112 The Two Conversations

"Of course it was him," Mattheus exhaled. "I suppose I understand why I was asked whether my workshop had the typical anti-monitoring precautions set up or not now."

"Oh, come now," Edgar said with some exasperation. "I don't know why the both of you are so fixated on the Crown Prince but it might not be him. Nothing was conclusive outside of it being an assassination attempt.

"Competition to rule can sometimes tip to extreme measures. It might be the Empress or it might be that new fiance of the Princess. It might be another member of the Crown Prince's faction or just any noble backing up the other heirs!"

"You don't like Artorius Morgaine either," Illarion Snowe said flatly to his friend.

Edgar threw his hands up. "Most people don't! Prince Artorius has never been rude to me but there was just always something about him that felt off. But I'm just saying that both of your hatred toward him might be causing you two to come to a conclusion prematurely."


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