32 Meeting Azazel, what's really going on here?

Is this person teasing me in his heart?

Sona adjusted the position of her glasses, there was a slight blush on her cheeks.

Maybe she should try smiling more when in front of him so that he would praise her beautiful?

Bah bah! What was I thinking!

It's not like I want him to compliment me...

"...." Rias, Akeno and Koneko.

"Aw! Rias, why are you suddenly pinching me."

Qin Tian tried to shake off a hand that was pinching his cheek.

He wondered if Rias had a fetish for pinching? This was not the first time she had suddenly pinched him.

Rias snorted, she released her pinch and said. "Alright Sona, we'll all go with you to the student council room."

"Good, let's go now."

Sona said before she walked out of the ORC, Rias and the others following behind.

Qin Tian naturally followed the group.

[In the end why did Rias pinch me?]

Akeno who was walking beside him suddenly laughed.

"Tian-kun... You're so cute."

"What do you mean Akeno?"

"Fufufu, nothing." Akeno said while covering her mouth with one hand.

Akeno quickened her pace and walked in front of Qin Tian. Her butt swayed left and right as if to tease him.

Qin Tian's lips twitched, he had the urge to slap Akeno's ass.


Arriving at the student council room.

Qin Tian and all the other ORC members sat on the long sofa, except Yuuto whose existence was forgotten.

Qin Tian didn't know where Yuuto was, nor was he interested in finding out.

Meanwhile, Sona and the other student council members are sitting on other chairs.

In front of them is a man who looks in his 40s wearing a black suit with black hair and a little blonde in the middle bangs.

The man looked relaxed as he drank his tea and looked at everyone with a friendly smile.

He is the leader of the Grigori, Azazel.

"Hi everyone, I'm sure you all know who I am. But I'll introduce myself, my name is Azazel, the leader of an organization called Grigori... or something."

Everyone in the room wondered if Azazel hadn't put too much thought into the name of his organization.

He didn't look like a leader at all.

"Hello, I'm Rias Gremory and beside me..." Rias was about to introduce everyone politely, but Azazel interrupted her.

"No need to introduce everyone, Heir Gremory. I already know the names of the people in this room. Oh, and you all don't need to be so tense, I just want to have a casual chat."

Azazel said with a friendly smile, he didn't look hostile at all.

Rias let out a sigh of relief.

"Alright, Azazel-san. So what did you want to ask us? Is it about your former subordinate?"

Azazel laughed and shook his head. "No, actually I already know that it was my former subordinates who were guilty of making a lot of trouble in Heir Gremory and Sitri's territory. I'd like to apologize about that, although I'm still somewhat sorry that my former subordinates weren captured alive..."

Rias and Sona looked at each other.

They didn't expect Azazel to apologize so quickly.

They originally thought Azazel would argue because their side had killed his former subordinates, but it seems they misunderstood.

They even felt a bit guilty for not capturing the group of fallen angels who were Azazel's former subordinates alive.

"I accept your apology, Azazel-san. I hope the same incident will not happen again in the future. And also I apologize for not capturing your former subordinate alive." Rias said.

"I also accept your apology, Azazel-san. I don't want to prolong the matter. And about your former subordinate... Sorry, for not catching them alive." Sona said.

"Hahaha good! Thank you for accepting my apology, Heiress Gremory and Sitri. Looks like young demons now have a very good attitude."

Azazel nodded with a smile, he then stroked his short beard and his gaze shifted to a handsome young man sitting beside Heir Gremory.

Ever since the young man first walked into the room, he felt that his instinct of survival that he had honed during the civil war suddenly ring.

That young man was very strong!

Although he looked relaxed on the surface, but a moment ago he was actually very wary of that handsome young man.

If it weren't for the other party's attitude of having no animosity, he might have already raised his spear of light just in case.

This was also the reason why he hurriedly apologized to Heirs Gremory and Sitri, he wanted to show that he hadn't come looking for trouble and just wanted to have a friendly chat.

"Are you the young man named Qin Tian?" Azazel asked while looking at Qin Tian curiously.

Qin Tian who had been silent while occasionally drinking tea finally spoke. "Yes, my name is Qin Tian. What's wrong Azazel?"

Qin Tian called Azazel's name casually. He looked at him flatly, no respect, no nervousness, and no fear.

His gaze was so deep that it made it difficult for others to read his emotions. His blue eyes seemed to shine as if there were many stars in them.

Azazel froze at the sight of Qin Tian's eyes, and his heart cried out in horror. He felt like he was staring at a space filled with countless stars.

If it was just such a beautiful scene, he wouldn't feel horrified. But the problem was that behind that scenery, he could sense an endless power expanding through space.



Qin Tian, Rias and Sona called out to Azazel who suddenly fell silent in confusion.

Azazel realized when his name was called, his eyes blinked many times and looked at Qin Tian with surprise in his eyes.

"Qin Tian... May I call you, Tian-kun?" Azazel asked politely.

"I don't mind, after all I even call you Azazel casually." Qin Tian said with a friendly smile.

