58 Genius In Tactis Always Have A Black Heart (Part 2)

The Goblins were scared at first after all most of there team mates died so easily and mysteriously and they had not even met with the enemy yet and they had lost half of there numbers

It made them shiver in fear of the unknown as they did not know who was going to die next, there cowardly instinct were already kicking in and they were already thinking of running away from this battlefield as they wished to joined with the others

Who seems to be fighting reasonable battles, but the moment they saw the amount of mages that was running towards them they turned furious again and one goblin in the front said some language that Alec couldn't still understand so he looked at Agnes

" he said we are looking down on them, and he told his Goblins brothers to attack the 50 mages coming with him and wipe out there shame before they retreat from here" Agnes said as she could already tell what he wanted the moment he looked at her


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