The Knight of Ruin(DxD)

In his past life, Romonus Gremory was named Andrew. He was brought over to this new world because of his boss Rahvdall, the god of Insanity. He was tasked with breaking the fate of DxD or Canon because gods like his boss feed on the chaos of broken fate to grow stronger. Romonus is all for it as he gets to enjoy the perks of being in a lewd world like DxD.

A_Real_Werewolf234 · Anime & Comics
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90 Chs

Cultivator Shadows and Stronger Foes.

The moment that Romonus took to the sky the Cultivators from the three Sects all locked onto him. He was the biggest danger here as he made Grayfia and Grimaldus look like Children. 

His 3 sets of demonic wings hummed with what felt like an endless sea of Demonic Mana. The Runic Tattoos continued to pulse with malevolent energy. Behind him, a large tail lazily swung from left to right with a giant battle axe at the end. 

Romonus could not help but chuckle that only 3 Ultimate Class Cultivators and their servants wanted to demand anything from him. Grayfia and Grimaldus flew behind him as when a being at his level moved it was better to get out of the way. 

Grayfia turned to him as she wanted to know his current state. 

'Romonus, did you finish?' 

'Somewhat, I managed to form a Soul Link to the True Longinus, but the Will of God inside has not submitted. I just managed to subdue it somewhat.' 

'Is that safe?' 

'For me yes, now step back.' 

Romonus first locked onto the Elder of the Asura Rage Sect. 

"Your name was Zhelang, right? I still was going to kill you regardless, but did you have to be such a pig to my sister." 

The Elder just grinned. 

"All women are good for are as sperm receivers. Now-" 

Before he finished speaking Romonus pointed the True Longinus at him and extended it. The arrogant Cultivator couldn't even react as the partially corrupted Spear pierced his heart. 

He looked down at his chest and saw the white and purple glowing spear in his heart. Romonus surged power into the spear and blasted a blast of Demonic Light magic creating a giant hole where his chest had been. 

The other Cultivators from the Asura Rage Sect stared at their Elder's falling Corpse in shock. He had been killed just like that which made the Divine Sword Sect and the Azure Dragon Sect all stare in horror. 

"Guess you were just talk. Now rise." 

Romonus' Death Magic and Demonic Mana surged into his corpse and took hold of his Soul. The Elder still had a chance to resurrect by possessing a corpse before recovering his Cultivation, but Romonus' stopped that. 

From his body, his soul emerged warped and enslaved by the advanced Shadow Necromancy. His power had dropped a bit, but it was still an Ultimate Class ranked Shadow. However, his soul had been enslaved and his free will and emotions were all suppressed unless Romonus wanted to release them. 

"Kill your fellow Cultivators, bring me their Spatial Rings and their Corpses." 

That was all the Former Elder had to hear before he roared like a true Asura and charged at his own sect. Instantly the 20 Cultivators he had brought with him panicked and began to attack with every Technique they could muster. 




Romonus could not stop cringing as it seemed Cultivators were as annoying in every universe. His Shadow did not dodge any of the attacks which caused parts of its body to burst. 

However, as a Soul animated by Romonus' magic as long as he had energy his shadow just healed. Romonus placed the True Longinus on his shoulder as he just watched the slaughter. 

His new Shadow tore off heads, ripped off limbs, and organs. It even bit off the face of his own disciple in a brutal display. Seeing this bloody sight the Divine Sword Sect Elder who lost an arm shivered in shock. 


Romonus grinned as he flapped his wings. Without even leaving an after image he appeared behind the armless Elder. 

"Stay a while." 

He swung Ruin Maker and he cleaved off his head. In that same swing, he cleaved through 10 Cultivator's bodies with just wind pressure. Without missing a beat he stabbed out with the True Longinus stabbing out hearts and heads in seconds. 

Just like that every Cultivator from the Divine Sword Sect and Asura Rage Sect were dead. 


At his order, Death Magic, Soul Magic, and Demonic Mana surged into every Cultivator Corpse. Each one emerged from their bodies and turned into Dark Shadows that lived to serve. 

This included 2 Ultimate Class Shadows between the Elders of the two sects and 40 weaker High-Class Shadows. 

"Bring me every Spatial Ring and Corpse. Those are money." 

