The Knight of Ruin(DxD)

In his past life, Romonus Gremory was named Andrew. He was brought over to this new world because of his boss Rahvdall, the god of Insanity. He was tasked with breaking the fate of DxD or Canon because gods like his boss feed on the chaos of broken fate to grow stronger. Romonus is all for it as he gets to enjoy the perks of being in a lewd world like DxD.

A_Real_Werewolf234 · Anime & Comics
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90 Chs

The Corpse Ghost Sect.

While Grayfia watched, Romonus began to start using some of his darker rituals which all were costly to normal people. They required souls, his Life Span, or worse his Life Force, but Valerie's unique modifications made them just any other spell. 

Through them he managed to get a location for the Corpse Ghost Sect so he stood up from the burning purple Cursed Circles. 

"Found it." 

Grayfia who was sitting next to him also stood up to leave. 

"How long will we go?" 

"Not long, an hour or two. I just want to talk to them to see if I can't get some allies. Because you know that the Underworld won't remain peaceful for long." 

She nodded. 

"I do, your birth has offset the balance of the Underworld. More and more Devils Houses are worried because now there are 4 Super Devils. Three are on the side of the Satan Faction even you the heir of the Bael Clan. 

The 4 Satans have been gathering their strengths because they expect you to start something."

"You're right Grayfia, I am going to clean house and wipe out the Old Satan Faction and take over the Great King Faction. I plan to do this when I turn 18 or 20. In the years leading up to that I shall become even stronger, I will gather allies, get a Peerage without equal and unite the Devils under one banner. Mine." 

Grayfia expected that because he always seemed unsatisfied with the current political landscape of Devils. 

"Have you thought of the consequences?" 

She was probing to hear how he planned this. 

"Of course I have Grayfia, I am not a fool. I know it will be a bloody War, but that is just what needs to happen. When I ascend into a Demon God, I shall exceed God and Lucifer. I shall become the new pillar of the Christian Pantheon. 

I will take over Heaven and the Heaven System. I will replace the Christian Faith with one of mine and gather the energy of the worship. I don't need to rule the world, just being the strongest will cause that to happen." 

She could see the ambition in his eyes, but it was not a foolish attempt to rule the world. He only wanted to unite the Christian Pantheon and bring them away from God who was dead. 

"When you do this, just make sure you have a plan."

He smiled. 

"That is what allies and family is for isn't it" 

Grayfia nodded with a smile of her own. 

"True, so rely on us when you do begin your plan." 

"I will, I can't do it all myself after all. For now, let us go visit the Cultivators." 

Romonus opened a teleport circle and teleported them to the Corpse Ghost Sect First. The 10 Major Sects of China all operated in alternative spaces so he teleported to the location outside. 

He did not want to pop in the middle of the sect so he went outside in the real world on a mountain peak. He could sense different arrays placed around to keep the sect hidden. He looked at the hidden entrance and spoke up. 

"Excuse me, I would like to have a meeting." 

Kharn and Grimaldus did not think that was going to work, but it did. The same Elder who had ordered a retreat came out. He was still dressed in his dark robes that hid his face and every inch of his body. 

The Elder laughed when he saw Romonus in his human form. 

"So this is what your human form looks like Demon. I can see the resemblance between you." 

When the hooded Cultivator turned to Grayfia and began to laugh which sounded wet and the scent of decay was heavy. Even Grayfia could smell it and she could sense the severe amount of curses, and Death 'Qi' radiating off this Cultivator. 

"Now you are gorgeous, are you married? Because my son is looking f-" 

Grayfia recoiled and raised her hand. 

"I am married and a Mother. Go past my brother here before you ask that." 

Romonus squinted his eyes as he still had his new Demonic Vampiric Werewolf transformation to test out. He could turn into that one before going Devil Trigger to increase his already massive strength further. 

The Elder seemed to sigh. 

"Such a shame. Regardless, what brings you here to our Sect?"

Romonus was the one who answered. 

"I will be frank that I consider Cultivators not very smart. However, you proved to be intelligent when you retreated. I wanted to ask if you would allow me to meet your Patriatch. I wish to exchange resources and maybe even offer an alliance of cooperation." 

