sirzechs, he ended up getting Romonus, which he did not expect but found interesting. 

It was a sizeable basketball-sized egg, which he identified as a Royal Griffin egg. According to Sirzechs, he bought it at an auction in Greece, being run by Hermes, who favored the Griffins as his mounts. 

Romonus accepted the egg while Grayfia handed him a small box. Inside was an earring that had been made from metal from Cocytus. According to her, the energy inside would slowly begin to be absorbed by his body to give him ice powers. 

Hearing that, he pierced his ear on the spot and placed the earring on. With just a thought, his regeneration did not try to heal the hole, and now he had a small earring on his left ear. It was dark purple and appeared to be made of dark purple ice. 

She smiled as it had once belonged to her older sister Geraldine Lucifuge, who had died in the Great War. Grayfia took her earring when she died and had not done anything with it for centuries. 

However, she felt giving it to Romonus was the right choice. When Sairaorg and Magdaran left, they gave him a Spatial Ring with plenty of rare herbs for him to use in his Alchemy. 

Surtr gave him a Fire Giant Flame Seed, Souji gave Romonus a Katana, and MacGregor, of course, was the richest of the three, so he gave Romonus 12 new Grimoires. Six came from Dormuteth, and six came from his personal Library. 

The Rook and Knight glared at the mage, who held his head high and walked away with his fancy cane and a smirk. Once they all left, that just left Shigune, Natsume, Kouki, Hyousuke, and Tobio alongside his harem. 

However, the five Japanese Teens quickly returned to their rooms since they were stuffed. Romonus smiled as he sent his shadows to start the clean-up. There were no leftovers since everything had been eaten or given to everyone who came. 

While his shadows were cleaning up, he turned to his harem and Itsuki. While she kissed him on the cheek, she did not say if she wanted to date him yet. He would give her more time as she was normal compared to his lovers. 

She had been raised in Japan, so she was pretty innocent regarding relationships. However, he felt she needed to get a little older, as Ddraig had said puberty for Dragon hosts was tricky. 

Regardless, Romonus truly smiled as he gathered around the girls. 

"That was the best birthday I have had yet. There was no Noble bootlicking, no one was trying to get engaged to me, and I didn't have ten different plots happen. I even got to eat the best cake of my life, so thank you, Akeno and Valerie, for that."

Akeno smiled happily that she could give him a truly memorable experience. 

"It was nothing. All the high-quality ingredients helped bring out the flavors. I will bake even more if you have a sweet tooth." 

Venelana reached out and patted her hair. 

"You are such a good girl, Akeno; I am glad my son has someone like you."

Akeno gave a hug to Venelana. 

"Thank you, Mother-in-law. I will get even better." 

That made the older harem members look at the adorable Akeno joyfully. For various reasons, Miria, Roygun, Vespera, Serafall, and Silvana were still virgins and childless. The oldest of the bunch was Vespera, who had been sealed in a sword for thousands of years. 

The second was Miria, who had been living a life of battle and tragedy, so she had no time for a relationship. Roygun had a similar story to Miria: when she became the Belphagor Head, she found no one acceptable. 

Silvana was quite young, at just 39, but she was a recluse before meeting Romonus. At times like this, Miria looked at Akeno, Shirone, Latia, Seekvaira, Itsuki, and even Rias and felt like a part of her wanted to have a baby. 

She crossed her arms with a small smile. 

"You know, I never felt this way, but at times like this, I want a child of my own." 

Everyone started to look at her, with Serafall beginning to laugh. 

"That would be fun. I want a pair of twins like Romonus and Rias to baby and spoil."

Venelana started to laugh. She was thinking of having another baby. Even if the Father was going to be her own Son, there would be no side effects because of magic. That was how so many Devils had long histories of inbreeding with no side effects. 

"You want to give me more grandkids? I would not mind, Romonus. Dear, when are you giving your lovers their babies?" 

Romonus grinned as he rubbed his clean-shaven face. However, that would not last much longer because his werewolf genes would kick in any day now. 