He watched as every shadow grabbed their own copses and dragged them to him. They removed their own Rings and placed them in a pile in Romonus' armored palm. He grinned as he could imagine the techniques they may have. 

For now, he placed all these Rings in his shadow while storing the Corpses away. In moments he had wiped out the Cultivators sent by 2 sects leaving the Azure Dragon Sect. Their dragon-eyed Elder seemed to be frozen in terror as he saw former rivals turned into mindless slaves.

Romonus licked his lips as he vanished again before appearing directly in front of the Cultivator. 

"Tell me how strong is your Father? Strong enough to match me?" 

The Young Elder looked up to stare into the purple glowing pits behind Archaon's helmet. His Sect and bloodline were descendants of an Azure Dragon. Exactly like the Sacred Beast of the Kushihashi Clan. 

"Lay one hand on me and my Father will hunt you to the ends of the earth. We of the-" 

Before he finished Romonus swung the True Longinus and cleaved his head off. 

"Too much talking. Serve, Young Master." 

From the dead Cultivator, his dark shadow clawed its way out. The Shadow emotionlessly starred at Romonus as he had no intention of giving them freedom. He could if he so desired, but there was no reason to do so. 

"Kill the rest." 

Romonus grabbed the corpse and head of his new shadow and flew down. As he said so his Shadows attacked the other Cultivators of the Azure Dragon Sect. It was a blood bath as 3 Ultimate Class Shadows and 40 High Class against 20 was not even a challenge. 

They were torn to shreds with brutal efficiency and just like the rest, their very souls were turned into Shadows. They dragged their corpses down to Romonus who stored them all away into his ring. 

Corpses were money as their blood, Dantians, flesh, and body parts could be used in Potions. Once every Corpse was collected, Grayfia walked over to Romonus as he looked at the Corpse from the Azure Dragon Sect Elder. 

"We should go, he said his Father was the Patriarch. If this Elder was in the Satan Class, his Father would likely be stronger." 

Romonus nodded. 

"I know that. I did my homework and to be a Patriarch you must at the minimum be at the peak of the Ultimate Class. The Ancestor might be Satan Class, but that is for the old ones. Which means that I just made enemies of three major sects." 

Grayfia sighed. 

"And why are you sticking around?" 

"Because I plan to test myself against the Patriarch of the Azure Dragon Sect. For now, I have work to do." 

Romonus stabbed Ruin Maker and the True Longinus next to him as he dragged over the corpse of the Azure Dragon Cultivator. The Spear blade had been surging with power so the wound had cauterized before any of his precious blood had spilled.

Romonus first placed his hand on the stump where his head used to be and using his Vampire Blood Magic drew out every drop of blood. Grayfia watched on with interest as Romonus was famed for his Alchemy. 

Once all the blood was pulled out he had a little more than a gallon of blood floating above his palm. Using magic he crystallized the slightly blue blood into a blood gem. Once the corpse was dry, he used the claws at the end of Archaon's Gauntlets to butcher the body open. 

He removed every organ including the Heart and Dantian which he would use. Once he had that, he made sure to store every other vital organ in preserving potions. Following this he stripped the bones clean of flesh which would be rendered down into Potions. 

Once only bones remained he pulled out the Bone Marrow before safely storing the bones away.

"What do you plan to do with the parts?"

"For his Heart, Flesh, Bone Marrow, and Blood I will turn it into a Blood Essence of the Azure Dragon. I will then consume that to have the powers of the Azure Dragon. As for the organs, I will probably be turning them into Elixers while the Dantian I will use in something." 

Grimaldus who by now was small again crawled up his leg and pointed at the Dantian. He wanted it because he felt it would make him stronger. 


He tossed the Blue Dantian to him and watched a Grimaldus swallow it whole. He expected a light show, but that didn't happen. Instead, he could feel the Qi inside was slowly being drawn out by Grimaldus. 

"Make sure you don't waste it alright." 

Grimaldus nodded and sat down to draw out all the power he could. 

"You, Shadows start breaking down your bodies." 

At his words, he saw as every shadow took their own body and just like he did began to butcher them. Cultivators like them had done this before to their enemies. Dantians were valuable as Cultivation Resources, just like Blood Essences. 

This was why Romonus had no desire to learn Cultivation, it had a high power ceiling, but only the talented and wealthy could improve. It was why other Pantheons had their own paths to power and why the Chinese Pantheon had been in decline in recent millennia.

