The Ink Collector Book

novel - War

The Ink Collector


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Jhin Herangel was once a prodigy merchant on Earth. Through his talent and luck, he became a billionaire at the young age. He was acknowledged as The Einstein of Business. His ability to command his employees was unparalleled; any task given was done with great efficiency and quality. However, it all changed after he was killed and died with eyes unable to close. When he thought it was the end, he accidentally signed a contract which brought him to a new world. A world where the horns of wars echo all year-round. A place where the myriads of races fought over resources just to survive. [Ding! You have successfully integrated with the Devil King's Legacy] [Ding! Please fill up the System Creation Form] He was given the ability to design his own system but in exchange… He must kill a million creatures within two years. Watch as Jhin Herangel, the one who fell from grace starts his journey in the bloody Chaos World and design a system to accomplish his goals. … [Ding! Discovered the tower of achievements. Do you wish to write your name and your greatest accomplishment?] “Sure!” [Ding! Please pick among your three greatest achievements.] 1. Vomiting in a God's head 2. Vomiting on the enemies' commander. 3. Flirting with the enemies' commander. “Forget it!” Jhin sighed as he reluctantly looked at the magnificent tower.