The Human Giant

Author: Mr_Palados
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What is The Human Giant

Read ‘The Human Giant’ Online for Free, written by the author Mr_Palados, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: There is always the desire to be the strongest, the fastest, the smartest, and to reach the apex of everything. To some,...


There is always the desire to be the strongest, the fastest, the smartest, and to reach the apex of everything. To some, they believe that talent determines everything. To others, hard work is more important. For many to reach the apex of any field a combination of talent, hard work, and determination is needed. In a world where powerful demons, unkillable immortals, and strange monsters ran amok. Where human lives were treated on the same level as ants. Yoze, a young man who had transmigrated from Earth to this dangerous world could only rely on his hard work, strong will, and his cheat, the Second Best System to that makeup for his lack of talent and resources. With his desire to improve his family's life and his ambition to surpass human limits, he set his eyes on passing the Scholar exam as he took his first step toward dominating the world. Whether it was humans, demons, monsters, immortals, or gods they all were within his sights and would soon become a stepping stone for his rise to excellence. "You are a genius of 1000 years. Okay, I'm a genius of 900 years. I'll surpass you in three years." "You are the most talented runner in the world. That's okay, I'm fine with being the second most talented runner but I bet I can surpass you in three months." "Having the most talent doesn't mean anything unless you use it. You are born with talent. I earned it. You are afraid of demons while I cherish seeing every demon." Yoze smiled as he looked at the nine-headed immortal under his feet. "I heard that Immortals can't die. Let's test that rumor." As Yoze advanced on his journey he slowly discovered that there was no supreme power system or logic that this strange world followed. Whether the Spiritual Energy that the demons monopolized, the Crystal Energy that could create entire worlds, or the Inner Vigor that humans held close to their hearts. Yoze was determined to become the master of them all!

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Overall, I cant give more stars than this. Sorry. The story and narrative is so flat, plain and not innovative that I wanted to cry. Literally. Our MC has a system. Yay. And he COULD use this system every 24 hours. But, instead of using it and gaining more power daily, he does NOTHING at all. For over 9 months, not a single use of his single ability his system gives him. That only has a 1 day cooldown. Now figure out yourself why I am fed up with these kind of novels... Cheers :)


Overall a good book but the Mc is a simp and major pushover…so far he has let a lot of people just walk all over him when he has no reason to allow that… and the has a habit of keeping people around him that bring nothing to the table but keep leeching of him but he just allows it coz he has no spine


This is a good novel and it's coming out consistently but I found it by accident in a corner after looking for hours for something new


Super good book! I love the storyline, master yoze is the biggest boy


looks very interesting will read and I might make a new review once I've read more of it. also..... Author were Is your own shameless review???


All I have to say is… Pay wall


its very good and i like the mc and i dont see many bad quallities in this story im now just filling the cap tldr it good trust me and 140 reached


The series feels damaged by the Beast Hunter Arc w/ Chapter 176 onward. The side narrative became the story and I ended up losing the interest and awareness of the main story built up to that point.


Reveal spoiler


Very good book and plot progression, like the way the talent stealing is used, Mc is also working very hard to be strong. Very fun read. I recommend it.


Overall this novel is good the Mc is like a little muscle-brain but it has many room for improvement.World building is good and the power system in this novel is unique one.The story is good so far but have some problem with the girl name jewel like wth she's annoying and like a leeching to mc in the name of being "Employee",i hope the Author to remove her and this novel will be much more refreshing to read.


Its good to some point, but from chapter 100 the inidirect nerfing is seen more and more, and MC is simping to one stupid girl, even though noone that reads it, gets it


Good book, nice descriptions, Op MC and really like the cultivation systems.


Reveal spoiler


This is an amazing novel , one of the best cultivation novels i have read , If you like cultivation novels and your tierd of the usual I recommend this .


hey why can't I find it anywhere else other than web novel..???


120 chapter review This is a great story to be honest i love it, first of all the mc is strong or rather OP but dont get me wrong but he really does work for it and theres reason behind it. But what i specially love is the interaction between the mc and demons which is normally quite weird for myself since i normally like the battles between humans but i just love how the author makes these demons unique and strong in a way that makes sence, but i do feel like the number scales mainly on the civilian size rather then the factions size is a bit exaggerated i still love it sp give it try like i have and you might just fall in love too


I reall love the story keep up the good work👍


very well written and interesting plot. pace of the story is on point. very few grammatical and typo errors. i support 👍👍👍👍 five stars for you author 🫰


Nice one!!! Good cheat but why no updates


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