23 Power stones & Power crystals

The patriarch of the lanzt family was already sweating so hard , it was clear that he had genuine fear for the new golem that just showed up

most people tend to look down on golem path mages since they felt there battle powers were below a normal mage if thereis no golem to match there realm

That's why even if the Gordon's family entered the same realm as the city lord, no one really fear him since they still believe none of his big 3 golems have upgraded to tier 7

Cause it was one of the most difficult things to do since promotion for a golem takes alot of special Treasures and could empty a family Treasury if care was not taken

Tier 7 was the beginning of the high level mages , and the Gordon's family had only a few patriarchs who had been able to nurture a tier 7 golem in history, but George Gordon rise has been different


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