The Jin Family's Daughter is a Fortune Teller

The real rich daughter of the Jin family has been brought home! However, rumor has it that she was a little crazy. She constantly messed around at graves and was a nutcase waiting to be sent to the mental asylum. Surprisingly, no one expected her to defeat chess grandmasters with a simple move, and she was so good at hacking that she caused a world-renown hacker to have autistic after besting him! Moreover, a tune she played offhandedly became a chart-topping song, while international jewelers worshiped her. Yet, she claims those weren't her strengths! Jealous of Jin Xi, the fake rich daughter laughed: My sister is even better at deceiving people and messing around at graves! Jin Xi: She's right. Feel free to ask more! Everyone:...Later, a superstition brewed online as the top movie star posted: [@Jin Xi, my right eyelid has been twitching for days. Is this a sign of something bad?]Magnate: [@Jin Xi, I had bad luck for three months. Can that be changed?]Top scientist: [@Jin Xi, my house keeps having trouble later. How much for an exorcism?]Mysterious big shot: [@Everyone, allow me to announce that Jin Xi is my wife.]Jin Xi: [@Mysterious big shot, please don't bother me while I'm at work, darling!]Everyone is mourning: Why did a power couple like you display your affection publicly? Are you trying to kill us?!

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The Feral Girl from the Mountain Village

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In a certain rural mountain village, after a heavy rain, the place was like a refurbished oil painting with bright colors. The eaves of the house were shining with a new luster, and even the air was filled with the fresh fragrance of grass. At that moment, a black car drove to the entrance of Mingyue Village..

"Who are you looking for?" A villager at the entrance asked with a pipe in his mouth.

A well-dressed middle-aged man rolled down the window and asked, "is Jin Xi in this village?"

"Oh, you're looking for that girl? She's burying someone in the back mountain. The car can't pass through. Get out of the car and follow me. I'll take you to her."

Hearing this, the middle-aged man got out of the car and slowly followed the villagers to the back of the mountain.

The man in the middle was Fang Enci, the butler of the wealthy Jin family in Hu City. He was here on the orders of his master and madam to look for their daughter. About half a year ago, the eldest daughter of the Jin family, Jin Yingying, was injured in an accident and needed a blood transfusion. It was only after a blood test that it was discovered that Jin Yingying was not the biological daughter of the Jin family. After some investigation, it was discovered that they had actually taken the wrong child home after Madam Jin gave birth in the same hospital. The real daughter of the Jin family had been living in this small mountain village called Mingyue Village for so many years.

As the two of them walked on the muddy dirt road, the villager suddenly asked, "by the way, why are you looking for Jin Xi? That girl is feral."

"Feral?" When Butler Fang heard this he couldn't help but frown.

"That's right, she fights and steals. Moreover, she often goes around with her quack father to swindle people."

"They go around telling people that their Feng Shui is bad. Look, two years ago, they even excavated the village chief's ancestral grave!"

Hearing that, Butler Fang's expression didn't look good.

The villager continued, "also, just last year, I don't know what happened to Jin Xi's family. One night, Jin Xi's father suddenly died and he died a tragic death."

He was trapped in a coffin and the coffin was red and bleeding. It was so scary!"

The villager's voice was hoarse, perhaps because of smoking. Coupled with the cold wind after the rain, Butler Fang felt a chill run down his spine. He asked in a trembling voice, "is…is it really that strange?"

"That's right. That's why no one in our village dares to interact with that girl except for funerals."

Butler Fang's first impression of Jin Xi, the eldest miss, fell to the lowest point. The fact that she had grown up in a mountain village was already criticized by people, and she was actually an unpopular feral girl? In his opinion, it would be better to bring an obedient dog home than to bring such a person back to the Jin family!

The villager suddenly stopped in his tracks and pointed at a figure not far away, "look, that's her!"

Butler Fang looked in the direction the villager was pointing. On a small hill not far away, there was indeed a little girl of seventeen or eighteen years old. She was thin and wore army green linen clothes. The loose clothes fluttered in the wind, like an old cloth bag that could be blown away by the wind at any time. However, the girl's eyebrows and eyes were exceptionally exquisite. Her facial features were delicate and proportional, as if they were built according to the golden ratio. She was very beautiful.

"Lower it!"

A clear female voice was heard, and a few men in mourning clothes slowly dropped the coffin on their shoulders into the dug pit.

"Fill the soil!" The girl's voice rang out once more, and the pitch-black coffin disappeared from everyone's sight as layers of soil were scattered on it.

At this time, Jin Xi suddenly turned around and looked at Butler Fang, "you were sent by the Jin family?"

"Yes," Butler Fang nodded, "Master and Madam sent me to take you home. They all want to see you."

They wanted to see her? Jin Xi revealed a mocking smile. The Jin family had already confirmed her identity half a year ago, but they had only come to pick her up today. She didn't believe that there wasn't any hidden agenda behind this.

"Wait a moment," Jin Xi said coldly. Then, she left Butler Fang there for half an hour until the funeral was over. She then went down the mountain to pack her things.

Just as she was packing up, her phone rang. She opened it and saw a message.

[ "The Soul Pearl is about to appear at the auction in Shanghai. Do you want me to take a picture for you?" ]

Jin Xi's expression was calm as she tapped on her phone screen. 

[ "No need." ]

[ "Why? Don't you need it?" ]

[ "Yes, I'll go to the auction myself." ]