The King of Knights Returns with the Gods

I returned to Earth as the invincible Knight King. But the Gods came with me. [INFO] pause is over, I'll resume work ! Alternative Title : 신과함께 돌아온 기사왕님, The Knight King Who Returned With a God

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Father Leon (3)

Christmas is coming.

A Christmas that the TTG Temple members will be spending in the United States.

In honor of the successful capture of the Black Gate, the Hobson's administration decided to host a grand banquet for allied Hunters.

In reality, it was a way to cement relations with allies and show the world that America was strong, but TTG Temple was going to be a part of it anyway.

In the meantime, TTG Temple was busy.

First, there was a ceremonial appearance with President Hobson, then meetings with the Maverick Guild and other American believers, and then a knighting ceremony.

Even in traditionally Christian America, the TTG Temple presence was expanding, and other Holy Knights were busy as well, so it would be far from a vacation for the high-ranking officers.

Of course, Leon had put most of that aside to go somewhere with Karina, the daughter he thought was dead after nearly two hundred years.

The higher-ups understood, but for this Christmas celebration, Leon had to be there.

"Chun So-yeon."


So-yeon, who followed Leon around as his personal assistant or as a representative of the Korean Hunter Association, straightened her awkward suit tie.

"Has Grand Duke Karina arrived as well?"

"Yes, Her Highness the Grand Duke is waiting for us."

Christmas Eve.

Today is a celebration of the U.S. government's successful capture of the Washington Black Gate. Even if the contents weren't as dangerous as they seemed, the success of the Black Gate was still something to celebrate.

"By the way, Your Majesty, after today's celebration, the— 'New Divinity' will also appear, right?"

"That's right. This country is the strongest and most influential in the world. Introducing a new god to them is a good opportunity."

"What is Ventasis doing? His Holy Knight has been taken away."

Chun Se-yeon was a knight of Ventasis. She swore vengeance on the murderous Archduke Akasha and used its power to achieve her revenge, only to have her soul saved by Leon's intervention.

However, she has been able to use the dark powers of Ventasis ever since, thanks to Leon's favor in many ways.

This time, however, Ventasis did not make the usual concessions.

The God of Darkness and Vengeance had to share his Holy Knight with a new Dragon God, and he had to give up the 30,000 souls he was supposed to harvest.

This worried So-yeon, as it would shake the authority of the Dark God.

Even though he was one of the Lords of the Ten Thousand Gods, Ventasis was far from a benign deity. There must be a price to pay for his cooperation with Leon.

"The Dark One is not inflexible; he lends his power in exchange for souls, but there is a distinction."

Personal vengeance, grand vengeance, or vengeance against a target.

Regardless, Leon had a soft spot for the avengers who contracted with him, as it was one thing for Ventasis' contractors to die and not make it to paradise.

Thus, Leon's vengeance on the demons on behalf of the souls Ventasis should have taken was grand enough to move even Ventasis.

"Your clothes are beautiful."

"What? Ah, thank you."

So-yeon blushed at Leon complimenting her on her dress. But she knows it's not a rational approach.

She knew he was thinking of her, of the woman who had set herself on fire to take revenge on the murderous archduke.

"Once again, congratulations."

"Yes. Thank you."

Leon looked genuinely pleased. So-yeon smiled wryly, knowing why he'd been more upbeat than usual lately.

"Has your father recovered?"

"Thanks to Your Majesty's care, he's been consuming Goddess Demera's crops steadily, so he should be out of bed soon."

"Good, I'm glad to hear that. Karina and you both must always feel guilty that you have committed great disloyalty to your parents."

"······Even though it was revenge that had to be done?"

"No parent would be pleased to see their child abandon them for revenge. The child should bury the parent, not the parent should bury the child."

Leon was sure that the former host of the demonic sword, Chen Ji-hao, must have felt similarly to him after hearing So-yeon's story.

His heart broke, and he swallowed back an agonized scream, sure he would blame himself.

That was the love a parent deserved, a love so great that only children could tear a parent's heart out.

"Stay by your father's side. There are so many things he couldn't do for you, so he'll always live in regret."

"——I'll keep that in mind."

It's probably why Leon has been trying so hard to be with Karina lately, and even though she thinks it's stupid, she knows how he feels, so she tries to be good to him.

* * * *

At the entrance, Leon spotted the limousine with Karina inside.

