508 Surface World of the Magus World

The Surface World of the Magus World was enormous; it was far vaster than the 1st Layer of the Subterranean World, but on the contrary to the Underground World, it was far weaker.

The Magic Particle density of the Surface World was several times lower compared to the Underground World. This also resulted in a lesser number of high-ranking Magi and precious resources that were born in the Surface World.

Gu Long appeared in the was called South Coast based on the memories of the Magus he killed.

The South Coast is a small continent that was isolated from the rest of the Magus World due to the pathways leading to this place being too harsh that even the Rank 3 Magi cannot pass through.

Because elemental particles on this continent are too little compared to those on the Central Continent and lack resources, people from the Central Continent, which was the heart of the Magus World, didn't really bother to come here.

Due to this, the strongest Magi of the South Coast were only at Rank 3. When Gu Long appeared on the South Coast, he frowned deeply because he could feel that the low magical density in this place was taking a heavy toll on a species like him.

Because Gu Long was a creature of magic, he was getting weaker in places with low magical and elemental density. He could feel it very deeply in his very own soul and just staying here was making him deeply uncomfortable.

"I need to hurry."

The Tarot Card that his father gave him was also indicating that the person he was searching for was also on the Central Continent. He knew the Central Continent was far from the remote South Coast.

Instantly, Gu Long transformed into his true form, which was an enormous reptile-like dragon of tremendous dimensions. Just his height was more than fifty meters and his length was over a hundred and seventy meters.

His long tail was ended with spikes, formatting a spearhead-like appearance. His body is covered in shimmering scales that were of crimson-black color, giving him a fearsome appearance.

His eyes are typically a bright, piercing yellow, radiating divinity and demonic aura, while his head was adorned with horns, and its teeth are sharp and jagged. It has a powerful, muscular body that can easily overpower even the strongest of warriors and he had two pairs of dragon wings.

Gu Long flapped his wings and flew towards the direction of the Central Continent as the Tarot Card from his father was navigating his path. In his true dragon form, Gu Long was several times stronger because, in his human form, his strength was greatly weakened.

Naturally, now when he transformed into the dragon form, he could fly to the Central Continent of the Magus World and cross the tremendous distance between two landmasses without any problem.


Central Continent of the Magus World

Several days later, Gu Long arrived at the Central Continent and sensed a significant rise in the elemental and magical particles in the air. The enviroment of the Central Continent was much better compared to the desolate South Coast.

'The aura is coming from the center of the Central Continent.'

Gu Long thought as he continued flying towards the center of the Central Continent while he was also searching for some higher-ranked Magus whom he could kill for the memories.

Suddenly, when he was flying over some city, he noticed that there was an aura of Rank 6 Breaking Dawn Magus there. Still, it was very feeble, almost on the level of a newly advanced one, and he noticed that it was probably from some kind of severe injury.


Killing severely injured Breaking Dawn Magus was an easy task for Gu Long; thus, he lowered in his flight and descended upon the city, which started panicking when they noticed an enormous dragon radiating peak Rank 6 Breaking Dawn Magus aura.

Countless barriers and wards were activated in a second as they protected the city beneath Gu Long, who opened his enormous jaws, and sea of crimson flames were released by him as his dragon breath tore down the defenses of the city.

The barriers were crashed, the walls started melting from the intense heat that his dragon breath contained and people were incarnated in a split of second, no matter if they were ordinary citizens or if they were high-ranking Magi.

In one wave of his dragon breath, approximately two-thirds of the city were turned to rubble and only some parts remained untouched. In regard to the population of the city, more than 90% of people were killed from the extreme heat that was released from the dragon breath or by the flames themselves.

Gu Long ignored the struggling humans and magi that were running around like headless chickens as he flew towards the enormous mansion that was located in the middle of the city and with one swipe of his tail, he struck the barrier which was protecting the mansion.

He noticed that it was much stronger than the other magical defenses, but after being repeatedly struck by his tail, it showed cracks all over it and at the sixth impact, it broke into countless crystal-like shards that fell all around.

When the barrier broke down, Gu Long struck down the mansion, destroying the majestic structure with one blow as he tore his way to the underground, where he sensed the weakening aura of the Rank 6 Breaking Dawn Magus.

When he arrived there, he saw a tall, tan-skinned human woman with blazing red hair; the odd thing was that her soul was fragmented and was on the verge of being crumbled apart and her state was lingering between life and death.

She coughed blood as she looked at the enormous dragon and Gu Long didn't waste any time as he opened his dragon jaws and ripped the woman apart before eating her in one go.

Pretty much an anti-climatic end for someone as powerful, but her memories were truly a treasure trove when he devoured her soul.

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