513 Situation on Hand

"Should I go down and root them up a bit?"

Hela asked me with that typical creepy, bloodthirsty smile of hers when she wanted to slaughter some entire civilization for fun. The last time she had it was when I gave her an entire planet filled with Xenomorphs as a gift...

I still don't understand why she was so keen on getting those creatures as her pets, but they were dangerous as hell and right now, after she had cultivated them for a few centuries already, there were such numbers of them...

They were peculiar creatures that I got from some random Universe that I ended up discovering by accident. While they were pretty weak when I found them, maximally reached the physical strength of Tier 4.

But their most terrifying aspect was their evolution because they could assimilate the DNA of foreign species to advance their own by incorporating the best aspects of different species.

Outwardly, they are encased in a tough mesoskeleton, lending them a skeletal, biomechanical appearance, and are usually colored in muted shades of black, blue or bronze.

The outer shell is incredibly resilient, impervious not only to the creature's potent acid blood, which was capable of melting even some of the most powerful materials but they were gifted with bladed tails.

Xenomorphs were especially good at breeding... when I gave Hela a planet that was named Xenomorph Prime, which was right now a proper Higher World, where my lovely wife was breeding them.

They started with a few Xenomorphs and one Xenomorph Hive Mother, which started breeding one Xenomorph after another and after a few months, there were already hundreds of adult Xenomorphs running here and there.

"Not, but you may release some of your pets out there... it would be funny to watch the cultivators fight against the endless waves of the hellish creatures."

I said as Hela nodded with delight because, apparently, my idea was exactly suited to her ideas of fun.

"That is a splendid idea, my beloved... I will immediately attend to that but before that..."

She whispered into my ear seductively because she was in the mood for some action of a different type, it seemed.


3rd POV

Imperial Capital of Anor Londo

Anor Londo was the heart of the Chthonian Empire of the Baator that controlled the entire Higher Dimensional World of Baator and some of the surrounding worlds and was the de-facto unspoken ruler of the entire Kadath Universe.

During the long existence of the Chthonian Empire of the Baator, several Emperors have ascended to the Eternal Throne. Right now, the Emperor was the son of former Emperor Abraxas Lucifer, son of Sirzechs Lufier and Serfall Leviathan.

The current Emperor was Gehrman Lucifer, son of Abraxas Lucifer and Valerie Tepes, Princess of the Elector Houe of Tepes and direct descendant of Alucard Tepes, one of the most powerful entities in the Kadaht Universe.

Even though compared to other Tier 12 beings, his strength wasn't the most powerful, he was certainly the most annoying to deal with due to the plethora of his abilities and he was a master at surviving... killing him would be a hard task even for some of Half-Step Tier 13.

"Your Majesty, I bring urgent news..."

As the meeting was taking place in the Throne Room of the Imperial Palace of Anor Londo, suddenly, one of the Envoys who were in charge of communications between the Imperial Government and Ancestors and other people who had long retired from politics and society and focused solely on getting stronger and achieving higher realms of power.

"What news do you bring to the Eternal Throne?"

Gehrman Lucifer asked cryptically; from all the Emperors of the Chthonian Empire, he was the one who was most traditional and perfectionist.

"Ancestors Father of All-Devils and Empress of Death are giving the order to send an army against the cultivators that are plaguing some of the Middle Worlds to force them to move onto the Higher Worlds... also... Her Majesty the Empress is ordering us to transport of the Xenomorph Eggs onto the Primal Chaos Dimension."

While this seemed an easy task, in fact, it was a troublesome one... especially moving the Xenomorph Eggs.


With a single command, the entire Imperial Court fell silent as they awaited further instruction from the Emperor.

"We will proceed as follows and send in Sardaukar to slaughter the cultivators a bit. In regard to the Xenomorph Eggs, contact some of the Yautja Clan on the Yautja Prime and let them transport the Eggs... they have been hunting the creatures since immemorial and even after the Xenomorphs evolved tremendously, it wasn't enough nothing to stop Yautjas from hunting them successfully."

Yautjas were another species that were brought to the Kadath Universe, a species of hunter-like culture that was deeply rooted in their very own blood and tradition. For Gehrman, the Yautjas were far more interesting than the Xenomorphs.

He studied and trained under their King, the Yautja King; it was not a title of Nobility but rather some kind of racial title for the Yautjas. Yautja King was chosen among the Patriarchs of the various Clans and was the best hunter of their entire society.

The present Yautja King even hunted down the juvenile Void Behemoth, which was a Tier 11 creature; that was a tremendous achievement, considering the fact that the Yautja King was only a Tier 10.

Even though the Xenomorphs were evolving at tremendous speed, the Yatjas also assimilated into the Chthonian Empire and learned everything they could to become better hunters.

"Of course, Your Majesty, I will send the message to the Commander of the Sarduakar right now."

One of the officials stated as he proceeded to carry out the order, while Gehrman went to directly contact the Yautja King directly to speak with him.

Going to the Primal Chaos Dimension, went hunting new beasts, and there were not many creatures in the Kadth Universe that the Yautja didn't hunt down.

So a new Universe meant new opportunities for a hunt and to becoming a better hunter.

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