The Heroine Eavesdropped on My Voice Heart

Tells the story of an MC who has transmigrated 10 times in the novel world as a villain. But in the 10th round he decided to escape the plot and went to another country. But there he found other fictional characters and he didn't know that the heroines secretly heard his voice heart. The heroines don't play according to the plot, their characters collapse. The MC is surrounded by heroines. Meanwhile, the protagonist is jealous of the MC and has a green hat on his head. MC: Damn, the plot collapsed. Is it okay like this? Protagonist has even become a villain... Rias: Protagonist? I don't care about him. I like you, I just want you. Sona: You are now my fiancé, don't you want to do it with me? Akeno: Ara ara~ Tian-kun, why do you keep avoiding me? I won't eat you. Tsubaki: Tian-kun, can you stay at my house tonight? Koneko: Senpai, I like you. Am I not pretty enough? Grayfia: As a professional maid, I have to wash all your body parts. Yasaka: Husband, Kanou wants a little sister. Let's make one. - World: - Highschool Dxd - Return of the Dragon King - My Wife is a Beautiful CEO - Doctor Genius - Shokugeki No Souma - Shinmai Maou no Testament - Saenai Heroinai No Sodatekata - Arifureta - Other Novels or Anime. - Get the latest chapters faster on my patreon. Support me on patreon to keep me motivated to write more chapters: www.patreon.com/DogLicker

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The main villain is harassed by the heroine and the online protagonist

In the abandoned Church.

At this moment Qin Tian was being surrounded by four heroines who were staring at him as if demanding an explanation.


Qin Tian wiped the sweat off his forehead, somehow the gazes of the heroines started to hurt him.

His brain worked quickly to find the most plausible reason in this situation.

"Ahem, I heard a rumor that this abandoned church is haunted and that people often go missing whenever anyone passes in front of this church. So as a good citizen, I want to confirm whether the rumors are true or not."

Qin Tian explained with a serious face and his tone of voice sounded convincing.

Rias crossed her arms and looked at him flatly. "Then?"

"Uh, yes... but after I confirmed it myself, it seems that the rumors were true. When I entered this Church with a first-year student named Yuuma Amano who-"

"Where is that girl named Yuuma Amano? I happened to see you holding her hand after school and got in the car with her."

Rias interrupted him when Raynare's fake name was mentioned, but her voice sounded aggressive as if she was unhappy at the mention of holding hands and leaving with Raynare.

Qin Tian's lips twitched.

[I feel like you don't care about the reason why I'm here, and are more concerned with Raynare's existence.]

[And hey why do you sound so unhappy about me holding hands with Raynare and riding in the car with her?]

[Wait, obviously I'm not a dense person! But is Rias really...]

Rias blushed at his inner voice.

She hurriedly said. "Forget what I said earlier! By the way, you don't need to lie, after all I've known you're not an ordinary human since a few days ago."

"Huh? What are you saying I-"

The other three heroines who had been watching the love quarrel for a long time finally spoke up.

"Ah, I also already know you're not an ordinary human Tian-kun."

"Ara, ara, although I want to watch your pretense longer, but I also already know you're hiding your power."

"Yes, me too."

Sona, Akeno and Tsubaki said in order.

Qin Tian was stunned to see that his pretense had been exposed at this moment.

It seemed like he couldn't pretend anymore that he didn't know the existence of the supernatural in the heroes in front of him.

Well, it wasn't like he wanted to pretend forever. He just wanted to buy as much time as possible to keep a low profile as an ordinary human, but after all this happened...

He had no choice but to admit it, right?

Qin Tian sighed and said. "Alright, I admit it. I'm actually a Cultivator."

"Oh, I see."

"Okay, I understand."

"Fufufu, Cultivator huh."

"That's the term for humans with supernatural powers in China, right? Interesting."


Qin Tian felt that the girls in front of him were only pretending to be surprised at the moment.

[No, these girls are definitely not surprised at all! Did they also know beforehand that I'm a Cultivator and not a Sacred Gear user?]

[Since when did these heroines become so competent at investigating people who hide their powers?]

[This is strange. First, the protagonist is a regresssor, and now the heroines seem to be smarter than in the anime.]

The heroines' lips twitched.

Did you think we were stupid and incompetent all this time?


Qin Tian didn't know the reason why the heroines knew his secret was because of hearing his inner voice.

He didn't know the Complaint System had such a hidden feature, even Koko didn't know.

