The Hired Wife of The Naga CEO

Author: Kirtirajput
Fantasy Romance
Ongoing · 56.4K Views
  • 46 Chs
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What is The Hired Wife of The Naga CEO

Read The Hired Wife of The Naga CEO novel written by the author Kirtirajput on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, weaktostrong, mystery, superpowers, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Yuvika Chauhan; A sweet, reliable, independent girl with a broken heart and terrible past finds her life spinning when her boss offers her to be his wife. To be precise, his hired wife. Ashutosh Pratihast; The cold, dangerous, capable, domineering Chairman, who creates an entire empire [The Raj] on his own with the little contribution of his two good friends faces the biggest predicament of his life when he was forced to get married. It might not have been a big deal if this offer wouldn’t have come up with a deadline. One week. He has to get married to any random girl within a week. The week passed in a blink of an eye, yet he was nowhere near finding a girl who could play the role of his wife for a year. But as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. When he finds the entire situation hopeless, she enters his cabin and in his life, as the ray of hope, the ray of light in his world of darkness. Acting CEO of The Raj, Yuvika Chauhan. ~~ Was everything planned? What if it was a trap set for someone else, but Yuvika ends up being its victim? What would happen to Yuvika, who ends up being a part of a big conspiracy without even knowing about it? Will the mysteries be unraveled? What will happen when the shocking truth behind the death of Yuvika’s friend be uncovered? What will happen when the person to whom Yuvika devotes her heart and soul turns out to be something else? What will happen when the true face of Ashutosh comes in front of Yuvika? Will Yuvika still be able to love him? Or will she die like everyone else? To know more please read the story.

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its great to have you back kirti, we missed you, this story is so far so good that i added it to my library, and i believe others should do so to, who doesnt like a cold ceo hiring a wife only to see what awaits them at the end, i look forward to the heating up in this novel!!! weeeee[img=coins]


Reveal spoiler


This a very good book from a talented author. I love the premise and the progression of the plot. The Characters are well developed and the beginning was gripping. If you are looking for a good book with a beautiful plot, check this out. keep it up Author


The writing was a bit confusing at the start as many names were introduced at the same time. I couldn't imagine the setting and the characters fast enough, maybe because I'm not used to Indian names, and couldn't tell the exact gender whenever a name popped up? Or maybe because the paragraph started with a speech and introduction of the character later? Probably. Overall, the reading experience wasn't the smoothest, due to the things mentioned above, I had to reread a scene a few times to fix the initial images I had in my head. Like when the MC started to speak, I first imagined her as the chairman, then when the soft female voice was mentioned, I erased the chairman and imagined his secretary. What a shocker it was to know that she was in reality the CEO. So yeah, I had to reconstruct the scene in my head a few times, haha. The mood was set up nicely, I could imagine the feelings the characters portrayed through their speech during the meeting. Even though the scene suddenly switched to the first narrative I didn't mind as much, at least I got to know who is the Main Character. She gives off strong female vibes, which is only a plus for me. The switch between the tenses could be off-putting for some English geeks, but I don't mind as much. I can't tell much about the chemistry between the ML and FL, but from what I saw so far, both seem like very proud people. The dynamics should definitely satisfy some drama and comedy-seeking readers. Continue writing and never give up! Fighting!


Welcome back my kriyu my Gf, I am missing your books so much, love ❤️ you a lot ❤❤❤❤🥰🥰😍😍🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘😘 All the best for the competition.


good job author. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


This a a very good story with an interesting plot. I have already added it in my library. You have done a good job with the story author. I enjoyed reading it


Good going Kirti. Keep it up. All the very best for your competition. Do complete this story, please. The story is really good so far.


Reveal spoiler


Love it! The pace is pretty good, the relations between the characters are well-thought of. I can see the effort the author went thro in making the story so imaginative. The interaction btw the leads is so immersing, looking forward to more of it. The concise writing style adds to the cream of the book, making it a worthy read!


I loved your book author and eagerly waiting for more and more updates.. best of luck for the competition ❤❤🥰 update mores..waiting.. lots of love for you my dear author


Nice story. The flow is good and captivating. Keep writing more amazing stories author.


I really appreciate this author's use of words and love for grammar 🤣, so easy to read and quite interesting.... keep up the good work😍😍😍


Amazing book dear Author the storyline was amazing but I think it's need a little twist to keep the readers in suspense. so far so good, it's been an amazing read and I'll be waiting for more updates 💝💝💝💝


Nice work author, looking forward to read more from you. I liked the way story moves and choice of your words. Really enjoyed your work. Characters were relatable.


A very decent start from the first 8 chapters. I like the mc but I think it still needs some time to fully set the character...The most enjoyable thing is the interactions between each character...very smooth and natural so you will be eager to see how everything will come out. The world is still not presented that much so I can't say anything about it. All in all, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work author.


Great start, nice plot, though a bit weak when it comes to plot twist. But overall, it's cool. All the very best for your competition. Wish you success and victory.


Great book, nice story plot. It's so cool. Author please keep on writing, as these chapters aren't enough for me. All the very best for your competition. Wish you success and victory.


I commend the author for giving a great beginning to the story and creating an environment that is well suited their story from the very beginning.. the discussion that takes places in the first chapter is definitely befitting of business structure and the concerns that would be raised in such a story.. the dialogue is great, the atmosphere is great but what I do feel is lacking the character design but all in all very good story.


Awesome start. Though it's just a few chapters in, the flow of the story is accurate and intriguing. It pulls one in right from the beginning. Good job author


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