The Heretic and the Harvest witch Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Heretic and the Harvest witch


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Hey everyone this is the author Anjori Saxena. So I'm gonna tell you what will happen in this story. Make sure to read it, vote it, follow me, and follow me on Instagram Davina Claire runs off when she heard she was Marcel's secret weapon. She runs to a deep dark forest where she get attacked by a bunch of vampires. She was about to faint when she saw someone attacking those vampire and killing them and she faints.... When she wakes up she finds herself in a big house with Malachai Parker beside her..... (P.S she never met Kol Michaelson and Kai is still a sociopath but he didn't murdered his family and he's the covens leader, he and his sister are alive for 300 years and the date where the story is starting is 5 November 2014) Curious ehe!?!??! Now C'mon go and read I know you're gonna like it❤


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