"I have wanted children, but at least let me get past my teen years. How does 80 sound? That will give me plenty of time to ascend into a Demon God. Any child I have then will be a Demigod." 

Latia smiled as he had still not lost his goal. 

"I would not mind having your child at that point. Most human Mothers have children in their 20s, but that is too soon even for us. We should give ourselves a couple of decades to enjoy our lives. Then, we spend 18 years raising them until they are adults, and then we can continue with our goals. 

 I do wonder if they will end up like you because you never have acted your age." 

Venelana nodded. 

"That is true. I have always wondered about that because you have been training ever since you were little. Why?" 

Romonus shrugged. 

"Who knows? Maybe my brain mutated like Zechs."

Rias shook her head. 

"But you are smarter than our brother."

That just made Venelana and Romonus laugh, as Sirzechs was not dumb. He just didn't act smart most of the time."

Romonus also brought up why he thought that was a good age. 

"Spending 18 years being parents won't be rough for us. Once the kids leave the nest, they can find their paths and carve their own lives. That amount of time is nothing, so we will still have the rest of our immortal lives to spend on travel or anything we want to pursue.

We still have another seven decades until that point. Plenty of time to have no dangers to us or them."

Valerie began to picture the day she would give birth to Romonus' baby, and it made her giddy. She began to touch her face with a beaming smile, but to burst her bubble, Romonus spoke up. 

"No cross-dressing my kids, Valerie."


She looked dejected, but no one sided with her. Vespera patted her back as she already corrupted Gasper, she did not want her own kids' to be influenced like that. 

"It is for the best, girl." 

Romonus nodded firmly. 

"Exactly. Men should dress as men, and girls dress as girls." 

Everyone nodded as if that was the whole truth. Rias, who was very shily next to Romonus, asked the girls around her the question she had been dreading. 

"Excuse me?" 

When everyone turned to her, she gulped and spoke up.

"Can I also have a baby with Romonus?" 

She thought she was going to be judged, but Miria just shrugged. 

"Go ahead. A few of us are related to Romonus anyway. Vespera is your distant relative since she is Zekram's great-granddaughter. I am like a distant cousin since my grandmother was part of the Bael branch family." 

Venelana also pointed at Serafall and informed them of something interesting. 

"Don't forget that Serafall is also related to Romonus." 

Even Romonus did not know that, which made Serafall giggle. 

"My great grandfather was a Gremory. He was the great-granduncle of Chysis Gremory's Grandfather. Who is the grandma of you two." 

Romonus nodded. 

"I did not know that." 

Roygun, Silvana, Seekvaira, and Latia, while not directly related to Romonus, were all Devils. Serafall also mentioned it.

"Don't forget all Devils are descended from Lilith, so we are all related in a way." 

Itsuki blushed hard as she asked the question in her mind. 

"How much incest is in Devil culture?" 

Venelana licked her lips as she said something shocking. 

"Way more common than you think? Like me and Romonus." 

Everyone turned to Venelana in shock, as she had gone that far with her son. Rias turned to her mother and brother in shock, and they nodded at her. 

"Mom? You and your brother are together? How long? When? How?" 

Venelana nodded as she explained it. 

"Yeah. It is a long story, but it started when your Father and I separated. Well, it was more like the day before, as I was already going to divorce him regardless, but having Romonus there made it easier. Consider that the older Devils are all married to relatives." 

Silvana started to laugh that they were all almost a big extended family. Seekvaira turned to Latia, who only shrugged. Latia was Romonus' first Fiance, and she was fine with all this. 

"You and I are related and in the same harem. Having a few incestual relationships is quite normal for a Devil, no? And Romonus is not even a Devil. He is a Demon, so who cares? As long as the harem does not become like my Father's." 

Romonus shook his head. 

"Hell no, I'd rather keep my harem like this. So I can remember all of your likes, dislikes, and wishes. If the harem becomes hundreds, it is not a family and just a bunch of sex slaves." 

