The Heavens System Subsidiary (I Was Chosen By The Word)

Vincent Gate, a man trapped in a life of poverty and hardship, struggles to awaken his comatose mother. Despite his relentless efforts, he is met with disappointment as his attempts prove futile. Tragically, not long after, Vincent succumbs to his own fate. Expecting to face the consequences of his life's choices, Vincent instead finds himself in a peculiar line of souls, each assigned an identification number, his being [77777]. Though deemed ready to move on, Vincent encounters complications that prevent him from progressing. Consequently, he is granted a chance at reincarnation, but with a unique twist. To his astonishment, Vincent awakens in a new world, a different dimension fraught with peril. Yet, he possesses an extraordinary ability and a mysterious system to aid him. With the power to manipulate all that exists as if it were his personal sandbox, Vincent faces the challenge of survival amidst this unfamiliar realm. As reality bends at his word. Vincent embarks on an action-packed adventure, encountering multiple heroines along the way. As he navigates this treacherous landscape, he also discovers the slow emergence of romance, both inevitable and heartwarming. "Devour" "Rewrite" "Die" Join the now Vincent Cadmean in this thrilling portal fantasy, where a strong and ever-growing protagonist grapples with the divine, reincarnation, a captivating system, and powerful heroines. Tags: Portal Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Strong MC, Strong to Stronger MC, God, Reincarnation, Slow Romance, Eventual Romance, System, Multiple Heroines, Strong Heroines. Author - God_Is_With_Me Please also check out my novel on inkitt for support :) Sure webnovel has more chapters than Inkitt, but in the future I plan to release more free chapters on inkitt. PS: I kindly ask you to stick with me. While I consider myself an average author, I promise the story improves as it progresses.

God_Is_With_Me · Eastern
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102 Chs

Important Announcement

Good day, My dear readers

It's your lovely author, God_Is_With_Me Sama.

You might be wondering what the announcement is for.

You see, I've been admitted into a university.

Great for me.

But not really for the book.

You see, I'm actually entering into school like a month after lectures had begun due to some bullshit that had occurred so I have a lot to catch up on. Because of that, I wont be able to regularly dish out my 3 Chapters/Week updates.

I'm very sorry, But I can only dish out 2 Chapter/Week or maybe 1 depending on how i want to use my time to catch up.

I hope you all understand my predicament and bear with me until i can stabilize my school and writing career.

Thank you all, Love you and Happy Reading





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