"You arrived first, Your Majesty."


Leon stared at Karina as she got out with Allen Taylor, an S-class Hunter from the Maverick Guild.

On this trip to the United States, Leon and the TTG Temple's protocols would be handled entirely by Maverick Guild members hired by the White House and the U.S. government.

The fact that the TTG Temple's followers are not small in number and have experience in the joint attack played a part.


Leon glanced at Karina from behind his entourage.

Since it was a celebration, Ha-ri, So-yeon, Allen, and the others were familiar with the appropriate dress code: men in suits, women in dresses.

TTG Temple members got their clothes tailored at the shops selected by the White House secretaries, but Leon only saw men's clothing, so today was the first time he saw his daughter in a dress.

Karina's dress was a statement of confidence.

Her black dress has a bold slit in the back and sides, similar to what Hollywood actresses would wear.

" Karina, is that outfit from——"

"It's quite nice, isn't it? I thought Lionheart and the Dragonia Empire's dress culture was fashion-forward, but I guess Earth isn't far behind."

"Hmph, hmph— yes, it's quite different from the clothes the other knights received."

The female knights of the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods also wore dresses of their own. But the dresses the White House provided were basically expensive, ready-made dresses.

Karina's dress, however, is far from off-the-rack.

"It was a gift from Sir Graham of England. He flew in a craftsman who supplies the royal family. Indeed, he's quite the craftsman."

"Sir Graham?"

Leon fumbled for a vague recollection of who Graham was. When he couldn't recall, So-yeon whispered softly.

"He's the one you defeated with Cornwall Ong in the courtship duel, the one in the silver armor."

"You mean the one who looked like his parasitic bastard?"

"Yes, the one who was knighted by ——Queen Victoria."

"Hmm, I know, and that he's an unworthy bastard who tried to woo her."

Then— Leon's gaze flicked to Allen Taylor.

"You were one of the guys in the courtship duel."

"Uh, uhm— Your Majesty, that was to clear a quest——"

"You offered to be this king's son-in-law for a quest?"

"Ah, no, it was actually because I had a crush on the Archduke of Dragonia──"



What the hell?

Allen Taylor knew that the Lionheart King in front of him was a great man worthy of respect, but aside from that, it wasn't easy to deal with a man who was a bully and not without a dark heart.

'I've only known her for a few days, but she's an attractive woman.'

I've met a lot of upper-class women and realized that they're from a different world.

But with Karina, I realize that's an illusion.

Earth's high society is a sham, a mere imitation of real nobility. Real nobility exudes dignity with every step.

Karina had the dignity of royalty, of nobility, and all who met her were overwhelmed and instinctively bowed down.

'If it weren't for King Leon, we could have a courtship duel——'

It was then that Allen felt a fierce gaze directed at him and met it.


Allen immediately looked away. The real king, who was even more authoritative than Karina and who was proudly proclaiming his kingship, was glaring at him.

The embodiment of heavenly and earthly infantile absolute power had long since penetrated the thoughts of the struggling commoner.

'You lowly bastards!'

Leon's face contorted into a frown.

There was no way he didn't know what they were thinking.

Graham, with his royal craftsmen flown in from as far away as England, or Allen, who clings to his daughter's side as her bodyguard.

'You mean to tell me they're still taking chances!'

Leon was feeling a sense of crisis.

"GRARARARA! Your Majesty, it's like we haven't seen each other in ages! Oh, Grand Duchess Karina, you're dressed to impress!"

In the distance, Vulcanus approaches with the Knights of the Flaming Sword. His bulging muscles strained against his suit, but his eyes scanned Karina up and down with amusement.

"Still got a great set of tits and ass!"


How dare this damned barbarian touch my daughter?

Leon was about to say something in disbelief when Karina spoke up.

"You have a fierce face, so there's nothing to see but those toned muscles, so take off your clothes."


Vulcanus laughed hilariously. Karina and Vulcanus are longtime friends, so they don't mind cracking jokes like this, but her father is a different story.


"Yes? What is it, Your Majesty?"

"You… have a curfew after ten o'clock from now on."


Treasures should be kept tightly hidden in the house and not shown. All fathers had this in common.

* * * * *

The nation is in a festive mood in the run-up to Christmas, following the successful conclusion of a major event that turned the country upside down: the Washington Gate.

However, their main concern is the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods and the otherworldly Archduke of Dragonia.

