2 New life new beginnings

Chapter one

I woke up in instant pain.

The feeling was as if I was burning in molten lava.

From the tips of my toes to my Brain, The excruciating pain coursed through me.

It lasted for only a few minutes, but it might as well have been hours.

Once the pain started to wash away, I was able to finally take in my first breath.

The air was cold, and sent a chill through me, but that hardly registered with my mind as i lay there panting.

Slowly my breathing and heartbeat slow to normal.

And finally, I opened my eyes. 'That's not right.' I thought to myself.

At that moment I was staring at the branches of green trees swaying above me.

Turning my head to look around I realized that I was currently lying in a forest.

I closed my eyes and tried to remember last night.

' I stayed home, because there was a big snowstorm, and i couldnt leave my home, so I was watching some random movies to pass the time, And that's it, then just blank.'

I slowly sat up only to find out that I was also completely nude. It took me a moment, but my brain finally registered a very important fact. My member looked different…Bigger.

Looking at the rest of myself, I realized that all of myself was different.

I was about 6 foot, and had what some would call the dad bod, from the years of being single, takeout, and having no shits to give.

But now, Now I was probably 6 foot 3 and had a body that would put most men to shame. Not some swimmers build, but also not one of those protein bros, I was a good mix of both, a lean buff I guess, but I didn't care, I was too confused and excited to care.

That's when I saw, that I also had long white hair that reached my waist, but at the moment was smeared with dirth and mud. I also had pale white skin, that was as smooth as anything I had ever touched.

I couldn't stop myself from looking at the rest of my new body, from the tips of my toes to my finger nails, all of it drew my attention.

"Damn," I said absentmindedly, as I looked myself over.

After a few minutes too many of checking myself out, I looked around again. I needed to find out what was going on.

Because all around me was nothing but thick forest, and I was anything but a wilderness survival expert.

Looking around, I saw that on the ground by my feet, was a woven sack.

Leaning down to look inside, I found a pair of sandals and a gray tunic that went to my thighs, with a black piece of rope that I could use as a belt.

At the bottom of the bag, was a piece of paper, that had writing on it.

Picking up the paper, I looked it over.

From the look of it, it was a typed message, that was printed off, and placed in the bag, but On the piece of paper, was only a few words.

"Once done getting dressed, say the word system out loud. gib."

My brain came to a halt.

I've read books like this where some random guy gets transmigrated or summoned to some world to fight some great foe.

'For the love of all that is good, please don't let me be some summoned person, I could never get into anime, so i wouldnt know the first thing about it.' I thought, with a pang of panic.

"God I hope I didn't just get summoned by this world for that crap." I prayed one last time, before conjuring the courage needed.

getting dressed quickly, looked around once more, to make sure I was truly alone.

Not seeing anyone, I breathed in a lung full of air, and slowly let it out.

Then using my voice for the first time, I said out loud.


To my amazement, a neon blue screen appeared in front of me.

Year- 4000 BC

Time in the world- 15 minutes 37 seconds

Name- Adam Anthony grey

Current Age-18 [immortal]



Dear Mr. Gray, it is our deepest apologies for this inconvenience.

Unfortunately, you died, when a quantum void we were testing lost control, and accidentally swallowed you into it.

The good news is, that we were able to retrieve you from the void. The bad news is, well, you were swallowed into a void of nothingness...Well, it's more than that, but your monkey brain couldn't comprehend anything about it, so I won't waist my precious time trying too.

As an apology, we have decided to give you a new life because of our mistake.

The only thing that this system can do is track your current age, a world map, that tells you where you are, and the time. it will also show you areas with human inhabitants, which will be marked in blue. The darker the color, the bigger the population. it's not like those systems, that are in your wolds books. It won't give you abilities, Or rewards, it's practically worthless, but hey, you're alive, so be happy with that. As a bonus, we added Spotify to your system which is connected to your old world for some entertainment.

Now, to the good stuff, i'm sure you are currently wondering where, and when you are.

Well At the moment of your death, you were watching a movie named, "Twilight".

so we decided to send you to that world, through one of our multiverse portals.

The only problem is, when we were able to send you there. The latest we managed to send you is the year 4000 BC.

That is also the reason we gave you immortality, so you could be a part of the story.

We had to grow you a new body entirely, Because let's just say, your last one, was pretty much, how do you humans say it..."Fucked up"

So we moved your conscience, into this new body, which we created just for you.

In my opinion, it was wasted on you, but what the higher-ups want, they get.

Your new body, has an increased healing ability, along with a regenerative ability.

If You Lose an arm, it will grow back, Get your head chopped off, well get ready monky boy, because your head is about to sprout legs and start growing.

As long as there's still a speck of dust left of you, you will start to regrow, back to a perfectly fine human.

To help you survive in this new world, full of sparkling danger, we gave you some upgrades, that should help you out.

We gave you increased speed and strength, making you as strong and fast if not more so than most vampires in your new world.

We also added some emotional dampeners, which will help you with living forever.

