25 Moving, and a chair for the Gods

Year- 300

Years in world- 4,300

The time has finally come for us to move to England.

It took some convincing to get Julius to come with me to England but with all of the new banks and England being the new headquarters for the banks we decided it was best to be there.

Originally I was going to stay in Rome until it fell, but why not get a head start in England and be there from the start?

Leaving someone in charge of the Rome branch, we got on a boat and headed to England.

Over the years that I've been there, I had a home built for me.

It was much simpler than the Villa that I had in Rome.

It was just a three-room stone building, but I liked it.

It had everything I needed, a bed, a shitter, and a bath area.

So I was set.

But it's what's under my home that's important.

Under my home, I have my library where I put all of my scrolls and journals. And things that I've collected over the years I spent traveling.

So when Julius came to live with me I had more than enough room.

Stepping off the large boat and onto the dock, I turn to look at Julius as he grabs his pack and slings it over his shoulder.

"Come on old man we don't have all day," I say to him, unable to hide the smile on my face.

"That stopped being funny a hundred years ago," he says to me in a dry tone, but I could see him trying not to smile.

"And you're thousands of years older than me, you should be dust," Julius said from behind me and I couldn't help but chuckle at that.

"That's true, but I still look good."

Over the years I would visit Julius every few months or whenever I passed by.

And slowly we began to take on a brotherly connection.

If he had a problem he couldn't solve I would be there to help, if he needed some advice I would give it.

It was hard on him for a while, watching those he bonded with die.

Unlike me, Julius could feel the sadness of every loss, and over time I could see it eat at him, first, he became more of a recluse to those around him and wouldn't leave the villa for years at a time, then he put more of the work on his second in command and wouldn't try to connect with anyone around him.

So I didn't give him much of a choice when I told him to come with me to England.

During the long voyage, I spoke to him.

I told him ways to help with the loss of people he knows, for starters, we shouldn't mourn the dead They are dead and unless there is a terrible accident, they more than likely had a great and full life, so we should celebrate the life that they did live and not the fact that they are gone.

And so on, over time I could see the weight on his shoulders lighten up.

Now that we are in England I lead him to my home.

Getting on horses we passed through the streets of "Londinium".

At the moment it's a far cry to what it will be.

At the moment it's practically just a fort city of around 70k people.

But I had the patience to wait for it to grow.

"And why again did you decide to put the main bank here" Julius asks looking around.

"Well I have some high hopes for this place," I say.

"and what exactly gave you those hopes"

"It's just a feeling, and I've seen many dynasties come and go, and from what I can see this place has the ability to grow into something great."

"right," Julius said with clear sarcasm in his voice.

"hey look on the bright side, it's cloudy here almost all the time so you don't have to cover up."

I could see Julius freeze in his saddle as he realized that he had his hood down.

Wide-eyed he looked over to me, then up at the cloudy sky.

"we-wait," Julius said, surprised.

"yup, it's cloudy here almost all the time giving you more time in the open, of course, it's not always cloudy, it does have sunny days just like anywhere else."

I could see the smile grow on his face as he looked at the cloudy sky.

"That's wonderful, normally in Rome there's only one or two months a year I can go out during the day, and that's only when it rains," Julius said, still smiling.

"Exactly why I thought you would like it here," I said.

It took us a little over an hour to make it to my new home.

"This is your home?" Julius asked as he looked at the stone building.

"Yes it is, it has everything needed. As well as an underground level where I keep all of my important things."

Getting off our horses I show Julius the inside of my home as well as the secret entrance to the basement.

"it's conformable, I guess it's just strange to see you live in something this small, I was expecting something around 50 times bigger and grander than this," he said looking around.

I chuckled at that and explained my reasoning.

"I have lived in riches for many years and to be honest it got boring to live like that, I'm sure in a few hundred years I'll go back to wanting to live the grand life but for now I'm happy with this," I say taking a seat on my lazy boy that I made.

Pointing a finger at my chair Julius asked.

"what is that"

I looked down at my chair and smiled up at him.

"oh you mean this fine work of art"

"I wouldn't call it a work of art but it does look comfortable"

"the audacity," I say in a shocked voice.

"This chair is the greatest thing made sense the pyramids," I say in a joking manner.

Standing up I point to the lazy boy.

"take a seat and you will understand."

Walking over, Julius lightly sits down.

It was funny to see his face when the chair lightly rocked backward when he sat down, the look of surprise on his face when he felt how comfortable the chair was.

"and that's not the best part," I say with a wide smile.

"And how can this chair get any better," he asked with furrowed brows.

"Easy, just pull that lever on the side of the chair."

Julius looked over the side at the lever in confusion.

"What does it do?" he asked looking back up at me.

"Just pull the lever and you will see," I said.

Tentatively, Julius reached down and pulled the lever back.

As he pulled the lever the foot of the chair raised up.

Julius looked down at what just happened with wide eyes and an open mouth in surprise.

"This is a chair for the gods" Julius all but screamed as he relaxed into the chair.

"I know that, but there is a problem," I said walking up next to him.

"And that would be," he asked, eyes closed.

"This is my chair," I say with a mischievous grin.

Julius's eyes pop open and he looks at me.

"There's only one chair," he asked in fright.

"Yes, and you're sitting in it, if you want one I will show you how to make one but for now you're in my spot so move it."


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