386 Baatorian Jihad (21)

I must admit that today was a very good day.

After our forces basically pished out the Warlocks from the Surface World and due to the Dawn Pillars, they were confined to the Core World, I just took my time, enjoying my free time with my wives, as even Venelana and Grayfia arrived from the Empire to take a look at the Canghzi Plane.

Ajuka, together with Mephisto and others, were rebuilding the pathway to the Core World of the Canghzi Plane as they were making steady progress on that one.

Suddenly as I was having a lovely afternoon together with my wives, suddenly, I had some bad promotion towards something.

And immediately after that bad feeling, I felt the Devil Tarot Card pulsating near my heart as if someone was contacting me.

"He is heading towards the Canghzi Plane, estimated arrival 27 minutes."

Said a voice whom I recognized as belonging to Khaziklu Bey or by his name Adolf K. Weissmann.

A normal person would be washed by a dread; that Tier 12 person was heading towards the Canghzi Plane basically to kill me and everyone here, but I just felt revealed because I knew that the movement Xaunyuan steps onto the Canghzi Plane, he would die.

I made many preparations for Xuanyuan's arrival, and in truth, I wanted to kill him here by trap, not to fight him in any way. For that reason, I asked Weissman to stall him and tire him out as much as possible, so he could not properly resist the World's Will when it tried to kill him.

"Ladies, Warlock Sovereign is heading towards the Canghzi Plane and will arrive in approximately 25 minutes."

I said, as all three of my wives immediately knew what to do, as they all went to the Baldaquin.

No other words were needed, as everyone knew what their role was, and we had the utmost trust in each other.

Aside from the designation of "World's Enemy" onto the Warlock Sovereign, I had prepared another plan for him... and that was, turning the entire Canghiz Plane into one enormous Killing Spell Formation.

Across the entire Canghzi Plane, we planted several enormous Wardstones that created a Killing Spell Formation where the most dangerous spells were inscribed onto them. Afterward, these Warstones were then subsequently connected to the Dawn Pillars and even to the Planar Core, so the power of the Killing Spell Formation would be enormous.

Not to mention these spells inscribed into the Wardstones were not ordinary but something directly obtained from Weissman and a few others who fought with Xuanyuan and knew his strong and weak sides. While it was hard to negotiate with some of the Myriad God Emepeors of the Divine Star Region as I hated those fucking things because of their nature, but their information proved to be very useful.

All Spells were specifically designed and created to target the weakest spots the Warlock Sovereign had. I obtained all information regarding Warlock Sovereigns' techniques, battle style, attacks, defenses, artifacts, even how strong his fleshy body was or what Laws he attempted to comprehend, essentially everything.

Even though Xuanyuan had a terrifying fleshy body, he was vulnerable against Divine Attributed Energy because he was born with a unique physique, which granted him his defect. I knew against which elements he was strong and against which he was weak.

For him, anything related to Divine or God Energy was like a most deadly poison. It was his closest guarded secret that was known only by Myriad God Emperors and Me, and not even Weissmann was aware of that.

That was the reason why Warlocks never managed, in truth conquer the Divine Star Region, because Xuanyuan could be severely injured if he was exposed to serious injuries with Divine or God Attribute, and that was exactly the same attribute that Gods of the Astral Boundary had or that of my Demonic-God Force.

Because of that, the entire Spell Killing Formation was built from the purest Divine Energy and God Force I could create.

My reason for creating this formation was to kill him as fast as possible, in case he managed to resist the Canghzi Plane's World Will, designing him as a "World Enemy".

I stood in a remote location while holding a brilliant crystal in my hand as I felt an overwhelming presence descend onto the Canghzi Plane.

"Tier 12..."

Astral Boundary was a weak Universe by many standards, as the strongest person here was just half-step into Tier 13. Even though our Universe managed to give birth to a whole bunch of Tier 13 Powerhosuzes in the past, that was not really mattering.

Right now, we were weak, and that was important.

So for someone to see a Tier 12 powerhouse was rare, as, in the Astral Boundary, these experts were peerless ones.

"Even though for the Astral Boundary, your death would be detrimental... nothing could be done about it."

I said quietly, as the crystal in my right hand lit up with a bright light before it shattered into countless particles that spread around the entirety of the Canghzi Plane, as suddenly an enormous spell formation lit up and a world-sized magic circle appeared around the Canghzi Plane.

At the same time, the Dawn Pillars started shining, as the entire plane shook tremendously, as countless buildings collapsed. Panic spread across the plane, even from our forces, as a tremendously ancient and cold voice sounded through the entire plane.

"World Enemy."

The World's Will spoke only those two words, and thousands of purple-colored lightning bolts shot towards the Warlock Sovereign with such speed that he couldn't dodge and shot him down from the sky, directly falling down through the Killing Spell Formation.

Killing Spell Formation lit up, and countless divine curses fell into him as Divine Energy and God Force penetrated deeply into his existence.

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