Dxd's plot has clearly gone out of canon a long time ago because of this function of the Grievance System that she didn't know about.

When interrogated by the heroines in front of him, he only told half the truth.

For example, he deliberately pretended to be a fool to follow Raynare to the Church, even though he already knew her identity as an evil supernatural being.

But because he was confident in his power, he deliberately followed Raynare. And when he was brought into the Church, he saw Raynare's friends who turned out to be Fallen Angels.

Of course Raynare was also a Fallen Angel and her purpose for bringing him to the Church was to extract his power or rather extract his Qi.

Although he was sure Raynare and her friends couldn't extract anything from him. In the end it was only their greed for power that made them fools.

Well, after that there was a battle and he came out victorious. As for the existence of that group of Fallen Angels? They were already dead as ashes scattered inside the Church.

"So the ashes we are stepping on..." Sona said while looking at the many ashes scattered on the floor.

"Yes, those are the ashes of the fallen angels I fought earlier."

Sona sighed, although she suspected Qin Tian was only telling half-truths. But the fact that there were dead Fallen Angels in her territory wouldn't change, and it would be a rather troublesome matter to explain this matter to the fallen angel organization called Grigori.

"Ara, ara, Tian-kun~ You're so strong you can defeat a group of Fallen Angels by yourself." Akeno said while hugging one of his arms.

She was already in her teasing mode again which made Qin Tian tired.

"Akeno, can you let go of your hand? I'm sweating after the battle, doesn't it stink?"

"No, you don't smell at all and your skin is very smooth without sweat. Hey, this makes me jealous~"

Akeno sniffed his body odor and rubbed the skin of his hands.

Qin Tian felt he was being harassed by the heroine. As for his smooth skin without sweat? As a Cultivator who was in the Nascent Soul Realm, his body would actually always be clean of any impurities, as his True Qi would passively clean his body.

Basically if Qin Tian stopped bathing for 1 month, his body wouldn't even smell and would remain clean.

For those women who were obsessed with beauty and cleanliness, his body condition would definitely make them envious of him.

"Really? Is her skin so good?" Tsubaki approached him and suddenly poked the skin of his cheek with her finger.

"Wow... It's really very soft, softer and whiter than my skin."

Qin Tian was surprised by Tsubaki's behavior of daring to touch his face.

If it was Akeno he could understand, but the usually reserved Tsubaki...

[Your character is collapse Tsubaki! What's wrong with you? Where's your usual cold demeanor and strict discipline?]

[And Akeno, didn't I say to let go of my hand? Why do you keep rubbing it?!]

[Ah! How can a Main Villain like me be harassed by Heroines like this? This is wrong!]

"Akeno!" Rias glared at her best friend.

Akeno stopped teasing Qin Tian and let go of his hand.

"Tsubaki." Sona gave Tsubaki a flat look.

Tsubaki moved away from Qin Tian and returned to her usual professional demeanor.

"...." Qin Tian sighed, he wanted to go home immediately.

"By the way, I've already told my true identity, isn't it you guys turn now?" Qin Tian asked.

The four heroines rolled their eyes.

Didn't you already know we were Devils?

You still want to pretend about this?

This guy really likes to pretend!

Rias and Sona looked at each other and nodded, then they took out their respective devil wings.

"We are devils."


After being free from the heroines' siege. At his home, Qin Tian immediately threw himself onto the bed.

Today he was mentally exhausted from dealing with the heroines.

He felt dealing with the group of Psychopathic Fallen Angels was easier than dealing with the heroines.

Speaking of the Fallen Angels, he just remembered about Raynare and Kalawarna.

He opened the inventory panel in his system and took out a half-purple and half-white ball.

It was about the size of a baseball and its name was Master Ball.

A ball that is usually used to catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon anime.

Qin Tian didn't watch Pokemon anime, but he had seen information about Poke Ball from Wiki in his previous life.

Well, because there were no Pokemon in this world. The system description said that his Master Ball could function as a small dimension to hold living creatures inside.

Customized to the power system in the Dxd world, his Master Ball can even capture God-class creatures.

That means the baseball-sized ball in his hand can even be used to capture the Great Read or Ophis, which are the strongest creatures in the Dxd world.

But unfortunately the Master Ball of the system can only be used once. That means he can only enter a living creature once and take it out once, then after that his Master Ball will no longer be able to be used.

And he had used that opportunity to hastily put Raynare and Kalawarna into the previous Master Ball.

