14 Chapter 14: Limit Breaker part 1

The Blood Breaker Martial art is a set of body cultivation methods that were prepared for Blood Masters. Each manual only contained one technique and only by breaking through their limits could the users reach the next level of Blood Master.

It was a ruthless body cultivation method and only the truly determined and talentless would choose this method. It stopped all hope of steady improvement over time. According to the logic of its creator, the users of this body cultivation either shatter their limits and reach new peak performance or stay stuck at the same level for the rest of their life.

That is the Blood Breaker body Cultivation manuals and what Yoze had in his hands was the Blood Fist. It was a more tame version as it could be used as a last-resort fighting technique or if one became stuck during training.

The Blood Fist wasn't a body cultivation method and was just a technique so users of the Blood Fist don't get hard-locked to their level. It was more of a convenient method to challenge your limits.

The director obviously didn't know how talented Yoze was in martial arts and assumed that since Yoze chose to be a scholar and only practiced martial arts as a hobby he wasn't very talented. So the director didn't want to give away good martial arts techniques to someone who wouldn't be able to reach their potential.

He also thought that Yoze would soon be reaching his limit and wanted to give him a chance to break through. As for Mindless Legs, it was a cheap way to thank him for the troubles his son caused him.

"Okay, this is a decent technique and I am at the limit of Twin Fists. Maybe I can break through Twin Fists' limit by using Blood Fist."

After memorizing Blood Fist, Yoze read Mindless Legs to make sure that he didn't get scammed by the director twice. Yoze breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Mindless Legs was a normal martial arts technique.

Mindless Legs was divided into three techniques, Soft Steps, Sticky Steps, and Silent Steps. Each technique focused on different aspects of his movements.

Soft Steps allowed Yoze to jump higher as if he weighed half his weight. Sticky Steps meant that Yoze could stick to surfaces like a Gecko. And Silent Steps meant that Yoze's footsteps would become as silent as elephants.

These three techniques were compatible with each other and meant to be used in unison. Once Yoze practiced Mindless Legs to perfection he would be able to use these techniques without thinking.

Yoze read further to see that the book had a practice method that divided the technique into four stages.

The first stage was practicing Soft Steps until it was an unconscious habit. The second stage was practicing Sticky Steps until the technique was an unconscious habit.

The third stage was similar to the previous two stages where Yoze needed to practice Silent Steps until he made it an unconscious habit. The last stage was combining all three techniques until they no longer conflicted with each and boosted their performance with one another.

After also memorizing Mindless Legs, Yoze decided to spend his time trying to break through Twin Fists with Blood Fists while also practicing his Mindless Legs and Big Golem.

"Thud Thud Thud Thud,"

If someone caught Yoze practicing Mindless Legs they would have laughed at seeing his muscular build walking like a toddler taking his first steps.

Though Yoze knew he looked goofy he still treated it like any other martial arts. Anyway, there wasn't anyone watching him so he could only be embarrassed for himself.

Once Yoze felt completely exhausted he attempted to unleash the Blood Fist technique paired with Twin Fists. As Yoze started to punch he felt his heart begin to race. His veins grew and grew until some of them popped as Yoze's entire body put all of its remaining energy to throw one last attack, his 71st Koi Fist.

However, before Yoze made it halfway he lost sensation in his arm and legs falling to the ground unable to complete it.

Yoze laid on the ground unable to move a muscle, he could only rest until his body collected enough energy.



Once again Yoze was able to make it halfway to throwing his 71st Koi Fists combo fueled with the Blood Fist before dropping to the ground.







Yoze laid on the ground like a dead fish and couldn't even form a smile as all his muscles throughout his body were sore. However, Yoze felt that he made a little further into his 71st Koi Fists combo fueled by Blood Fist than his previous times.

Yoze wanted to continue but he found that he had completely tapped his body and he could barely stand still enough to throw his Koi Fists combo so Yoze called it and planned to try again tomorrow.

The next day Yoze spared his usual time to visit the Martial Court Yard and watched the martial artist's training. He wasn't here to appreciate their martial arts, he was here scouting for potential martial artists with useful talents.

At the moment he was looking for someone who looked like they had talent related to their legs or the movements. Eventually, Yoze scouted one such target, it was a young martial artist who was fighting against his opponents by using his agility to escape from their attacks.

Sending a mental command towards the young man, Yoze read his profile and clicked his tongue at how great his eyesight had become after nearly a year of practicing and searching for talents.

[Name: Lecho Macho]

[Age: 19]

[Talents: Stealth(Grade 4), Mindless Legs(Grade 9), Body Cultivation(Grade 3), Martial Arts Comprehension(Grade 5)]

"What a talented kid, as long as nothing happens to him he is going to be one hell of a martial artist."

"His name is Lecho Macho, I should come to find him tomorrow to copy all his talents. But first I need his Mindless Legs talent."

Yoze was salivating from all the high-grade talents of Lecho Macho but he sighed at his inability to take more than one talent at a time.

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