Venelana, as part of such a harem before, knew that it sucked. 

"I am glad you didn't follow the path of your Father." 

He snorted. 

"Of course not." 

Only Akeno, Shirone, Valerie, and Itsuki were unrelated to Romonus. He crossed his arms as if he felt he was in heaven since Carla had prepared him for this life. He was happy that no one could judge him since he was Demon. Just as he was smiling, he saw his harem looking around at each other. 

No, to specify, it was the older women of his harem. Miria, Roygun, Vespera, Serafall, Venelana, and Silvana in particular. They all knew that he was done waiting and it was his birthday. Serafall smiled as she found this an excellent time to spring the gift she wanted to give. 

"It is Romonus' birthday, and he deserves the best gift. Ladies, you know what I mean." 

Latia was not dumb, and she began to look around at what she could only call a bunch of horny cougars. She teleported Seekvaira, Shirone, Akeno, Rias, and Itsuki to the Astaroth Mansion using what she had learned. 

She even took Kharn and Grimaldus, who did not need to remain behind when he was going to be busy. She knew that while Devils were more open to sexual relationships at a younger age, Romonus wanted them all to be at least 16 before touching them sexually.

It was just part of his morals, but when Valerie noticed she had been left behind, she panicked. She looked around and saw that all the older women had been left behind. 

'Does she think I am a pervert?' 

Romonus grinned as he extended his hands out. 

"You know, it is getting tough for me to keep my Demonic Instincts tame when I can smell your arousal and pheromones."

Valerie knew that was because of his four bloodlines. Humans were famous for having sex with every supernatural race, Devils and by extension Demons were creatures of passion. Vampires and Werewolves were no different so that Romonus would be wild. 

Romonus lightly stepped on the floor and teleported them all into his room. They all fell on the bed from the ceiling and looked hungry. Before anything happened, Romonus turned on the many protective arrays his room had. 

Most of the women in this room were mighty powerhouses, and a night of passion with him was going to be dangerous. Even if his room was already soundproof, another layer of defense was still necessary. 

On a plus note, the bed was Devil so that it could fit up to 40 women at a time. Of course, he would never have a harem that large, but it was better to be ready. When they all landed on the bed, Venelana glanced around the bed at her son's many lovers. All of them except Valerie and Silvana were hundreds of years old, and she was the only woman with any sexual experience. 

Even if it had been dead for centuries, at times like this, she took command. 

"Alright then. Ladies, please join me in the bath. Romonus dear, please wait for us to get ready. In the meantime, get comfortable and wear this."

She conjured a blindfold for him as she did not want him peaking. 

"If you can, please restrain your senses as much as possible. I want you to be dazzled." 

He reached out, put on the blindfold, and did as she suggested. For the first time in years, his passive senses were all restrained in his body, leaving him near blind and deaf, and even his sense of touch and smell got weaker. 

It was so uncomfortable for him, but he did not fight it. 


With that, Venelana led Serafall, Roygun, Vespera, Valerie, Silvana, and Miria into the bath. Romonus would normally know what they were doing, but not this time. While they got ready, he began to remove his Hunter Suit normally. 

When it was all removed, his incredible body was revealed, but he kept his underwear on. He sat at the edge of the bed, fighting with his instinct to remove his limiters, but he did not. 

As for Archaon, he was dead asleep as Romonus ordered him to sleep when he knew what would happen. As such, he was all alone, with just his thoughts and feeling rather vulnerable. 

Of course, nothing could or would kill him, but it made his desires begin to rise. Venelana wanted this, and 15 whole minutes went by when he heard the door to the bathroom open. 

When he heard the sound of his lovers stepping out, even his restrained senses could hear things. He heard several pairs of bare feet on the smooth tile of his room. He heard several breaths. 

Venelana walked toward him and placed a hand on his lap. He started to growl a little as his Vampire and Werewolf instincts woke up. 

"Mom. I know that is you?" 

She giggled as she pushed him on the bed, and they all got onto it with him. 