Fortunately the Master Ball could hold 2 low-level living beings like Raynare and Kalawarna at once. Otherwise? He was worried that one of them would have been discovered by the heroines earlier.

He couldn't let his 2 ravens that he had already obtained fall into the hands of the Devil or anyone else. Besides, he wanted Raynare and Kalawarna to be him subordinates to deal with the protagonist, such as gathering information and watching the protagonist's movements for him.

There's no way he'll do everything by himself, he'd rather have someone else do the side tasks for him and he do the main tasks.

Qin Tian clicked a small button on the Master Ball and throwing it on the floor.

A purplish light illuminated his room and two familiar figures appeared in front of him.

It was Raynare and Kalawarna.

"Ugh... I finally got out of that room full of white." Said Raynare who was holding her head as if she was dizzy.

"What kind of place were we in before? I couldn't even do anything but stare at the white color the whole time." Said Kalawarna who was frowning.

Then both of their gazes fell on the human who had put them into that strange ball earlier.


"Yes, me." Qin Tian said flatly.

"You... What are we going to do to us in the room?" Raynare asked suspiciously.

And Kalawarna looked at him with curiosity and fear in her eyes.

She still remembered that the human in front of her was the one who could kill her with just a hand wave.

"Get rid of your dirty thoughts. I let you guys out in my room just because I wanted to, and call my name properly Raynare." Qin Tian said with a gentle smile.

But to Raynare and Kalawarna that smile was terrifying.

"Young master, so what are you going to do to us next?" Raynare asked nervously, after all this time she didn't know what the other party wanted.

Qin Tian nodded at Raynare then looked at Kalawarna and said. "Before explaining. Kalawarna, you have to swallow this pill. By the way, Raynare has swallowed something similar before."

"Ano... May I ask what this pill is?"

"Raynare gave her an explanation of the pill."

Qin Tian was too lazy to explain again about the effects of the poison pill he made.

"Okay, young master. So Kalawarna..." Raynare explained about the effects of the poison pill on Kalawarna.

After hearing everything, Kalawarna gulped as she was forced to take the poison pill by the human in front of her.

But could she refuse? Forget it, it's better to comply with what this human wants than to be burned to ashes by him.

After Kalawarna was put on a dog leash by him. Qin Tian explained to Raynare and Kalawarna about what he wanted from the two of them.

In short he wants them both to work for him, of course it's not free. To develop loyalty naturally. He also needed to give them something in order to lower the chances of a possible traitor in the future.

Qin Tian gave them two gold colored pills at the beginning to convince them, if the two of them were willing to become his subordinates, he would help them to become stronger.

And the gold-colored pills he gave them were pills to change their body constitution into a body suitable for cultivation.

So after the two of them swallowed the pill, they could embark on the path of cultivators like him. Although they became unable to use magic anymore, but after seeing his power as a Cultivator that could kill them easily, they were convinced and excited, especially Raynare who was obsessed with becoming stronger.

Raynare and Karawarna thought being a Cultivator was pretty good, even though they couldn't instantly become as powerful as Qin Tian. But as long as they had the resources and were willing to work hard. they could definitely become stronger than before.

That night Qin Tian explained so many things to Raynare and Kalawarna that he didn't sleep.


Meanwhile, in a room.

A certain spiky brown-haired boy was laughing while shirtless and sitting cross-legged.

That boy was of course the protagonist Issei who had taken a few days off from school.

The wounds he had gotten from the previous battle were already healing quite fast thanks to the low-level dragon regeneration he had.

Not only was he busy healing his body, within a few days Issei had also increased his power.

{It worked! Now my heart has been changed into a dragon heart. I can use more of my dragon power from now on. Hehe now my physique is one level below an ultimate class creature! But with the help of the buffs from Boosed Gear, fighting the ultimate class isn't a big problem for me.}

{Even if Grayfia comes again to beat me up, now I can use Balance Breaker for a long time! There shouldn't be any problems in facing her in the future, right?}

{Of course I don't want to hurt my beautiful Grayfia. But hurting her in bed is fine, right? Muehehe... I want to hear her moaning and begging while in bed.}

When Issei is having perverted fantasies about the woman he loves, he also doesn't forget to think about his enemy.

{And Qin Tian, you will die!}

Qin Tian was busy teaching Raynare and Kalawarna about cultivation and was too lazy to complain about the perverted protagonist. Yet he almost laughed when he heard the protagonist's last sentence, and couldn't help but complain.

[Even when thinking about perverted things, protagonist Issei still doesn't forget to threaten me.]

