The Healing Crown Book

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The Healing Crown


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"I just wanted a normal life, is that too much to ask?" Mattheus bemoaned once it was just the two of them again. "Hah. Face the reality, Mattheus. You can resurrect a dead person with your skill Miracle Invoker and your best friend is a cat." Brunilda deadpanned. "You were never going to have a normal life." Theodoric He has found himself waking up in this world as Mattheus Crown. From a world with an overworked System, he finds life is in Hard Mode with possibly multiple people wanting Mattheus Crown dead. In a world with two moons, where magic and the occult have perfectly intertwined with scientific breakthroughs within the country of New Albion, ancient otherworldly beings stir within the shadows. The eldritch existences that always lingered around the fragile cracks of the material plane have come a-knocking. Shared Server: https://discord.gg/WpxD7AA


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