70 Spying a Tail

Mattheus wondered if he was letting himself get a bit complacent as he sat back at a couch within the bank manager's office while he waited for his request to process. His posture was nowhere as slovenly as Edgar's could be during downtime but it was certainly different from the public demeanor of Mattheus Crown he showed this half-year. 

With a certain devil-may-care idleness, Brunilda might say. 

Or maybe he was channeling the arrogant young master type since he was actually a nobleman's son and noble himself now.

In the end, the twenty-year-old decided he was on break and didn't want to maintain the prim and personable body language the Court Healer possessed at the moment. It wasn't as if he were deviating much other than sitting more comfortably—what kind of scandal would that cause?


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