51 Chapter 51: Dealing with Thugs

"You gotta be messing with me!" Yoze's anger erupted as he hated the fact that they were so close but ended up being stopped.

His father was dying and Yoze had run out of demon meat to extend his life. He had only encountered two demons and he missed the opportunity to try and kill one because that demon seemed that it was sincere in that it didn't want to cause harm.

When calculating his father's remaining lifespan, Yoze figured his father had a little less than six months to live. It was too short of a time to make it to New Swampscott city and look for 2 people that used to live there more than 13 years ago. 

It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Trying to find 2 people out of millions was asking for a long time to be wasted trying to find them. 

Not only that, they weren't just trying to find them but also to allow his father to bond with them again.

Six months was too short.


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