The Jin Family's Daughter is a Fortune Teller Book

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The Jin Family's Daughter is a Fortune Teller

Golden Rock

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The real rich daughter of the Jin family has been brought home! However, rumor has it that she was a little crazy. She constantly messed around at graves and was a nutcase waiting to be sent to the mental asylum. Surprisingly, no one expected her to defeat chess grandmasters with a simple move, and she was so good at hacking that she caused a world-renown hacker to have autistic after besting him! Moreover, a tune she played offhandedly became a chart-topping song, while international jewelers worshiped her. Yet, she claims those weren't her strengths! Jealous of Jin Xi, the fake rich daughter laughed: My sister is even better at deceiving people and messing around at graves! Jin Xi: She's right. Feel free to ask more! Everyone:...Later, a superstition brewed online as the top movie star posted: [@Jin Xi, my right eyelid has been twitching for days. Is this a sign of something bad?]Magnate: [@Jin Xi, I had bad luck for three months. Can that be changed?]Top scientist: [@Jin Xi, my house keeps having trouble later. How much for an exorcism?]Mysterious big shot: [@Everyone, allow me to announce that Jin Xi is my wife.]Jin Xi: [@Mysterious big shot, please don't bother me while I'm at work, darling!]Everyone is mourning: Why did a power couple like you display your affection publicly? Are you trying to kill us?!


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