101 Chapter 101: Just a Few Days

Feeling relieved of hosting a deadly demon in his body, Yoze was ready to collect the Leopard Demon's body. Just when he stood up he heard Jewel protest about the outcome.

"Can you take me with you? I believe I would be safer in your care than take my chances being alone." Jewel lightly coughed as she hurriedly stood next to Yoze.

There was no way she wanted to stay in the valley by herself with no protection when there was a possibility of running into demons. Without Yoze, Jewel knew she would die without even having a chance to scream for help if she ever ran into a newborn demon much less the demons on the same level as the Leopard demon.

"...Alright. Hop on my back and make sure to hold on tight. If you fall off if another demon attacks us then I might not be able to save you in time." Yoze smiled.


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