The Heroes’ Reincarnation Book

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The Heroes’ Reincarnation


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Six Heroes had completed their destiny, slaying the Demon King. The Gods and Goddesses, wanting balance to their world, decided to send the Heroes into another universe. They wouldn’t go unrewarded however. The Gods and Goddesses gave the Heroes one fate-twisting chance before sending them off into their new lives. The Heroes found themselves in the future of earth. Separated and with no way to contact each other. They joined the newest game release, A World’s Legacy! The first game to succeed in a fully immersive VRMMORPG. The Heroes join the launch in hopes of coming into contact with each other. What adventures awaits our heroes? Well there is only one way to find out... ————————————————————————- Author Note: I am inexperienced in writing novels. This is my first ever novel so I apologize for my inevitable mistakes and inconsistencies beforehand.


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