28 Sister Yan is coming to Japan?

The next day.

In the morning, Qin Tian didn't go to school because it was Sunday. He was currently relaxing while playing games with Koko who was sitting next to him.

The two of them were playing a multiplayer Xbox game where he and Koko were fighting against a group of vicious dogs that needed to be killed with machine guns.

Koko was playing like a pro player, she could easily slaughter her enemies in the game.

As for Qin Tian? He played quite well and wasn't a burden. Although sometimes Koko glared at him when blow up allies.

"Alright, Koko stop looking at me like that. It's just a game, there's no need to be so serious."

"But host, you blew up your own ally..." Koko said with dissatisfaction in her eyes.

Qin Tian shook his head. "I'm the ultimate villain, how can I be told by an npc to do a suicide mission? That's ridiculous."

Host, can you stop mixing reality and games?

And don't bring your ultimate villain title into the game.

You said it's just a game!

Koko wanted to complain, but chose to keep quiet and continue playing the game.

Her the host's own brain screws were a bit strange, so arguing with him was pointless.

Suddenly Qin Tian's cell phone rang and it seemed like someone was calling him. He put down the game console and took the call.

"Dad, why are you calling?"

"Stinky boy! I'm your father, what's wrong with calling you? Sigh... never mind. Now how are you doing in Japan?"

The person who called him was his father, Qin Xinghe. Qin Tian sighed, although Qin Xinghe was the father of the novel setting, but he still regarded him as his own father.

After all Qin Xinghe was a father who cared deeply for his son, although his attitude was a bit harsh, but he was actually a good father.

As the ultimate villain, Qin Tian of course has a strong family background and his father is the current head of the Qin family.

In China, the Qin family was the number one ancient warrior family in Xia province. It was a top-class noble family that was well-known and respected by many people.

As the sole heir of the Qin family, Qin Tian naturally had a high status in his region.

Well, it was in his territory.

Now that he is abroad, there is no need to brag about his background.

"I'm good..."

"That's all? Can you talk more stinky boy?"

Qin Tian flashed his eyes, tell me everything that happened to him in Japan? Of course not.

He then explained that the people in Japan were quite friendly, the school was also comfortable and he had many friends.

Cough, that's half true except for the part where he has a lot of friends.

Your son is actually hated by the majority of boys in his school, because he only plays with pretty girls, should he say that?

Hey~ don't look for trouble.

Sometimes lying a little is good for comfort, no need to make parents restless.

Koko who was playing games beside him, rolled her eyes.

"That's good, you're doing well there. Well, there's actually something I need to tell you."

Qin Xinghe's voice was quite serious.

Qin Tian calmly asked. "What is it?"


Basically, his father said that his sister suddenly said she wanted to go see him. This morning she had already gone to the airport and was on her way to Japan.

Qin Tian was stunned after hearing this information from his father.

[Sister Yan is coming to Japan to visit me? Why all of a sudden?]

[This is strange, sister Yan is a woman who is always busy taking care of the company and she should rarely take the time just to visit me...]

[After all in her eyes I'm an arrogant and incompetent young master, although her demeanor is quite good when talking to me, but I know she actually doesn't care much, or rather is rather indifferent towards me.]

[Perhaps she came to Japan a business trip? Yes, that's for sure. She told dad that she wanted to see me, but really it was just an excuse to make her look like a caring good sister to her younger brother.]

Qin Tian's expression was unremarkable, he didn't really care if sister Yan really came to visit him.

This time he didn't have to acting like in the previous round, just let her come and treat her normally.

He didn't hate her and didn't like her either.

There is no need to feel burdened.

"I see, I understand father. I will welcome her when she comes."

"Alright, that's it, stinky boy."

After finishing talking to his father on the phone. Qin Tian got up to look into his bedroom and saw that the two women were still not awake.

"It looks like they are still exhausted. Hm... let it go, there's no work to do at the moment anyway."

Last night he did a double cultivation with Raynare and Kalawarna for 6 hours. Of course they would both be exhausted, especially since he played quite rough.

But it seemed like they both liked it, and their cultivation realms were also improving rapidly.

Raynare was now a rank five Great Grandmaster, while Kalawarna was a rank four Great Grandmaster.