Because the last thing we need is for you to go nuts and kill everyone on the planet, as well as to keep you from wanting to jump in a volcano, and waist the effort we put into making you.

All the dampeners do, is make it easier to process grief or anger. It won't take it away, You will still feel the emotions, just less of it.

Along with increased intelligence.

You're welcome for that one, because let's be honest, you seemed to have been lacking in that department.

, Director of Science- gib

The Multiversal Republic.

(P.S) good luck. You're gonna need it

I was slack-jawed.

"Wait, wait, wait, this can't be right," I said in a panic

My heart was starting to race in my chest.

"No more tv, or fast food ,what the fuck. And did I just get called a Monkey."

I had to pause at that.

Was my life really that shitty?

Where I thought of fast food and TV, before my own mother, father, and sister"

'Maybe this isn't a bad thing.' I thought, once I got myself under control.

My life was a complete waste, I dropped out of college, to work a nine-to-five, all because I was too lazy to show up for classes, not a girlfriend anywhere in near or future sight.

And plus, I've watched Twilight almost a million times.

It was my sister's favorite movie when we were younger.

So I knew the story, better then most movies.

After a few minutes, of re-reading the message, I got my thoughts under control.

I needed to find out where I currently am.

"System map," I said out loud

Just like before, the blue screen appeared in front of me, But unlike before, on the screen, it showed the entire planet.

Using my hands, I was able to move the globe, and zoom in and out, like Google Earth.

It only took a second, for me to see where the larger populations were, Like Egypt or many small places across Europe.

But my current location, was around the middle of what will become Germany.

So without thinking twice, I started moving south, in the direction of the biggest population, which was in Egypt, or what will be Egypt, in about a few thousand years.

It took me a whole 4 months to travel to Egypt or more correctly their predecessors,

Currently, It wasn't a kingdom, it's a bunch of villages along the Nile River, that would one day group up into one big city.

And all I have to say about the trip was.

"Fuck this shit."

The first week, of the trip, it rained nonstop, not just a drizzle, Nope, it was a full-on storm.

Thankfully, when the rain finnaly stopped, it wasn't so bad.

My new body, had incredible endurance, which allowed me to walk from sun up to

sundown, without a sweat.

I also learned how to hunt and track animals With my new abilities, it was incredibly easy.

With my speed, I could run circles around any animal, And with my strength, break their necks like twigs, making it as painless as possible.

The cooking part was the hardest.

First I had to use a stick and a piece of wood to start a fire.

Then I had nothing to cut my kills with.

So I would use my strength, to rip open the animal, and put the meat on a stick, like a kabob.

But with all the bad,came a lot of good.

Every night I would lie down by my fire, and watch the stars above me.

There were thousands of them in the sky, unlike before I came here, You would be lucky to see a handful.

It allowed me to think about my new life, as well as think about my life before I came here.

I wondered, if my family was okay.

I felt bad.

To them, I probably just simply disappeared, never to be seen again.

It was strange how I felt about it.

I felt sad, but I also didn't.

Like I was unattached to the feeling, and was looking at it from the outside looking in.

About four months in I learned how to tan animal skins.

My starting clothes were good, but they didn't last long.

Constantly getting caught on trees or bushes and tearing the fabric.

So, instead of murdering my clothes, I decided to give tanning a try.

It started when I caught a good-sized buck with massive antlers. I remember watching a documentary about primitive living, and how bone was a very versatile tool, Used for medicine to a large variety of objects.

So, I found a flat rock, and started sharpening one end of an antler.

With my strength, I needed to be careful not to break it.

So for three days, I sharpened an antler. Once done sharpening the antler I put it to the test.

It only took thirty minutes, to find a lone deer.

As soon as I caught sight of it, I moved on autopilot.

In under a second, I ran to the side of the deer, grabbing it by the head and twisting sharply, nearly tearing its head off.

The deer dropped, not even knowing it died.

Kneeling, I used the antler knife to stab into the deers side.

It wasn't as sharp as a steel knife, but it did the job.

Once the insides of the deer, was outside, I carried the carcass back to my camp.

Once there, I started the long process of learning to skin the deer.

I must thank my unhealthy habit of watching random things on the internet, or I would have never figured it out, because it is what also allowed me to learn to make pelts, and hides.

The first thing you do when you have the hide, is remove any flesh, or excess meat from the hide.

Next, you soak the hide in water for a day, to remove any blood, dirt, or anything on the hide.

Now that the hide had been soaking, I was able to scrape away any excess tissue that remained.

Now it was time to dry, and stretch it.

To do that, I stretched it out, and stabbed the corners into a tree, with sharp pieces of wood, I had managed to make with my dull antler knife.

After waiting a few days, the hide was finally done.

In the end, I managed to make a pair of shorts.

Yup, shorts.

I used my already ripped tunic, for thread, to tie it together, into what I would describe as, the "Hobo look".

Because they were anything but pretty, but hey, I hadn't seen another living soul, in nearly five months.

So now, I only had shorts with sandals.

Thankfully, it seems that I can't get sunburnt anymore, So, that's good...I guess.


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