The Ice Immortal Prince And His Jaded Beauty Book

novel - Fantasy

The Ice Immortal Prince And His Jaded Beauty


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After spending 15 years of her life trapped inside their family manor due to ill health, Ouyang Chinhua gets the opportunity to see the city for the first time when there was a crack in the manor walls. Adventurous and naive, she went out only to be captured by human hunters to be sold in an auction. Sold as a Qi gatherer, Ouyang Chinhua spent years in slavery and thus her battle to escape and be freed from slavery. Tired of her continuous antics for freedom and escaping, in the dead of the night, cornered and backed against a cliff, Chinhua was slayed. Chinhua smiled as blood spilled out from her mouth, at least she had gotten peace. But luck was on her side, she gets reborn back to when she was still 15, when she had never left the manor. But even so, her life is not so peaceful when the third prince of Warring continent, known has as the ice prince, sets his eyes on her. ************* “Your highness...the young madam used up all the money in the treasury!” “I’m rich! Let her spend as much as she wants...” “Your highness...the young madam stripped the eunuchs of their clothes and chased them out of the palace!” “If they offended her...they should pay the price!” “Your highness…someone made the young madam upset again!” “Who dares to provoke her?” “It’s the cook! He refused to make sweet treats for the young madam…” He pondered for a moment: “Then let him, and every other cook, make every single treat in the entire continent until her anger is appeased. Let’s see who dares to provoke her next time!” P.S She has hidden talents that won’t be listed here, read some to find out