The Knight of Ruin(DxD)

In his past life, Romonus Gremory was named Andrew. He was brought over to this new world because of his boss Rahvdall, the god of Insanity. He was tasked with breaking the fate of DxD or Canon because gods like his boss feed on the chaos of broken fate to grow stronger. Romonus is all for it as he gets to enjoy the perks of being in a lewd world like DxD.

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Sephiroth Graal Modifications.

Valerie shivered ever so slightly when the three Grails landed on Romonus' exposed back. At times she would forget that Romonus 12. His birthday was in a month, but he just did not have the body a young boy should have. Despite how mature his personality, body, and face appeared to be he wasn't even done growing. 

Despite his age, he had already reached a level of strength many would never even reach. Part of that was raw talent, another was effort and the third was his bloodline. Romonus would not lie that without the Sparda bloodline, he would probably be in the Satan Class about now. 

He accepted that as in the past 10 months, he had never stopped pushing himself. He had not reached a bottleneck of growth, but after Valerie did her edits he would be much better prepared for anything the future had in store.

Valerie placed her hands on his back which would help her control the energy of her Longinous easier. When she did so, she felt skin that felt as hard as diamonds. It was difficult to harm him in the first place and he wanted to make it so that damage that did get past meant nothing. 

At times like this, she felt nervous. 

"Romonus, are you sure I won't fail?" 

He tilted his body slightly to get a look at Valerie. After a year of proper feeding on his blood, her body had changed quite a bit. By evolving into a Demonic Dhampir, she had become much more seductive than before. 

Vampire and Demons both were rather handsome because he had only gotten better looking as he got stronger. Valerie when he saved her had been quite thin and malnourished since she was a Dhampir her family mistreated her. They locked her away and starved her, and the emotional weight of being despised made her weak-willed. 

Now, under his care that had gone away and she had recovered beautifully. All Vampire females were attractive and so was Valerie now. Her golden hair sparkled, her red eyes shimmered like gems, and she seemed to be growing in the right places. 

She got taller, her bust seemed to have grown a few inches and so had her hips. From the feeling of her sitting on him, it had been a big change. She even had her birthday a few months ago so she was now 17. 

Still, recovering from that abuse took longer than even an evolution. 

"No Valerie, you won't fail, You have had 10 months of the best training and you have done this before. Relax yourself as Sacred Gears run on your emotions. Take a deep breath and don't let your nerves win. You got this." 

She breathed in deeply before breathing out. 

"I got it. Let's go over what you want for this since I will do it all at once. You want an upgrade to your healing factor, a constantly recovering Life Force, and an immunity to Holy Energies?" 

"Yes. If possible, can you grant me an affinity for Light Magic? Azazel has taught you and I have learned that I can't use it no matter how much I train. That needs to change. Light Magic is a magic with many applications which I want, but seemingly can't use." 

Valerie thought about it as right now the Three Grails on Romonus' back were teaching her about his Soul and Life Code. This was how she did her work, the Grails told her directly what she needed to know about the being she wanted to edit. 

Romonus relaxed as he allowed her to get a feel for his existence. An interesting thing that happened because of her Demon Dhampir state is that the Holy Grail seemed to be reacting neither negatively nor positively to her Demonic Energy.

She just might become a unique Holy Demon Dhampir with a bit more understanding of her Longinous. Valerie didn't take very long to get a feel because she already learned part of it from drinking his blood. 

It was inside her body and she knew herself in and out. 

"I am ready to start."

Before she started he pulled two syringes of glowing liquid. The first was bright green and the second was blood red. Valerie reached out and held the two Vials knowing what they were. One of them was the refined Werewolf Venom of King Arjac and the second was Vespera's refined Vampire Venom. 

 Arjac could trace his lineage back to Lyacon the first Werewolf and Vespera was the same. She was also directly related to Zekram Bael so her ability to transform others had unique abilities.

After careful Alchemical experiments, Romonus had refined the venom of both removing any loyalty-inducing aspects of them. The reason was that he wanted to fuse the bloodlines of Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, Devils, and Humans. 

His Demon bloodline was the strongest in his body and it always would be because it had devoured his Devil one. He was effectively a Demon Human hybrid now with the abilities of a Devil. 

Demons and Devils were so similar that it had just been fused into and devoured by the stronger bloodline. Only the human genes were different and perfectly matched because of the blood essence he used. 

Now by adding Vampire and Werewolf abilities, he would become even mightier. 

"The instant that the edits are finished use both on me."

Valerie took the vials and got ready.

"I got it."

He lowered all his defenses as he felt the overflowing Holy Energies in the Chalices on his exposed back. Despite that, they did not harm him at all. With his confirmation, Valerie took control of her Sacred Gear and steeled her nerves.

A massive surge of Holy Energies flowed into his body at the root of his existence, life, and soul. It was so pure that it even made him tingle. Valerie fell into a slight trance as she started the modifications he wanted. In the Light Novel, all of this had been done against her will. The Evil Dragons like Grendel had been made resistant to Dragon Slaying Magic. 

