39 Mighty Brandon

Brandon and Bree clashed with their swords, and it was evident to everyone watching that Brandon's physical strength surpassed that of Bree as he was able to push Bree back.

His superior strength allowed him to easily parry all of Bree's sword strikes with his large weapon, using both hands to wield it skillfully.

In contrast, every time Brandon slashed at Bree, he had to quickly defend himself with his shield.

But still yet Despite his efforts, Bree was still knocked several feet away each time Brandon attacked him.

Bree couldn't understand how someone with a smaller build could possess such immense power.

"Is that all you've got?, If it is, then you might as well give up now," Brandon taunted.

With a sideways slash, finally landing a hit on Bree, sending him flying through the air before he tumbled onto the ground.

[< Low Tier Spell - Fire Outbreak >].

Suddenly, a fire outbreak occurred around Bree's hand, Reacting swiftly, Bree punched his fist into the ground.


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