With less mana or Qi as Cultivators called it, fewer natural treasures formed and monsters were less abundant than before. Now, few Cultivators could reach the 10th Realm of Divinity. If they did, they were weaker than those before since they used many artificial means to increase their power. 

That did not mean all were still weak, just slowed down. The Azure Dragon Sect was one of the most stable and the moment that Romonus killed them the Patriarch was instantly informed. The Soul Flame of his firstborn son was extinguished enraging him. 

He had been Cultivating his Dao when he sensed the flame die. 


He stood to his feet as he had been outraged. Since his bloodline was descended from a powerful Azure Dragon their emotions were volatile like a dragon. When he sent his son out he of course never expected a being like Romonus to be around. 

He used the Blood imprint he had on every member of his bloodline to see his son's last moments. What he saw enraged him even more when he saw a Demon cleave his firstborn son's head off. 

'This will not come cheap.' 

He was not alone as Romonus had intentionally fallen into the cliche. When you killed a Cultivator, their Father who was an Elder or Patriarch would show up. If you killed them, then their Ancestor would show up. 

After that, the Ancestors who had risen to Heaven would descend, but Romonus was only planning on facing the Patriarch. He only had to wait about an hour and by that time he had finished butchering every Corpse with the aid of his new Shadows. 

Grayfia had been sitting around watching him work while Grimaldus finished devouring the Dantian. Since he had been given the opportunity by his Shadows to do the work for him he had worked on further corrupting the True Longinus. 

He was fully intending to fight like Sanguinius with Spear and Sword in hand. Plus, he could still use his Thread Power of Destruction technique with just his mind. The amount of processing power his brain could do was massive. 

When he saw a new bigger barrier form over his head he grinned. 

"Seems that your Father is here Blue."

He turned to the Elder from the Azure Dragon Sect he had enslaved. His free will was still suppressed, but it was starting to shake slightly.

'Oh, some will remains. Interesting.'

Over the sky, a large Azure Portal opened, and from it emerged over 500 Cultivators. Several Elders who were just as strong as the one he killed, and several more of the run of the middle cultivators. They were still strong, but Grayfia could clear them out easily.

High Class foes were just common fodder to someone like Grayfia. His focus was fully on the Patriarch who was leading them all. 

"There you are. I have been waiting over an hour." 

The Patriarch snarled when he saw the state his son was in. The blank expression of his son's Shadow or Soul had filled his heart with rage. 


"No, who are you? I didn't even get your son's name before I cut his head off." 

"I AM ZHOU JIANG, PATRIARCH OF THE AZURE DRAGON SECT! If you know what is good for you release my son's soul from your Necromancy or you will pay the price." 

Romonus sighed as he stood up. With his Sword and Spear in hand. He spun both around as he stared right at the Patriarch. 

"Tell me, how strong are you?"

"You will see, Demon." 

Romonus felt the Cultivator release his Aura which was past the Satan Rank. His bloodline of the Azure Dragon and his advanced Cultivation meant that his power had reached just into the Satan Class.

He felt disapointed because even now he still didn't find a good foe to test himself out. 

"It appears that you will be boring. Aifyarg, lead my Shadows and kill the rabble. I will fight the Patriarch." 

"Got it, Brother." 

Grayfia flew into the sky flanked by Romonus' 60 Shadows and the three Elders. Numbers were uneven, but Grayfia placed her trust in Romonus. Not only was he family he had proved himself to be mighty like his brother. 

He snarled as he looked up at the Patriarch who looked ready to render him down to pieces. 

"Show me the power of a cultivator for the time you last." 

The Patriarch opened his hand and pulled an ornate Guandao. He spun with both hands before pointing the Azure Blade at Romonus. The sky was already thundering with lightning and rain. 

Archaon noticed it instantly. 

'Ah, the familiar feel of a Dragon my Armored. This Patriarch as you call him has a Dragon Heart. May I request that I be given it after our Victory.' 

'I was planning on upgrading my Demon Heart.' 

'In that case, I can understand. Let us kill them first.' 

Archaon and Romonus synchronized their senses as they prepared for rather boring battle. When would he find a foe that he could push himself against? Did he truly grow too strong too fast or was he just unlucky.

He sighed as he lazily moved forward. 

"Entertain me."