The real gods and their representative, the Lionheart King. The transcendent power of the Holy Knights is of great interest to the United States, a strongly Christian nation.

-There is only one God—–

-No, but it's a different dimension——

-The Lionheart King was surprisingly accepting of Christianity.

-Why doesn't our god show up at times like this?

-The number of worshippers of the Ten Thousand Gods is increasing tremendously! Why shouldn't ours?

These were established religions that had been losing authority since the Cataclysm. The rise of the Temple of the Ten Thousand Gods must have been felt as a great crisis.

But apart from that, even the ordinary Christian believers were confused as to how to accept the gods of another dimension.

"Mr. President, I heard that the TTG Temple is going to make a major announcement. Do you know anything about it?"

"Mr. President of the Senate, I'm keeping it a secret for the surprise show."

When President Hobson heard Leon's plans for the Christmas celebration, he cooperated.

Although he was a Christian, he already knew of the existence of Meriel, the Goddess of Fate, and recognized that the gods of other dimensions could be very useful.

The U.S. government would be a part of Leon's plans for this celebration.

However, it has kept it a secret until today in anticipation of backlash and protests from religious coalitions aligned with the domestic opposition.

Fortunately, America's Christian faithful don't seem to have any intention of pouncing on the otherworlder after he broke through the black gate.

"There you are."

President Hobson pointed to Leon and Karina, Grand Duchess of Dragonia, approaching from the entrance.

The Lionheart King looked uncomfortable, and the Archduke of Dragonia was blunt.

President Hobson shook their hands with a friendly smile, though he sensed a strange undercurrent between them.

"Welcome, Your Majesty Lionheart, Archduke of Dragonia. I hope you had no trouble finding your way here?"

He offered his hand and Leon shook it.

"You have made my stay comfortable."

"I'm glad to hear that. How are you finding things Archduke Karina? Unlike His Majesty, this must be quite new to you."

"It's a treat to see the otherworld, and I'm grateful for your hospitality."

Having succeeded in imprinting a modicum of goodwill on the two men, President Hobson twitched the corners of his mouth and continued his conversation with them.

"Anyway, you're planning to start at the opening ceremony, right? I heard the general idea, but since it's my first time, I don't know what to prepare."

"It's good enough that you're officiating."

At Leon's request, President Hobson arranged for the broadcasters and even an internet broadcast.

With the success of the Washington Gate assault and the presence of the two most sought-after individuals in the world right now, the Otherworldly Lionheart King and the Imperial Emperor Karina, reporters from all over the world flocked to the event.

With all eyes on him, Leon had an important announcement to make.

"Let's get started."

Moments later, reporters' cameras captured ministers and Hollywood stars from around the world as the ceremony began but even they were just bridesmaids this time.

"Leon Dragonia Lionheart, the Lionheart King, and Karina Dragonia, Grand Duchess of Dragonia, please enter!"

Two men and a woman step up to the podium as the moderator introduces them.

One was a handsome young man in a handsome blue suit, the other a dark-haired beauty in a beautiful black dress.

Is there anyone who can understand at a glance that the two good-looking people have a father-daughter relationship?

The two kept the cameras glued to them with their modesty and speeches worthy of an opening ceremony.

The audience had so many questions for them, but questions about royalty were strictly forbidden, and only the words of the two were allowed.

"Today, I would like to introduce the newest god of the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods."

And then the bombshell.

At the mention of introducing a god, the room erupts into a roar.


Karina's one word quiets the din. Leon is Leon, but Karina's gaze has an unspoken aura that overwhelms the room.

"Archduke of Dragonia."

At Leon's words, Karina unleashes something writhing in her shadows.

The shadow, which had borrowed the holy power of several gods through the power-focusing staff, had grown to the point where it could reveal a massive incarnation even with its own insufficient divinity.

"That thing—!"

"What the—!"


It did not have a physical form.

It was merely a shadow that expanded and took on the form of a recognizable beast.

But the shadow, huge enough to engulf the dais, was enough to make its presence felt.

[I am the dragon-king of Drakkara, lord of mythology, mountain- master, progenitor of all dragons.]

The voice that boomed out from the overwhelming mass of the creature made even the off-camera audience nervous.

When Dragonia felt that his voice had carried far enough into the world, he proclaimed his new name in a majestic voice.

[I am Dragonia, God of Gold and Contracts.]

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