13 Blow by Sis (*)

Rael stared at his sister with disbelief, this moment easily came in the top ten most speechless moments of his life.

Rael never really thought about anything with his dick but Alizejh was irresistible, after all, she was like a female version of him. Then again, she was blood-related.

However, after some thinking, Rael came to a decision. Taboo is not that sinful in his opinion, especially for an entity like himself. Maybe for humans, it is taboo because incest creates problems in the child that is born from it.

Rael was someone who would certainly grab whatever he wanted and never let it slip through his fingers.

Maybe that is why he was born into the Greed Family.

What is his is his and what is others is also his.

If he wants something then he will surely get it, by hook or by crook.

-but what is admirable about him is that he has a horrifying amount of self-control and morals ingrained into his very soul.

That is a lie.

"Rael, does it hurt a lot?" Alizejh asked him with a worried look on her visage.

He looked at her with complicated emotions for a few seconds before sighing faintly.

'Fuck blood relations! Let's g

o sweet home Alabama!!'

"Yes, it hurts a lot sister," Rael said as he faked tears from his eyes.

Alizejh stood up from her seat and shook her head in a frenzy, walking around in circles.

"What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?"

Rael raised his hands to attract his sister's attention.

"Sister maybe lotion can work.."

His sister's eyes widened, "Yes lotion will work!"

She quickly rushed to the table nearby and held the skin lotion in her delicate hands, strutting towards Rael.

Alizejh's face wasn't blushing instead it was full of seriousness. Poor girl, she didn't know that she was a lamb in front of a predator waiting to be ravished.

Sadist? Yes, she was.

However naive, the girl was too innocent in matters concerning her brother.

Rael had been a debaucherous person, he definitely had many throughout his first life and it seemed as if subconsciously the Rael of the third life too became depraved as him.

So much of a scum that he even cucked most of the wives and girlfriends of the Lust Demon Apostle, Louis Asmodeus.

Alizejh sat on her knees, her butt touching the ground as she looked at the throbbing dick of her brother.

'So this is brother's cock.... it's long.' Her face reddened as she shied away from the cock of her brother.

Rael saw her reaction and gave out an amused smile, "Huh? What happened sister? Chickened out? It hurts you know."

She snorted as she quickly grabbed Rael's cock tight.

"I'll show you who chickens out."

Rael looked at her with a calm smile,

"Sister if you are challenging me then you are in big trouble."

Rael looked at her with an amused smile and shook his head.

"Now let me show you something..."

Suddenly his cock started to expand inhumanely!

Rael could literally control the size of his cock, making it as long and thick as he wanted!

His original size was already above average and by expanding it, even more, it could be the same size as that of a Lust God.

Using his moonlight acupuncture techniques and making more blood flow coupled with his new vampire blood arts and fairy spiritual energy, he transformed his cock into an adjustable rod.

He can now control his dick size as he wishes. Length, thickness... shape.

"Hmph!" Alizejh pouted as she took the skin lotion in her hand and poured it out a little in her palms and started rubbing them together.

She looked at the long cock, she was surprised. She didn't know how but her brother's cock had increased even more.

Currently, she was burning the scene of his long cock in her mind to masturbate with it later.

She stole glances between the cock and the smug look on her brother's face and gritted her teeth before gently applying the lotion on his cock, she could literally feel the blood pumping in her brother's cock.

A moan escaped from her mouth, 'Finally... finally I touched brother's big cock.'

Rael couldn't lie, he had never put lotion before, and the feeling was quite cool. He thought that he could even get addicted to it.

However, what he didn't expect was Alizejh to suddenly take his entire cock as a whole inside her mouth.

How did it even fit?!

One of the seven mysteries of the entire omniverse.

Jitters went across his entire body!

Rael liked it, he didn't know why but it was very different from the feeling he had with his other partners.

He had fallen.

He had fallen into the grasp of the devil.

The addicting power of the forbidden fruits.


Her head started to bob up and down, thoroughly tasting every part of his long shaft.

At first, Alizejh had started to slowly lick Rael's cock. The taste was kinda weird, but surprisingly she didn't dislike it and she found it quite addictive.

She started to lick even more and more and after a bit, she finally decided to take the head into her mouth.

Rael was enjoying himself, feeling her warm mouth and cute tongue around his rod.

At first, Alizejh had taken it fully in her mouth but now she wanted to savor it instead.

She slowly started to take it far inside her mouth but every second she got it a bit deeper until about half was in her mouth.

Then she moved her head back and forth as her tongue coiled around Rael's cock.

To her surprise, it felt quite good for her as well and found it was quite addictive.

Knowing Rael was enjoying it as well, Alizejh continued to play with Rael's cock in her mouth as she gave him a nice amateurish blowjob.

Still, Rael didn't care, it was her first time and she was a bit clumsy sometimes. He was enjoying himself seeing his sister do her best to give him a blowjob.

In time he would make it go deeper and have her deepthroat him, but for now, this was more than enough.

Not long after Rael feeling Alizejh constantly pleasuring his cock with her mouth felt an orgasm coming.

He grabbed her head and held it in place before releasing his semen in her mouth.

Alizejh surprised that her head was suddenly held felt the warm liquid enter her mouth. At first, she tried to struggle a bit not wanting the semen in her mouth, yet Rael held her head.

Although she was obsessed and very much of a yandere she was still not ready to taste it, she hadn't known what the liquid even was.

She was too innocent.

When she finally tasted some of the white warm liquid she stopped struggling and started to swallow it. To her surprise, it tasted really good and she drank everything that was unleashed in her mouth.

Rael seeing his sister gulping down his semen so nicely came even harder and made sure to fill Alizejh's stomach with his cum.

After he finished his orgasm Rael let go of Alizejh and his cock slowly slithered out her mouth. Yet Alizejh was still busily trying to drink the remains of his white liquid.

Never would she have thought his cum would taste so good and even after gulping down a lot of it she wanted to have more of it, but there was something else she worried about.

'Will brother think of me as a pervert? No! I just want his cock to settle down.'

"Brother, is your cock still hurting?" Alizejh asked in a worried tone.

Rael sighed as he helplessly shrugged, "It seems so but I have a way for it to settle down."

Alizejh's dejected face cured up into an excited smile as she looked at her brother.

"Oh, what is that??"

Rael spoke innocently,

"It is called boob fuck."

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