31 Li Yan met all the residents of the villa, all beautiful people?

The next day.

After everyone woke up from their respective rooms. While having breakfast, Qin Tian introduced the five people currently sitting at the dining table.

"All of you, introduce my sister, Li Yan. From now on she will be staying here for a few days, so you guys should also serve her well." Said Qin Tian who was sitting beside Li Yan.

Li Yan smiled and looked at the four people in front of her. Although they were people who were employed by her little Tian, but it seemed like they were treated so well that they were allowed to eat together.

Li Yan didn't mind of course, but she was curious what kind of relationship they had with her little Tian.

It must be an unusual relationship.

"Hello~ I'm Li Yan, what are the names of the four of you?"

Raynare introduced herself first. "My name is Raynare, Miss Yan. I am the young master's subordinate."

"My name is Kalawarna, I am also a subordinate of the young master, Miss Yan." Kalawarna said.

Raynare and Kalawarna said as per Qin Tian's instructions last night. They also didn't need to hide their power before Li Yan.

Li Yan observed the two beauties named Raynare and Kalawarna in front of her. She could feel that both of their bodies were emitting Qi and it seemed like they were ancient warriors.

It was good for her little Tian to have strong subordinates like them. She could sense that their breath was at the Great Grandmaster realm. It surprised her of course, after all Great Grandmaster weren't easy to find to be someone's subordinate as they usually had a high status in a family or sect.

But now these two Great Grandmasters followed her little Tian obediently as subordinates and their ages also looked to be in their 20s which meant they were extremely talented to reach the Great Grandmaster realm at such an age.

Hey~ Where did little Tian get these people? They don't seem to be from China.

Little Tian seemed to have gotten them only after moving to Japan. Hmm... Must talk to them later.

She then turned her gaze to a silver-haired loli and a blonde-haired girl.

They both seem to be ordinary people, but they are more unique than Raynare and Kalawarna.

They are both beautiful, wait all the women here are beautiful...

Did her little Tian deliberately only gather beautiful women to live in his house?

Li Yan looked at Qin Tian with a faint smile.

Qin Tian: ?

"I-I, my name is Asia Argento. I'm the new maid hired by the young master." Asia introduced herself nervously while wearing a black and white lace maid outfit.

Just yesterday she got this outfit from Qin Tian and was taught the basics of maid work. She was still in the learning stage right now, so she looked very clumsy.

Li Yan remembered this girl named Asia Argento seemed to be the heroine that little Tian had just discovered yesterday.

From little Tian's inner voice, he knew the girl in front of her was quite pitiful.

Li Yan smiled gently and said. "You don't need to be nervous. It looks like you still have a lot to learn to become a professional maid. I will help teach you later."

"Eh? Is it okay for you to..." Asia was about to speak but Li Yan cut her off.

"It's fine, I did it so that you can serve young master Qin better." Li Yan said.

She would refer to Qin Tian as young master Qin or Qin Shao in front of others.

Qin Tian added casually. "Sister Yan is a versatile person, so it's good that you learn from her, Asia."

What Qin Tian said was true. Li Yan is actually a versatile heroine or can be called a perfectionist.

Chess, calligraphy, singing, company management, dancing, cooking, swimming, martial arts and others. She has many skills that she has mastered more than ordinary people.

Among all the heroines in the original novel, Li Yan is the most difficult heroine character for the protagonist to conquer. If not for the protagonist's halo that lowers the IQ of the heroine and those around him, the protagonist would have been killed by Li Yan long before reaching the climax of the plot.

Do not see Li Yan as a kind and gentle woman, she is actually a cold-blooded woman who does not hesitate to kill her enemies for the sake of her family.

But the dog-blooded plot setting somehow made Li Yan successfully instigated by the protagonist to betray her own family.

Whenever Qin Tian recalled Li Yan's storyline, he is very upset with the author who created the plot of the original novel.

"O-okay, young master. I'll do it."

Asia said obediently and there was excitement in her eyes.

Qin Tian and Li Yan smiled.

Good girl~

Well, now there is one more person who has remained silent and hasn't introduced herself.

Li Yan shifted her gaze and looked at the silver-haired loli who looked like a fairy.

Li Yan wondered where her little Tian got these loli?

Little Tian didn't have any special hobbies for minors, right?

Sister Yan is a bit worried...

"...." Koko from earlier just sat quietly and watched everything that happened while wearing her usual fairy dress.

Her gaze went back and forth over Qin Tian and Li Yan's heads as if she was looking at something. Her face was expressionless but there was surprise in her eyes.

Qin Tian felt something was wrong with his the loli system, so he took the initiative to introduce her to Li Yan.

"Ahem, this silver-haired loli is named Koko, she's a quiet child and rarely speaks. She doesn't work here. Um... Or rather I adopted her."

Qin Tian said to Li Yan.

Of course he was lying, after all he didn't want to say Koko's true identity.

Li Yan looked at Qin Tian with a hint of surprise in her eyes and said. "Adoption? From an orphanage?"