"You know Romonus, I wonder if I should let you remove that blindfold. Maybe you should leave it on?" 

He gritted his teeth, as that would be pure hell. His canines began to grow larger, and behind his blindfold, his purple eyes were starting to develop a crimson glow. He was surrounded by some of the hottest women in the Underworld, and he could not see them naked. He would go berserk, but Venelana was teasing him. 

She got onto his lap, as she was going to go first. She reached up and removed his blindfold, letting him open his eyes. He looked around, and instantly, he was rewarded. All of them were wearing lingerie in colors that made them stand out. 

Venelana wore a white lingerie that barely kept her breasts contained. Even the bottom just needed to be gently pushed aside to reveal her pussy. She moved his head up to look into his eyes as her purple eyes differed slightly from his. 

His eyes were a darker shade of purple, but the hunger in her eyes was visible. As he looked around, he saw that Serafall wore one model after her cosplay, Miria was wearing purple, Valerie and Vespera wore yellow and red, Silvana was in light blue lingerie, and Roygun was wearing pure black leather. 

He gulped as he started to pant and drool, which made his Mother lick her lips. 

"Girls, I know most of you are virgins, which means this will be a special memory for you. The pain won't matter at your level, but to get this nice and hot watch. What is hotter than a Mother taking her son's V card? For a Devil nothing?" 

They did not disagree, so they all crawled closer to watch. She looked down at Romonus and placed her hands on his face. 

"Happy Birthday, baby. Do you want me to take your gift? Or do you want something else first?" 

His eyes shot open as his instincts were turned on. He did not lose his cool, but there would be no stopping him now. 


He sat up and, with magic, removed his underwear to reveal his cock, which had been growing alongside his body. When he and Venelana had their first sexual experience, he had been 7 inches long and quite thick. 

Now, it was 11 inches and even bigger, which she could feel on her plump ass. 

"I knew it was worth waiting." 

He reached up for her breasts and pushed the thin white bra aside to reveal one of the biggest pairs of breasts he had seen. They were a large E cup, and despite having breastfed three children, him included, they defied gravity. 

He grabbed her breasts, and with his large hands, he took a massive handful. Venelana licked her lips as her own Devil instincts began to grow restless at the sinfulness of this. It was her teenage son touching her like this, and she loved it. 

"Ahhhh, grope them harder. Watch closely, girls; he loves breasts." 

He did, but most men did. 

"I do, but I also like a woman with a nice ass." 

Venelana liked to hear that. 

"And mine is quite large, right?" 

Venelana leaned back to let him enjoy her breasts to his desire. She could see that the other girls were fully enraptured with the sinful sight. Just the aura of sin that was being made was turning every one of them more on. 

Serafall pulled out her breasts and was tugging at her erect nipples. Vespera was panting as her eyes were starting to glow with Vampiric passion. Even Valerie was no different as she reached into her underwear to finger herself. 

Just as Venelana was going to enjoy the show, she felt Romonus cast a spell on her beasts. The pleasure was so extreme that she came instantly.


She screamed as the spell activated, and her breasts started to leak breast milk. 

"Romonus, what are you-" 

He latched his mouth on both her breasts, and he started to drink her breast milk. The spell would only last as long as he supplied it energy, and she would produce more milk the more turned-on they got. 

"It's a kink of mine. And since you are my Mother, it fits." 

When he started to suck her breasts and nipples at the same time, she screamed in pleasure and nostalgia. 

"YOU PERVERT! Haah! Don't stop." 

Miria reached up and grabbed her breasts as they sounded so hot. Silvana's blue skin started to turn purple from how turned on the way Venelana sounded. All of them began to touch their breasts as they knew they were next. 

Valerie opened her mouth and bit down on her finger as she continued to finger her vagina. She was so wet and wanted Romonus to touch her already, but Venelana made it clear. Wait your turn; it would feel much better when it was your time. 

