24 Small Breakthrough

It has been five days since the small horde attack at the City gate occurred, and the whole city has returned to a state of peace as if the attack never happened in the first place.

However, the families and clan of the mages in the city can't stop talking about the details of the attack.

Everyone were well aware that the Gordon's Clan outperformed the other families, clans and was rewarded the highest prize for their participation in the hunt.

The hunt was initially organized as an exercise for the younger generations of the families, and clans as they believed the horde posed no significant threat.

But now, due to entrusting the younger generations with this task, two big secrets have been revealed.

First, it is widely gossiped that the Gordon's family's young master is a rare genius, a talent not seen in a thousand years.

People talk about how he was able to kill a Peak-Tier 1 zombie without even a scratch and how he already possesses two well known Tier 1 golems,


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