If the two of them were brought to China, they would already be categorized as top experts there.

In China, there were also other cultivators, but there were only a few powerhouses that appeared in public. The rest mostly do closed cultivation and rarely come out, unless there is a serious problem that requires them to come out of seclusion.

"Host, your rewards are piling up."

Koko interrupted his monologue and he also just remembered about his complaint reward.

Qin Tian rubbed his nose, brother complain wouldn't sulk because he often forgot his reward, right?

Brother complain:

If I could, I would've sulked and complained to you, host.

I've given so many rewards, can't you be a little more excited and appreciate it?

You often forget me woo~

System partner, Koko, tell the host!

"Okay, throw everything at me."

Qin Tian spread his hands and prepared to receive all the balls from brother complain.

Koko's hand shone and waved at him.


Dozens of balls of light floated and entered his body.


Meanwhile, inside a private plane.

A woman was sitting in the passenger seat alone while gazing at the view of the clouds moving backwards outside the window.

The woman was very beautiful, wearing an OL outfit with a white top and black bottom. She was also wearing a black fluffy sweater to make her body warmer.

Her long black hair looks silky and slightly wavy, her skin is soft white, her eyes are clear, and her lips are cherry-colored.

She has a perfect and voluptuous figure, especially her bubble butt and her beautiful long legs.

This woman was Li Yan, the person Qin Tian called sister Yan.

"Little Tian seems to have misunderstood me."

"But that's understandable, after all I'm just too busy and often a bit indifferent to him..."

"Hey~ I should pay more attention to him..."

Li Yan said with a sad and bitter expression on her face. She had actually been very love of her little Tian since childhood, even though her little Tian's personality was too arrogant and often caused trouble.

But she was always busy taking care of the company and unknowingly started ignoring him and being indifferent to him.

Actually the reason why she suddenly decided to go to Japan and wanted to see her little Tian was because of a memory.

She recalled the painful memories where the Qin family was destroyed and her little Tian was about to die from being killed in front of many people.

But instead of people helping him when they saw him being killed, the people who saw him only scoffed and cursed at him as if he deserved it.

It made her heart ache and want to cry.


Why was her little Tian treated like that?

He was the young master of the Qin family, how dare people treat him like that.

She herself was confused by the memories that suddenly appeared in her head a few days ago. The memory felt very real and it seemed like she had experienced it herself, but obviously everything that happened in the memory hadn't happened yet.

She was a smart woman, and quickly deduced that the memory was probably something that would happen in the future.

Perhaps God had deliberately given future vision and wanted her to do something to prevent it?

The memory wasn't clear enough, but at least she knew that in the future something bad might happen to Qin family and her little Tian.

But that wasn't the only strange thing she experienced, since a few days ago she could even hear the voices of her little Tian and the person named Issei Hyoudou inside her head.

That surprised her of course, even a moment ago she heard the voice of her little Tian who knew that she was on her way to Japan.

Li Yan sighed.

"Little Tian... Sister Yan will come to you soon."


Qin Tian was looking through the long list of rewards on his system panel.

Making his lips twitch.

"Desert Eagle, 10 Yuan Dan Pills, 25 Ninja Smoke Bombs, 10 Undead Poison Pills, L5 Car, 250 Billion Money, Petrolium Company, God-level Hacker Skills, Wulan Yun Company, Teigu Gaia Foundation, 100 Billion Money, Yibin Company, 5 Soul Elixir, Golden Curse Technique, Shundo Technique, TYPE-MOON Excalibur, Goddess Freya Panties..."

"Um, panties?"

Qin Tian looked at the picture of panties that his system panel displayed. The panties were white with golden fringes. The system description said that they were the panties that the Goddess Freya from another world had just worn.

Qin Tian wanted to take the panties out of his inventory and see them in person, but he hesitated...

He rubbed his chin and said "I'll do it later."

"...." Koko looked at him flatly.

"What's wrong Koko?"

"...." Koko shook her head.

Qin Tian: ?

Qin Tian suddenly remembered something.

"Koko, I have to go to the Church soon. If Raynare and Kalawarna are awake, tell them to eat the breakfast I've prepared on the table."

"Okay, host."

Koko nodded and watched as her host drove off in his car.

She wondered what her host would do to go to Church?

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