33 anger

"Wait, you want us to meet the volturi?" Julius asked.

"Yes I do, but not yet, maybe in a few months to a year, preferably when Jane has more control over herself." I say, pointing the stick I was using in the fire at Jane, who just raised an eyebrow at me, her smile gone, and the cold emotionless mask back in place.

"Why now?" Julius asked.

"Well, if the volturi were willing to come here, where they knew I lived, and practically take a shit in my garden while looking me in the eyes, then run away, means they are getting bold, and if they are getting bold that means they are getting stronger, and are at a point in power where they believe they can start applying there power to do as they wish, without the fear of repercussions, which means they are about to get ready to fight the Romanian coven."

Julius slowly nodded his head, with a thoughtful look on his face, as he went over my words.

Julius opened his mouth to ask a question, but was cut off by jane.

"The Romanian coven?" Jane asked.

"Yes the Romanian coven" Julius says in an offhand manner.

Then he opened his mouth to ask me another question, but was cut off again.

"Who is the Romanian coven?" Jane asked, this time looking at me.

"The Romanian coven is the current ruling vampiric coven."

"Vampires have rulers," Jane asked, tilting her head to the side slightly.

It was my idea to keep Jane away from the political world that the vampires have.

In an attempt to keep her mind more focused on her training, because the first year of being a vampire. They tend to be very unstable, mentally, and in their ability to control themselves around humans and their blood.

things were starting to move in the vampire world, and fast, and now I had a choice either to tell her or not.

Of course I told her about the volturi, but I didn't tell her about the other covens spread across the known world. And now that the war with the Romanian coven seemed to be coming closer I had no choice but to tell her, to prepare her for what to expect and what will likely happen.

"Yes, the vampires have ruling covens, at the moment it's the Romanian coven, and the volturi are about to go to war with them in hopes of taking the throne for ruling coven."

Jane looked past me, With a thoughtful expression on her face at my words.

"The Romanian coven are the worst of the worst, they kill humans in cold blood and for no reason, other than the fact that they think that they are gods among men" I say looking back down at the fire in front of me, the memories of the people I tried to help flashing through my mind.

"The Romanian coven doesn't sound like such a bad coven to me," Jane said, in an uncaring tone.

Julius froze at her words and so did I.

Julius's eyes flashed to me as he watched me, looking to see if I would do something to Jane.

The anger her words caused in me was like an ocean of hate and rage, unleashed from the depths of my mind where they laid chained, to break free and come flooding to the surface.

They didn't even see me move.

Unconsciously my body reacted, and before I or the others knew what was happening I had Jane by the neck, and lifted almost a foot off the ground, by the neck.

I stared Jane dead in the eye, the normal jovial spark to my eyes was gone, now they were as cold as ice, as I looked into her soul.

"How heartless have you become." I said in a cold tone.

"Where the people who murder innocent people "doesn't sound so bad"." I asked Jane, daring her to answer.

"They have killed untold thousands of innocent people, for the fact that they wanted to. Entire villages, massacred to the last infant, because a group of vampires wanted to." I said my voice slowly rising, as my grip grew stronger on her neck.

"You hate humans for what they did to you and your brother, and you have a right to hate people, but only hate the village that tried to kill you, not the entire species, because of a group of people who will be dead in a few decades while you stay the same." I yelled at her.

Jane's eyes were now round in fear, as my anger increased.

"I tried to save some of them once, you know" I said, now in a quieter voice.

"And I managed to do so a few time, moving a few villages to the far north, but once the Romanian coven found out what I was doing they amassed a large group of vampires to track me down, and kill me, there was to many of them to fight so i ran, of course they couldn't catch me, but they made me pay for my actions, buy killing a whole village of innocent people, as I watched from a distance. back then I was weak, and afraid, and I couldn't save them because of it, and even now there is only so much I can do on my own, that's why I need the volturi, but for you to say the death of innocent people is "okay" is disgusting and so hypocritical it make me sick" I said to her.

"you stand on your high ground, acting like they were in the right for killing them, like their lives never mattered, because your life almost came to an end by a group of villagers who were afraid, which you thought gave you the right to hate every breathing person to exist."

"Adam, you need to calm down." Julius said, zooming to my side and placing a hand on the arm that was holding Jane up.

I looked over at him, causing him to flinch at what he saw.

What he saw was the part of me, I was able to push down, far enough to forget.

Using my emotion dampeners, I was always able to push them down and away, but never able to destroy them, with Jane's words she was able to bring them to the front.

And now I looked at Julius with the eyes of a person who has seen more death than any living being alive, a man who has seen the collapse of nations, wars, plagues, and thw constant death of his friends, one by one.

The real immortal.

Julius took a step back at my stare, he knew, if I was to attack him, I wouldn't hold myself back like I normally did.

Looking back at Jane, I saw the fear in her eyes as she stared back at me, with her half gold and red eyes.

"You have more than a right to hate that village for what they did to you and your brother, but that doesn't give you the right to hate all humans, I am thousands of years old and I have seen the darkest side of humanity more times than I can count, giving me more of a right to hate them then you, but I have also seen the good in humanity as well." I say my voice almost a whisper.

By this point I was able to get my emotions pushed back down and under lock, at least enough to where I wasn't going to kill the both of them.

And after taking a few more calming breaths, I slowly lowered Jane back to the ground.

And something happened to me, for the first time, I could remember since I came to this world.

Tears began to slowly fall from my eyes, and run down my face.

At first I was a little shocked to feel them fall, bringing my hand up to my face, I wiped away the tears that continued to fall freely.


Recalibration of emotion inhibitors needed.

Self diagnoses activated.


[Overload of emotional dampeners detected.]

Said a robotic voice in my head.

Recalibration needed.

Loading new parameters for recalibration.


New parameters for emotional overload not found.

Self calibration activated.

Activation of basic self AI readjustment parameters activated.

Starting adjustments now…

With those last words, everything went black and I became weightless, floating in a black abyss.


This is where Jane is going to change from the cold uncaring person, to a real person with compassion.

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