The Elder thought about it before he turned around. 

"Give me a moment, I shall speak to the Patriarch." 

As the Elder returned to his sect, Romonus turned to Grayfia. 

"I feel bad for you. You are so attractive that it makes the brains of men melt." 

"Do you find me attractive?" 

She said so with a raised eyebrow as she was genuinely curious. He had never looked that way at her before so she was curious. 

"I do, but just because I find you pretty doesn't mean anything." 

She smirked. 

"Good, at least you don't find me ugly. Then we would have had a problem." 

He rolled his eyes as if any man who found Grayfia ugly was just gay. He was not gay so he of course found her attractive. He just had too much respect for her and his brother to break that trust by trying to get into her pants. 

"Anyone who finds you ugly is sick in the head or gay. Though you should ask that question to my brother, not me." 

She walked over to him and reached up to pat his head. 

"You are a good brother." 

Just as he smiled he heard that same sickening laugh from the Elder. 

"I don't mean to interrupt the sibling care, but the Patriarch is willing to meet you. Of course, not in person." 

The Elder pulled out an enchanted Jade Crystal and held it out to Romonus. From it, a projection of a cultivator fully encased in black spiked armor. From his body, a massive aura of death kept surging from him. 

When he looked up, Romonus could see a pair of black eyes in the helmet. 

"You wished to speak with me Demon?"

Romonus nodded. 

"That I did Patriarch. Since your Sect Elder did not attack me and retreated, they are not my enemy. As a fellow Necromancer, I wanted to offer you an accord. I am Romonus G. Bael, the next ruler of the Bael Clan. 

I am gathering allies because I fully intend to ascend to a power above God. I will topple him from his throne and take his place as a new Demon God. If you aid me in my endeavors in the Underworld, I shall aid you in return. 

Wouldn't the favor of a Demon God of such power be of interest to you? I already am equal to my brother Sirzechs a Super Devil."

He saw how the Patriatch began to ponder as the power of the sects was in decline. In recent millennia, raising elites had become harder and harder for them because of the dwindling resources. 

If they had an ally like Romonus when he ascended their power was sure to rise. 

"You tempt me, Demon. My Sect as a Necromancer Sect has made enemies of many sects and Pantheons so we try to avoid battles we cannot win. However, if you can prove to us that you have the potential to become a Demon God as you say-"

Before the Patriarch could finish, Romonus opened his left hand and summoned the True Longinous. 

"This is the True Longinus, the spear that pierced the side of Jesus. It even has a shard of God's will inside and I will be corrupting the Will inside for the next few years. Once the will is fully corrupted, I will devour it and convert its divinity into Infernity. 

Using the power I gain, we will then topple God himself from his throne. He hasn't left Heaven for centuries."

Romonus could swear he saw the Patriatch start grinning behind his helmet. 

"You tempt me truly. In such a war, there will be plenty of corpses for my sect. The resources we will gain, and the experiences in such a war. I can see it now, even our old rivalries will end." 

Romonus nodded. 

"Exactly, so do you accept my accord?" 

The Patriarch nodded.

"Done, but I won't move my sect to war with just promises of future glories. You must achieve this ascension that you proclaim because God is a powerful foe. Wounded or not, become this Demon God you say and my sect will follow you to war."

The projection of the Patriatch finished as the Elder walked over to Romonus. 

"Here, keep this Jade pendant. Whenever you wish to speak to the Patriatch surge your Demonic Power into it to activate the enchantment." 

Romonus took it and placed it into his Spatial Ring. 

"Thank you. I will take my leave then."

Grayfia turned to Romonus. 

"Where to next?" 

He thought about it as unlike the Coprse Ghost Sect that seemed to respect Necromancers he was not sure about the Divine Orchard Sect. Plus, China was going to be in turmoil so he decided to retreat. 


He reached down and picked up Grimaldus and Kharn before he teleported them all back to his safe house. It was better to leave when you had the treasure than allow it to be taken from you. 

In a flash of purple, they all appeared back in his safe house where his peerage were already waiting. When they saw him return, they all smiled as that did not take a month as he had expected. 