Romonus pulled back on her nipples and lightly bit down on them, causing his Mother to cum on his lap again. Her white thog was sopping wet, and so was his lap, so he reached around and pulled her thong to the side. 

With a single hand, he picked her up by the ass and aimed his cock head at her vagina. 

"I am so going to enjoy cumming inside you, Venelana." 

Venelana licked her lips as he called her by name. 

"Fill me to the brim then, and don't forget, call me mom."

Without waiting, he shoved his entire cock into her vagina, making her scream in pleasure. Seeing how rough he inserted his cock into his Mother, Serafall had an orgasm at how sinful it was. 


She fell to her side and started to play with her breasts while fingering herself. She did not stop looking as Romonus grabbed Venelana by her hips. He did not stop sucking her breasts as the Demonic Energy of Venelana was mixed in with it.

It energized him more than anything as he started to bounce her up and down. He was not gentle as his Mother was no virgin, and she liked it rough. Venelana tossed her head back as she wrapped and placed her arms behind her head. 

She felt nothing but pleasure as her son used her like this. 


He grinned as he kept sucking her breasts and bouncing her up and down. Venelana stuck her tongue out as all she felt was dick, and her pussy walls stretched to total capacity. Her only other Lover had been Zeoticus, who was only half Romonus' length and girth. 

She shoved him out of her mind as she could barely remember the last time they had sex. 13 years, even for a Devil, was a long time, and her son could not keep his hands off her. 


Romonus picked up the pace as he grunted as Venelana's pussy was clenching like a vice. At times like this, he thought his Father was stupid as he didn't know if he could keep his hands off Venelana for a day now. 

Venelana suddenly felt his cock pulse inside her, so she grits her teeth. 


Romonus sucked her breasts harder as he slammed her down and pushed his cock into her cervix. This was only possible because Venelana was a Satan Class Devil, and for human women, this would be a no-go. 

But in Supernatural races with magic, logic did not apply. Venelana came and came hard as she felt Romonus unload inside her vagina. Her eyes went wide open as she felt thick cum begin to fill her womb. 

Romonus let go of her breasts, causing them to bounce as she wrapped her arm around his neck. She was a panting, drooling mess as, despite proclaiming her experience, she got taken advantage of. 

Her sexual experience did not prepare her for the wild Demon that her son had become. Even now, he was still cumming until she was packed full. She started to bounce a little, feeling his cum move around inside her. 

"Good lord Romonus, huff. You are a stud." 

He grinned as he held her face and shoved his tongue into her mouth. He enjoyed the taste of her saliva before pulling back and giving her a firm spank on the ass with both hands. 

"I am nowhere near done, but it is time to switch." 

She grinned as she slowly got off his cock, which caused a surge of cum to fall onto it. She backed away on her knees before she went down and opened her mouth wide. She went down and began to suck the cum and sexual juices off his cock. 

She started to suck him hard as she made sure to leave it spotless for the next girl. Romonus had already singled one, but before he finished, he pushed Venelana's head down to the base and came in her throat. 

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sinful act of deep-throating her teenage son's cock. She wrapped her tongue around it and made sure everything was spotless. As she pulled her head back, she sucked hard until her mouth made a pop when she came off. 

She smiled lustfully as her cunt and belly were full of her son's cum. She backed away and turned to the girls who were all like horny animals now. Miria, Roygun, Vespera, Serafall, Valerie, and Silvana had been edged this whole time and ready to jump on him, but they held back. 

Venelana turned to them with a smile. 

"Who is next?" 

Romonus' sexual hunger would not go down even when he was human. His record had been an orgy with Carla, his aunt, their friends, and their daughters for his 17th birthday. In total, he fucked 11 women and their daughters for 8 hours. 

Now as a Demon, he could go for days. He lunged out and grabbed Miria by the leg. He dragged her toward him and pinned her arms down. 

"Your next." 

She pushed her breasts up as even with her Rook Piece she could not over power Romonus. 

"Come on, fill my breasts. You know you want to." 

"Damn right, I do."