1 Rebirth! This time i want to be powerful

The overwhelming pain woke Ouyang Chinhua up as her eyes fluttered open, unconsciously her hand flew to her chest, her last memory was of that woman plunging her sword deep into her chest and pushing her off the cliff.

"I'm still alive?"

Ouyang got up from the bed, she looked at her hands, they actually looked fairer than usual.

"Weird, my skin hasn't looked this good since I fell into that woman's clutches…"

Ouyang Chinhua felt the changes in her were too big, so she picked up a mirror. She had a feeling something big had happened.

Her eyes widened, she was younger again, what day was this, she looked out the window and her guess was confirmed. It was there, that crack on the wall, this was the day she had left the manor.

"Ah! I'm 15 again,no wonder my arms were this fair, I haven't left the manor at this time."

Ouyang Chinhua couldn't believe, she would have never thought that a phenomena called rebirth actually existed.

Helian Xiaoqing, the day she left the manor, her life had taken the worst possible turn. She had been captured by human hunters and sold at an auction where she had fallen into Helian Xiaoqing's clutches, there she had spent the next 30 years of her life as a QI gathering item, everyday her soul essence was tapped and drained, forcing to exhaust herself in finding new lengths to get QI.

She clenched her fist slowly, Helian Xiaoqing we will definitely meet again and by that time, my strength would be unfathomable.

"I won't be pushed over easily, I'd stand strong like the mighty tree in the forest."

"I won't be naive, I won't be isolated, though in the past 45 years I didn't see much of the world but i at least got to experience what it felt like to be powerless and now that I know of my abilities, I'd make the best of it."

Ouyang Chinhua made a mental note to herself.

"Si, master, I like your ideology…"

Ouyang Chinhua turned swiftly, that tiny voice, where did it come from?

"Who are you! Show yourself?"

"Master, I am An, I'm the spirit body of the dharma artifact in your body…"

Ouyang Chinhua raised her brows, dharma artifact? The only thing she had ever picked up was a jewel or could it be it had been in her body before then.

"Your thoughts are not wrong master, I am the jewel you picked up, I am called the Sky phoenix bracelet and what you have with you is just a fraction of my body there are three more parts."

Ouyang Chinhua sat on the bed, deep in thoughts. She had heard this name before, Sky phoenix bracelet, when she caught up, she nodded.

Indeed, she had heard Helian Xiaoqing talked about this bracelet and how it could grant immeasurable wishes for itself owners.

"I can't grant wishes master, but I can help you get what you wish for, I can read your innermost thoughts."

"You want to be a powerful practitioner and with the resources I have with me, I can definitely help you reach god levels…"

In the mortal realm, there were levels each practitioner had to reach before they could face the nine heavenly tribulations and ascend to the god realms. In her past life, she had only been of true warrior realm, which was why she didn't stand a chance with Helian Xiaoqing.

The mortal realm the levels were true warrior realm(1-3 level), martial QI realm(1-3 level), Gold Qi realm(1-3 level), Yang lord(1-3) followed by its counterpart Ying lord(4-7 level) getting to Ying lord level 7 there was a huge bottleneck each practitioner would have to face before they ascended to heavenly realm, which had;heavenly venerate, heavenly paragon, heavenly priest and heavenly god. These were the realm known to ever been achieved, there were others, but these were the practical ones.

"Mhm…when I was captured, I heard an azure tiger was being auctioned and that it was already at higher cultivation realm. An…do azure tigers still exist?"

"Very much master do they were scarce they still exist, in the past there was a massive misunderstanding between the azure tigers and the azure dragons which led to a war between both beasts, after that, the azure tigers moved and left the face of the world, hiding themselves in mountains and training. I heard the azure tiger crowned prince is missing…"

Ouyang Chinhua eyebrows rose

could it be the azure tiger they were going to auction was the crown prince? She had to be at that auction, but she didn't know where it was, after a while, she nodded she would follow those human hunters secretly until she got there.

"I need a disguise, I can't go in there looking like this or ill be captured…"

"Master I need to show you what the inside looks like…"


Like a wist of smoke, Ouyang Chinhua vanished and she appeared in a paradise like place.

"Where am I.."

"Welcome to the space master, this is what the inside of the sky phoenix bracelet looks like…"

Ouyang Chinhua marvelled at the sight, it was beautiful.

"What are those doors for?"

In the sky were roles of doors after looking at both sides, she still didn't see where these doors stop.

"They're called levels and each door has a different reward, but as you unlock more doors the difficult the next is to open…"

Ouyang Chinhua nodded right now the first door was open, what could it be its rewards?

"The rewards for opening the first door, there are three rewards entailed in this one. First, a type c healing pill, to strengthen your core and remove impurities from your body, second, dharma artifact, ice jade sword, it enables its holder swift movements in battle and enhanced attacks and third 400 million spirit coins…"

All the items each came out of the door as their names were called and once they had gotten to where Ouyang Chinhua was, the door disappeared and level 2 door took its place.

Ouyang Chinhua nodded, the reward of the first door was so good that she was itching to open the second.

"Patience…master in due time the next door will be open…"

An spoke and then took Ouyang Chinhua to another room.

"I read your thoughts, you want a disguise, so I created a beauty room, you can get change of clothes and masks and whatever you need here…"

"Great! An you're outstanding.."

"Yes I know…"

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