[As expected of harem protagonists! The way their brains work is weird!!]

Meanwhile, heroines around the world shudder at the protagonist's inner voice.

This person is still alive?

I thought he wouldn't show up again after a few days of silence.

And Qin Tian, this person is always online every day.

In the underworld.

Grayfia, who had just finished bathing, frowned and her eyes became cold.

"That boy is becoming more and more dangerous. Should I kill him now? But it will be more dangerous if the plot is restarted after the boy dies. And who knows maybe after the plot is restarted, I might lose my current memories and will actually become his harem member at that time?"

Grayfia shuddered at the thought.

Although she was married and it should not be possible to be someone else's woman. But she knew her marriage to her current husband was only for public show. Her relationship with her husband was quite good, but there was no love between them. It was more like the relationship of a master and a subordinate.

She married her husband to protect herself from other devils who wanted to hunt her down, as she was the only pure-blooded demon left in the underworld.

So by marrying her husband, Sirzechs Lucifer who is the strongest devil in the underworld. There will be no more devils who dare to hunt her down for wanting to make a child with her.

Why would the devils want to make a child with her? It was because the child she bore would likely have a rare pure devil bloodline like herself.

But that was all in the past, now she was safe from the devils that wanted to hunt her thanks to her marriage to Sirzechs Lucifer from the Gremory family.

As a husband, Sirzechs treated her well, but their relationship was not like husband and wife when not in public.

She even slept separately from her husband during this time.

As for her child named Millicas Gremory? That is not actually her biological child.

Millicas is actually the child of her husband and another woman, but she still loves him like her own child.

She certainly wasn't angry about her husband having a child with another woman, because she herself didn't love her husband.

Yet the entire underworld only knew that Millicas was the child of Grayfia and Sirzechs. Except for the Gremory Family who knew the real truth of course.

As for the woman who was Millicas' real mother? She didn't know and it seemed like her husband was hiding information about her to protect her.

Grayfia sighed at her life that was similar to the human dramas she sometimes watched on TV.

As she came out of the bathroom, in front of her wardrobe she removed the white towel covering her body.

Her voluptuous body is revealed and the author endeavors to describe her appearance.

Her long wet silver hair flowed down her bubbly ass. Her large breasts bounced with just a slight movement on her part.

With such a body shape and her snow-white skin, many of the opposite sex could not help but gulp.

Even Qin Tian who was a straight man would gulp if he saw Grayfia's current naked body.

98 Points!

That's how Qin Tian and the author rate Grayfia's beauty.

After Grayfia finished putting on her usual maid uniform, she suddenly thought of something.

"Should I go see that boy named Qin Tian? It seems like Rias has feelings for him, especially from Qin Tian's inner voice when complaining about Rias earlier."

Grayfia remembered every time Qin Tian complained, she felt that the boy was quite funny for complaining so often when the heroines kept approaching him.

Shouldn't boys be happy to be approached by pretty girls?

Why do you keep complaining?

Qin Tian seems like the type of straight man that's hard to fall in love with.

And also he doesn't seem like an ordinary human when she hears from his inner voice.

He said that he was a Cultivator.

Well, her younger sister-in-law must have had a hard time conquering him.

However, did her younger sister-in-law forget that she was engaged?

Grayfia sighed and said. "Is Rias going to do something to solve her engagement problem or will she rely on her older brother as usual?"

Rias had an older brother, and that was her husband Sirzechs Lucifer.

Sirzechs pampered Rias too much since childhood and always solved her problems for her.

Which upset her. Because Sirzechs spoiled his younger sister too much.

Sirzechs is too gentle and kind for someone who holds the title of Lucifer who is the strongest devil in the underworld.

Besides being too gentle with his younger sister, he was also too gentle with his enemies. He was even willing to listen to the Devil Council as long as the devil world could be peaceful, although in the end it was not as peaceful as he thought.

But as the one with the strongest devil power, why don't you do it yourself?

Just suppress your enemies with your power and kill those who threaten peace in the underworld.

But Sirzechs didn't want to do so because he hated war and didn't want to see many people die before his eyes.

There was actually a reason why she never fell in love with Sirzechs, even after being married to him for decades. It was because his personality did not match her taste.

So what kind of man suits her taste?

Well, that would be... Like....

A voice transmission suddenly sounded to her. "Grayfia, can you come see me? I want to discuss something with you."

"Yes, Vanelana-sama. I will come right away."

Her mother-in-law suddenly called her, so she had to go see her right away, right?

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