"No, actually I first found Koko in a forest. She was unconscious by the river, so I brought her home. When I asked her where her parents were, she said that she didn't know. She didn't seem to remember her parents and only knew that she had been in the forest for a few days before I found her. So after seeing her condition, I decided to adopt her as my little sister."

Qin Tian's voice sounded very convincing and it was hard to find any lies in his voice and expression.

These are the acting skills she has honed over 9 rounds!

It was impossible to find any loopholes when he used his acting skills to the fullest.

Li Yan nodded and said. "I see. Sister has no problem if you want to adopt her, but uncle and aunt will probably ask a lot of questions."

"Don't worry sister Yan, I will explain it to them later."

Qin Tian smiled and laughed in his heart.

Hahaha it worked! As expected of my acting skills!

Li Yan smiled faintly, it was unknown what she was thinking. Everyone continued breakfast and sometimes Qin Tian and Li Yan chatted some random things.

After breakfast Qin Tian put on his school uniform and said. "Sister Yan, it's time for me to go to school. If you want to go out, you can choose any car from the garage."

"Sure, young master Qin. Be careful on the road~"

After saying goodbye to Li Yan, Qin Tian directly got into his car and said to his personal driver. "Depart."

"Yes, young master." The driver said before stepping on the gas pedal.

Seeing Qin Tian had already left for school.

Li Yan walked over to Koko and lifted her up to sit on her lap.

"Hi, Koko~ You can call me sister Yan."

"Yes, sister Yan." Koko said flatly.

"Hm~ you're very cute."

Li Yan played with Koko's cheeks and her gaze shifted to the other 3 people standing in front of her.

"Raynare, Kalawarna and Asia. Sit down first, let's chat for a while."

Li Yan's voice was soft like a spring breeze.

Raynare, Kalawarna and Asia felt dazed hearing her soft voice. They unconsciously sat down immediately and somehow felt very nervous.

Especially Raynare and Kalawarna, they felt nervous because they knew this woman named Li Yan was not simple. Besides her extremely beautiful appearance, there was also a superior aura emanating from her that made them feel inferior.

As expected of a young master's sister, she was definitely not a simple woman!


At school.

Qin Tian went through his usual routine of studying in class and during recess. He immediately went to the ORC to have lunch with Rias and the others.

"Tain open your mouth."


"How was it? Was it delicious?"

"Hmm... It's delicious."

"Hmph! Your food must be better. I want to try your food."

"Well, I don't mind. Open your mouth."



"It's so good! I want to eat your cooking every day~"

Rias ate Qin Tian's fried egg with gusto using her chopsticks. Her lips were a bit oily and Qin Tian took the initiative to clean her lips using a tissue.

"Thank you." Rias said with a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Eat slowly..."

Rias smiled and nodded at Qin Tian's words. She was obedient like a little girlfriend and her heart was full of sweetness.

She even forgot the grievances she wanted to say to Qin Tian for not paying much attention to her.

By the way, Rias wanted to ask about the woman called sister Yan that she heard from his inner voice. But forget it, she would do it later and focus on enjoying being fed by Qin Tian.

The moment the air around Rias and Qin Tian was pink. There were two people who had ugly expressions on their faces.

It was Akeno and Koneko who were also having lunch at the ORC.

Koneko didn't know why her favorite fried fish that she often ate tasted bad when she saw Rias and Qin Tian who were feeding each other food.

Koneko wondered.

Why did her fried fish taste like poop?

Meanwhile, the corners of Akeno's lips kept twitching at the sight in front of her.

These people... Can you two consider the feelings of others watching?

Look at Koneko, she's even starting to doubt the taste of her food.

Ah ah!

Akeno wanted to yell at the two of them to stop making out, but she also didn't want to disturb her best friend's happy moment.

She hoped someone would come to the ORC at this moment so they could...


The ORC door opened and Sona walked in.

"Sorry to bother..."

Rias and Qin Tian stopped feeding each other.

Koneko dropped her fried fish.

And Akeno looked very happy and said. "Welcome Sona! Have a seat!"

"O-oh, okay. Thank you Akeno."

Sona was confused as to why Akeno looked happy with her arrival, while Rias looked at her with an annoyed look.

Did I come at the wrong time?

She then heard Qin Tian's inner voice.

It seemed like this person would explain what happened.

[Seeing Sona's confused expression, she must be wondering if she came at the wrong time?]

Sona was surprised.

Okay, am I really guilty?

Maybe I should have knocked on the door first and given them a minute to prepare...

[She came at the wrong time!]

You didn't explain anything!

Just forget it. I'll say my business straight.

She glared at Qin Tian in annoyance and said. "All of you should come with me to the student council room. Grigori's leader Azazel wants to talk about the death of his former subordinate. Especially you Tian-kun, he wants to talk to you now."

Qin Tian: ?

[Azazel? Okay, almost forgot about the promise to talk to him. But Sona... Why are you glaring at me like that? Did I upset you somehow?]

[Hey~ it's a shame that your face always looks serious like that. You should smile more, you'll be prettier when you smile.]

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