The Immortal in Marvel

Traversing, Transmigration, getting Isekai'd, Rebirth in an anime world, etc. They are all something that every person has wished for at least once in their life. Although he did not wish it, Derrick traversed to the Marvel universe...That too, to the same lab as Wade Wilson, aka, Deadpool. Derrick, who was tortured in the lab for months, just wanted to escape and after a interrogation session with Francis, he opened his eyes to a system panel. He could now unlock special titles and powers upon completing certain quotas. -------------------------------- This is just a fun laid back (edited mtl) story with no back hands or manipulation going on. The same story has been uploaded as an mtl here so, you may read it there. I am editing everything from making the english better to removing the racial jokes here. Author Name - Super High School Author mtl link - https://mtlnation.com/novel/man-in-american-comics-start-regenerative-healing-factor

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52 - Daredevil

According to the statistics from a survey conducted by a lawyer who does not want to disclose their name.

In Hell's Kitchen, a criminal activity occurs every ten seconds. Here, crime has become the norm. This kind of high crime rate is out of the world.

The reason for all this is because of the rampant local gangs.

Almost all criminals in Hell's Kitchen are members of some small gangs and 90% of criminal activities are related to gangsters, especially the gang wars, which has always occupied the largest casualty rate in Hell's Kitchen.

With the passage of time, not only has the crime rate in Hell's Kitchen not been resolved, but new criminals have emerged one after another, making the residents of Hell's Kitchen miserable.

Ever since then, a street hero came up.

Matt Murdock, who did not want to reveal his real name, was standing on the roof of a low building, listening to the sounds around him.

In the daylight, he is an eloquent lawyer. (E/N: From daylight, I remember Dying Light…Anyone playing it here?)

In the darkness of night, he would become Daredevil and fight crime on the streets of Hell's Kitchen.

He can also be called the master of time management.

Different from the suit and leather shoes during the day, at the moment, Matt was wearing dark red leather tights. The hood with two small horns completely covered the eyes, no one could see the exhausted face under the mask.

Yesterday, he and Fudge's office received a new case and they needed to run around during the day to collect information.

Recently, Hell's Kitchen had been very chaotic, especially the Russian Ross gang. They seem to have become extremely active for some reason. In line with the idea of ​​preventing crimes from happening, Matt has been searching for intelligence about the Russian Ross gang for several days, leaving him with almost no time to rest.

Even with his physical fitness that was far beyond ordinary people, Matt began to feel a little overwhelmed.

As usual, Matt stood in the most active area of ​​the Ross gang, using his radar-like perception ability to hear all the sounds around him, and filter out useful information.

At this moment, Matt suddenly heard some voices coming from the alley two streets away.

It sounded like a passerby was being robbed!

Matt didn't hesitate and immediately leapt from the roof and jumped down into the alley.

"What do you think of this T-shirt? Green looks very eco-friendly."

"This one is also good, the tight tank top can fully show your muscles."

"Look at this one again. It has a Peppa pig pattern on it. It looks quite similar to your current face."

At this moment, the atmosphere in the alley was extremely strange.

A few gangsters stood in a row with their backs against the wall, posing in various weird poses under the street lights, showing themselves like a model.

And Derrick was like a salesperson introducing different clothes on the models and giving customers his own valuable suggestions with his own aesthetic vision.

As a customer, Frank put on a cold look.

Obviously, he is a rational consumer, it was not easy to get money out of his pocket.


For a moment, Matt wondered if there was something wrong with his sensory ability.

The scene in front of him seemed to be somewhat different from what he had imagined.

"Who is there, come out!"

Sensing the movement behind him, the indifferent customer Frank suddenly turned his head to look at Matt's position.

Hearing this, several pairs of eyes instantly looked at Matt.

To be honest, even when facing a group of criminals back then, Matt was not in such a complicated mood as he is now, he right now felt like he was disturbing someone's business sale.

But soon, Matt smelled a strong smell of blood emanating from Derrick and Frank.

He was 100% sure that it was the smell of human blood!

Especially Frank, Matt could smell an extremely strong smell of blood coming from his body, the bloody smell was so pungent that Matt almost suffocated.

'At least a dozen people have to be killed to have such a bad smell of blood!'

Matt's heart sank and he immediately marked the two people in front of him as dangerous people.

He took out a short metal stick from his waist, walked forward slowly, and asked in a low voice, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Frank: "..."

How should he answer this question? Could he say that he was tricked by Derrick to rob the gangsters of their clothes?

"It's him, the red demon that roams the night!"

As a native of Hell's Kitchen, the punks immediately recognized Matt. One gangster even cried out to him, "Help us, O' hero. We were robbed by them. This Asian guy not only threatened us with a gun, but also wanted to take our clothes an-and h-h-he asked us to pose in strange poses..."

Before he finished speaking, the gangster was kicked to the ground by Derrick's future-generation destroying kick.

The rest of the gangsters immediately shut up, for fear that they would end up the same.


Matt didn't try to stop them. He could smell a slight hint of drugs on the gangsters, which was very consistent with the smell in this alley. It was obvious that they were doing some illegal things before this situation.

Sensing the gun in Derrick's hand, Matt frowned slightly.

He faced Derrick and asked again, "Tell me, who are you guys and why are you here?"

"We are just passing-by."

Derrick raised his hands. He recognized the Daredevil in front of him, to be precise, the identity of Lawyer Matt.

The voice of this person sounded familiar to Matt but the change in their heartbeat frequency quickly interrupted his thoughts.

According to the sound of the heartbeat, Matt knew that the other party was lying, and he shook his head, "No, you definitely didn't happen to pass by simply, you must have other objectives."

In this regard, Derrick's attitude was very firm,"I am a very honest person, I never lie. We really were just passing by!"

If anyone pays attention to Derrick's eyes at this time, they will find that his pupils were now changing size constantly.

His heartbeat soared up to 400!

Boom boom boom! !

The heart rate keeps changing, eventually forming a cheerful rhythm once again.

Matt's face changed for a moment.

In the end, he covered his heart with a pale face, gritted his teeth and said, "This time it's Ode to Joy... so it's you." (E/N: Ode to Joy is another Beethoven classic.)


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