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What is The guardian of the continent (Fanfiction tbate)

Read ‘The guardian of the continent (Fanfiction tbate)’ Online for Free, written by the author Pepetimbo_32412323, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: I have stolen the hearts of great princesses and women beyond royalty. I have left cities in ruins throughout various do...


I have stolen the hearts of great princesses and women beyond royalty. I have left cities in ruins throughout various domains of Alacrya. At a young age, I became the youngest AA rank adventurer. I was expelled from the academy under unjust circumstances, with achievements that even the most seasoned veterans couldn't match at my age. I have conversed with beings who thought they were gods. I have loved women and fought alongside great kings. I've been called a great hero, a Guardian, a vile traitor, a heartless demon, and a passionate lover. I've made gods bleed before their followers. I believed that with enough strength, everything would go my way. I've reached glory, but that same strength that lifted me to the top also cast me into the abyss. I lost my family, my kingdom... my peace. In the end, does strength really guarantee victory? ------------------- Important---------------------------------- All the characters in this fanfic are not of my creation, except for my character. Fanfiction from the novel 'The Beginning After The End'. My original language is not English, so ChatGPT will be used for the translation. Also, the images have been taken from pinterest. I hope you like the novel, it's not perfect, but I hope you enjoy it, I will be uploading one chapter per week.

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Its still early on so take this with a grain of salt but mc changes nothing like he is more of a “third person” just watching everything with some funny jokes every now and then, like I said it’s still early so this can change I just hope this isn’t like every other tbate fic




I can't say much, but the first few chapters don't look bad. I just hope the story doesn't fall off in the middle, or start giving away powers to the super OP protagonist at the beginning of the story. I'm really tired of Stories where characters are given the power to manipulate reality and they've only been in their new world for 2 minutes, or they're 3 or 4 years old and already the most powerful on the continent. I will be updating this, to see how the next chapters go in the next week.


The story is going really well. It's an honor that the author is of the same nationality as me. I hope you continue writing the story. The story has great potential, but I don't think the character should specifically choose the powers he gives to others.


Una gran historia, vale totalmente leerla. Tiene sus errores y más pero son mínimos y cree no te arrepentirás de leer esto, ve y comprueba hasta el cap 2, ahí es cuando la historia se hace más fluida y va sin problemas.


a nice novel ..............................................................................................................................................








Great fanfic with lots of op mc moments.


Reveal spoiler


Why not? Why don't I, as an author, blatantly leave a 5-star review on my novel? Also, he author is the most beautiful person in the world hahaha


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