The Immortal in Marvel

Traversing, Transmigration, getting Isekai'd, Rebirth in an anime world, etc. They are all something that every person has wished for at least once in their life. Although he did not wish it, Derrick traversed to the Marvel universe...That too, to the same lab as Wade Wilson, aka, Deadpool. Derrick, who was tortured in the lab for months, just wanted to escape and after a interrogation session with Francis, he opened his eyes to a system panel. He could now unlock special titles and powers upon completing certain quotas. -------------------------------- This is just a fun laid back (edited mtl) story with no back hands or manipulation going on. The same story has been uploaded as an mtl here so, you may read it there. I am editing everything from making the english better to removing the racial jokes here. Author Name - Super High School Author mtl link - https://mtlnation.com/novel/man-in-american-comics-start-regenerative-healing-factor

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50 - Suga Daddy Kingpin

'These two bloody bastards! !' Wesley looked aggrieved.

He had been forced to throw out his intention of controlling the situation long ago.

Wesley observed that the two guys in front of him couldn't use their brains like normal people at all. He was able to talk and laugh when facing all other big gangs, but he was at a disadvantage when facing these two.

Wesley took a deep breath and said, "Okay, but I need to contact my employer. This extra money is not within my range of rights and I can't make this decision."

Seeing that Wesley's eyes didn't seem to be lying, Derrick waved his hand, "Oh sure but, remember not to talk any other nonsense."

Wesley silently took out a mobile phone from his suit and quickly dialed the number.

He said a few words into the phone and only briefly explained the current situation. Under the gazes of two immortals and the Punisher, he didn't try to be a smart shit and reveal some information about any of them. After getting a reply from his employer, Wesley handed the phone to Derrick.

"My employer wants to speak to you."

Derrick took the phone and greeted warmly, "Hello, you must be the famous Wilson Fisk aka Willie."

"Hello, Mr. Mercenary."

A steady voice came from the other end of the phone, "It's a pity that we talk in this way but it seems that there are some unnecessary misunderstandings between us, but I think this is a good opportunity for us to start our relationship anew."

Unexpectedly for Derrick, the underworld boss did not have the rude tone that he had expected him to have.

His tone was slow and calm, completely unhurried, as if he could do this all day.

"Although I really want to cooperate with you and be friendly but, I'm in a hurry." Derrick didn't intend to continue chatting with King Pin, and said bluntly, "Twenty times the reward, if you wire me the money, I will let him go, if you don't…It's pretty obvious I believe."

"I'll pay you fifty times as much."

King Pin said calmly, "According to the previous procedures, now I can transfer two million to your account, and after Wesley arrives at a safe place, I can transfer another three million, as long as you let Wesley go, you can get a total of five million USD, and I will not count the previous bounties, what do you think of this deal?"


King Pin's sudden throwing of coins made Derrick a little confused.

Hearing that there was no sound from the phone, Jin continued, "You helped me get rid of Vladimir. I am very grateful to you. This is the reward you deserve. As I said, there are only some differences between us and I want to correct them."

Derrick looked at the corpses of bodyguards all over the floor, nodded and said, "Indeed."

The actual conflict, the meaning of this sentence is a bit ambiguous.

King Pin secretly wanted to silence Derrick, but Derrick secretly almost killed Wesley, his right-hand man.

However, since this had not happened, there was indeed no real conflict between them.

As for the bodyguards… the world is cruel.

Compared to this, King Pin is more interested in Derrick. Although he does not know what happened for the time being, judging from the results of the two battles Derrick had participated in, it was obvious that the mercenary he hired was not a human.

King Pin then said with great interest, "Besides, I very much hope to reach a long-term cooperative relationship with someone with an ability like yours. If you are willing to serve me, I will give you a hefty compensation."

During the speech, King Pin did not lose his show of sincerity and politeness.

Putting away distracting thoughts, Derrick said cheerfully, "Sugar Da-... Ah no, Boss KingPin, I've already felt your sincerity, but I'm not interested in being your subordinate. As for the remuneration you mentioned, I will reluctantly accept it."

As KingPin said, they just had some misunderstandings. Since KingPin was so sincere and actively wanted to eliminate the misunderstanding, Derrick was completely willing to accept it.

'I'm not a superhero so, this world can burn for all I care.'

Hearing Derrick's refusal, KingPin didn't bother dragging the matter and said, "It's a pleasant cooperation, and I hope there will be opportunities to cooperate in the future."

"Yesss sir."

After finishing speaking, Derrick hung up the phone.

After a while, he received the transfer notice, King Ping's wiring speed was pretty fast.

Derrick looked at Wesley, "Oi Four Eyes, your boss has already paid the ransom, you can leave now."

"My name is Wesley..."

"Okay, four eyes, I mean, let's go, Four-eyes Wesley."


Wesley didn't dare to correct him and walked towards the iron gate. He didn't want to stay in this place for a second more.

Looking at Wesley's back, Wade suddenly put forward his own idea, "Ayo dude, why don't we follow this four-eyed boy secretly, and when he leaves a certain distance, we put a sack on his back and tie him back, so that we can get more money again?"

"No, I am a man of my words!"

Derrick refused righteously, and then said in a low voice, "...Check it out first, wait for KingPin and if he isn't here, we will find a way to tie him back…or maybe you know what, let's just do it."

"You are right!"


Wesley, who hadn't left the structure yet, felt a chill run down his spine. He felt that there were two sets of malicious eyes staring at him from behind. He quickened his pace and left the room in embarrassment, almost running.


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