The other party is friendly to him, so he will also be friendly.

"Okay, Tian-kun. I wanted to ask if you..."

"The person who killed your former subordinate? Yes, that's me. Sorry about that, they tried to kill me, so I naturally won't be gentle with them."

Qin Tian said while ignoring Rias and Sona who were looking at him with warning glares.

It seemed like they were warning Qin Tian to speak carefully so that Azazel wouldn't take offense. But Qin Tian ignored them because he didn't like small talk.

Rias who was sitting beside Qin Tian, pinched his thigh.

"...." Qin Tian was silent.

[Rias... Now I'm sure you have a fetish for pinching. You've pinched me more than once today!]

[Do you enjoy harassing me so much? You're so greedy for my body! Can you please restrain yourself, there are many people here.]


Rias wanted to scream.

Who is greedy for your body!

And I don't have a pinching fetish!

I just want you to speak carefully so as not to offend the person you're talking to...

Can you think normally?

Do you not understand how normal people think? Your brain circuits are weird!

Akeno and Tsubaki held back their laughter, they didn't want to laugh when Azazel was still here.

That would be rude.

Sona's lips twitched, but she remained silent and waited for Azazel to speak.

Azazel, who could not hear their inner drama, shook his head and said.

"That's not what I wanted to ask Tian-kun. I don't blame you for killing that rebellious former subordinate of mine."

"Oh, then what did you want to ask?" Qin Tian asked in confusion.

Azazel didn't seem to care much about his former subordinate who had been killed by him.

He originally wanted to convince Azazel that he had killed all the fallen angels in the Church become ashes and left none of their bodies behind.

That was so that Azazel would not suspect that Raynare and Kalawarna were still alive and had become his subordinates now.

But now, it seemed like he didn't need to bother convincing Azazel.

"I wanted to ask... Are you really human?"

Azazel's question made everyone in the room fall silent.

They all looked at Qin Tian curiously, although some of them already knew that Qin Tian referred to himself as a cultivator. But that was all they knew about his identity, they didn't know any other details.

Qin Tian smiled, drank his tea and said. "I'm just a human who has become a cultivator. I use an energy system called QI and cultivate my body to become stronger than ordinary humans."

"That's not all, is it?" Asked Azazel with interest, he knew there were more things cultivators could do.

Qin Tian nodded. "I can also do a lot of supernatural things."

Azazel nodded, of course Qin Tian wouldn't reveal many details to him, but there was no harm in trying to ask

"Besides you, Tian-kun. Are there many other cultivators out there?"

"Um? Don't you know, Azazel?" Qin Tian gave Azazel a strange look.

Azazel was confused, he asked because he really didn't know.

This was his first time seeing a cultivator, although he knew a little information about cultivators from novels or manhua stories.

But that was all just fiction and Qin Tian was the first real cultivator he had met in his entire life.

So he wanted to ask Qin Tian many things about cultivators.

"Yes, I didn't know. I never knew that cultivators really existed in this world before."

Qin Tian was surprised to hear that Azazel who had lived for a long time hadn't known that cultivators existed in this world until now.

He knew Azazel's age as a fallen angel was more than a hundred years old, he didn't know what the details were, but Azazel was a person who had lived a long time.

So at least he should know the existence of cultivators in China or other countries, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Qin Tian wondered if people from the Dxd series and other series in this world were unaware of each other's existence until now?

What if they met each other now?

Would any serious problems occur?

But Sister Yan, who comes from a Chinese urban novel, doesn't have any problems when she meets Dxd characters like Asia, Raynare and Kalawarna.

Qin Tian was getting more and more confused now, it seemed like he should ask Koko about this matter.

Because his loli system must know something!

In the end Qin Tian and Azazel had a short conversation about cultivators. Qin Tian of course didn't tell Azazel everything about cultivators, he only told him some basic things that were similar to the cultivator explanations from novels.

He didn't want to give too much information to Azazel, and he was sure Azazel understood his intentions as well.

After all, their relationship was not close enough to share secrets with each other.

After finishing talking with Azazel and the school hours were over. Qin Tian was currently on his way to his villa while driving a car.

The sky was already orange in color and the sun was starting to set. He wanted to immediately meet Koko and ask her, but by the time he arrived at his villa.

He saw that the courtyard of his house, which was originally decorated with vast green grass, now had many holes and scorch marks.

"Huh? What happened here?"

"Could it be..."

Qin Tian suspected that someone had attacked his villa and fought in his yard. Although it seemed like the attack failed as his villa was still intact and only his yard was half destroyed.

Even so, he was still worried about everyone living in his villa!

Although Sister Yan, Raynare and Kalawarna were ancient warriors, and he was confident in their power, especially Sister Yan who had the strongest cultivation base other than himself in the villa.

But that didn't guarantee everyone was unharmed, especially Asia who didn't have combat power.

As for Koko? He wasn't worried about her because she would definitely be safe for some reason.

Qin Tian rushed into his villa and when he got to the living room, he was astonished by what he saw.

"What's really going on here?"

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