Vampires were made resistant to Holy Swords, and Marius was granted a nearly Immortal body by just 1 Grail taken from her. Azi Dahaka could use his many Forbidden Magics as his Life Span continuously regenerated. 

Now, a much stronger Valerie with all three Grails who had not had her Life and Soul broken was going to use all of those on him. Romonus relaxed everything, did not have his defenses up, and accepted it all. 

First, Valerie tapped into his genetics and began to remove his weakness to Holy Energies. He felt a tingle when she did this as a final restriction was removed because of his Devil side. She instead replaced his weakness with Light and Holy Magic with as strong an affinity as she could. 

Following the first modification, she tapped into his lifespan and made it so it always recovered. This took a little longer, but once this was done he would never die of age meaning he could see the end of the Universe in theory. 

His soul was already under his control which meant as long as his body and soul endured he would not die. Once his Life Span was taken care of she moved onto his body and this one had the biggest feeling. She took his Demon regenerative factor and amplified it to new extremes.

She spent the most amount of time which meant in theory he could regenerate from a drop of blood or even an atom. Killing him now meant that you had to destroy all of his body, and soul at the same time. 

If the other still existed he could regenerate back from nearly nothing. Valerie did not stop and spent time to make sure everything was stable and there was no weakness in his body. 

The modifications did not take longer than an hour because she had done this before. The Fallen Angel they tested on was just the final test before they used it on Romonus. 

When the Grails informed her that the modifications were complete and about to settle down she deactivated them. Before his modifications settled down into his existence, she instantly stabbed the two syringes into either side of his neck. She pushed down on the tops and watched as the green and red serums entered his bloodstream. 

Romonus exhaled as he felt the Werewolf and Vampire Venoms begin to flow through his bloodstream. He grit his teeth as he felt the two transformative serums try to turn him into a Vampire and Werewolf separately.

However, just what he expected to happen occurred as his Demon Bloodline which had been strengthened by Valerie activated. Every cell in his body began to devour the two venoms causing his genetics to change. 

This was all because of his Human Genes which were part of the mix. Valerie did not get off his back as she could sense great change happening in his body. Romonus grit his teeth as he felt his canines grow larger before his Demon side took control. 

The two enhanced transformative serums were processed by the modifications Valerie made and his Demon side. The process seemed incredibly quick as his already durable body seemed to get much stronger. 

His skin didn't get paler but instead seemed to get slightly darker. His nails which were the normal colored seemed to extend into claws that took on a black shade. When he retracted them they returned to normal and his eyes seemed to turn a deep red before he blinked. 

His purple eyes returned as the rest of the abilities of Vampires and Werewolves were devoured by his Demon bloodline. When that happened the Sparda bloodline seemed to enhance the abilities of the two new species. 

This process took a few hours, but by then the modifications Valerie made to his body stabilized and so did his body. He took a deep breath which made it notable that he did not have Vampire fangs. 

"I am ok." 

Valerie sighed in relief as she got off his back. When Romonus stood up he circulated his Demonic Mana through his body looking for any issues. Valerie seemed a little nervous as he stretched out his body somewhat. 

He even checked his soul for any issues, but as he had said Valerie was good at what she did. When she wasn't being forced to break her mind she could do better work and much easier. 

"Well done Valerie, you did everything I said perfectly. Archaon, do you sense any issues?" 

The Soul Armor used his own senses to search for a problem, but if Romonus could not find a problem he didn't either. 

'No, my armored, everything has gone according to plan.' 

Romonus was itching to test out his new abilities, but he first looked at himself in the mirror. He flexed a few times happy that he did not become ash white like regular Vampires. He also did not get too dark, but it seemed he had more melanin in his body now. 

When he flexed he saw his muscles surge with power as his Demon Heart beat away. 

"Incredible, I feel amazing. I could take a nuke to the face and I would be fine." 

Valerie raised her hands to try to not make him test that out. 

"Please don't try to test that theory out. Still, exercise caution." 

Romonus chuckled as she was quite nervous. 

"I won't, I am strong, not foolish. I bet Shiva could still find a way to end me despite my power. This just makes my future battles far easier." 

While he was here Romonus measured himself as he had not done so in 10 months. When he did so, he found that he was 6'3 meaning he had grown 5 inches in that time. His growth seemed to be picking up speed. 

His weight though was much more than he expected as he weighed 350 pounds. His muscles, bones, and body were so compressed that he weighed more than he should for the size of his body. He did wonder how tall he would get to be because he was starting to get huge. 

"Valerie, how do I look? Too big?" 

Valerie looked him up and down as he did not look like a bodybuilder. He didn't have a lean swimmer's body either as he was truly muscular. 

"No, it seems perfect." 

He smirked. 

"I am glad to hear that. Come on, time to test it." 

He wanted to see what abilities he now had. 


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