Valerie ran over to his side as she started to touch his body trying to feel if her modifications worked. 

"Do you feel alright? No lost life span right? Because if I failed, I am so-" 

Rather than let her keep worrying for him he did something he had wanted to do for a while. He could see how she looked at him and she was so adorable. As a Demonic Vampire Dhampir, she was also a very pretty girl so he grabbed her shoulders and kissed her cheek. 

"Relax Valerie, you did just what I wanted." 

She smiled with a slight blush on her face. After drinking his blood directly, the bond they shared was deep. She smiled at the gesture. 

"I am glad." 

Before the rest of the girls got jealous he turned to them. 

"I just wanted to say that we finished faster because of Valerie, but I still want to thank you for the help. Especially you Grayfia, you fought an entire Sect for me so I am truly grateful. Tell Sirzechs I said thanks for the assist." 

She just smiled as she returned to her normal form, silver hair, red eyes, maid dress, and more mature. 

"My pleasure. I should go, it seems you got something else on your plate." 

"What do you mean by that?" 

She didn't say anything as she teleported back to Sirzechs. When he turned around he saw Akeno and Shirone staring at him with cute smiles. Miria and Vespera grinned at the sight, but they just sat down on the couch to wait. 

Valerie smiled as she knew what was happening so she walked away. Romonus also knew so he crossed his arms. 

"Ok, let's hear it. What did you want to say?" 

Akeno made her case. 

"I know that you are quite firm on us growing up, BUT you could make the argument that Valerie is childish. While I am-" 

He sighed as he knew that just like the original Akeno, she had taken him as her rock. He had wanted her to develop mentally first, but maybe her becoming almost a 6 winged Nephalem had a hand in this. 

"Akeno, you are the same age as me and Latia so I have nothing against your age. I just wanted to give you the time to find out if being my lover was what you wanted." 

She nodded happily. 

"It is, and I bet Shirone would like it too." 

Shirone nodded. 

"You are strong, and power is good. Plus, you are so big and cool."

He had known these girls for almost 2 years and he knew that they were in puberty. Even for a normal human that was a very tricky time, but they are a Nephalem and a Nekushou with three tails. 

Their emotions were going to be turning extreme soon, and they had made it clear that they wanted him. He turned to Miria and Vepera who seemed to be enjoying this. Just in case he felt bad Miria gave him a push. 

"Come on now, you are pretty much their age. If you keep going for oldies like me and Vespera, people will start to question why that is. Akeno is the same age as Latia and you don't make a fuss. While Shirone is a little younger than you, you should have someone near your age." 

Vespera turned to Miria. 

"Hey, I am not in the harem yet." 

Miria scoffed as she opened her hand and summoned a beer from the fridge. 

"Oh please, you might as well have sex with him every time since you Vampires see that as an intimate act between your lovers. Which is weird, for your prey you rip out their throats, but for your lovers a little love bite is cute." 

Vespera's face and Valerie's started to burn red because it was true. As Vampires, they were very seductive and they had been giving Romonus hints by the way they drank his blood. 

Seeing that just made Romonus smile as he sat down on the couch. Akeno sat next to him while Shirone sat on his left leg. Miria leaned next to him while Vespera turned into a bat to jump on his head. Seeing no room Valerie chose to sit on his right leg. 

Now, surrounded by 5 women, his face pulled back into a grin. 

"Fuck it, guess we ball." 

Miria grinned as she whispered something in his ear. 

"SO, when we fuck?" 

Some of the girls blushed, but not all. He hummed as it was true that he might as well be an adult now. 

"You know what screw it. Whenever you want?" 

Miria's face pulled back into a grin. 

"Bet then." 

With that, he just enjoyed the time with his harem. If only Venelana, Latia, Roygun, Serafall, Seekvaira and Silvana were here. 

(Damn, the harem is already up to 11, I might need to slow down. Though, Tiamat is a must so that will be upcoming. I will need to spend time to flesh out all the relationships as I never wanted to bloat the harem too much.

Also, I think the next Arc is going to involve the Norse Pantheon, Celtic or Hindu. Haven't decided.