30 Evolution Continues

“Wait, quick question, can I upgrade more than one golem at a time?” Alec asked the system.

[ × : Of course, you just have to be ready for the huge loss of mana. I hope you remember what happened the first time you evolved a golem.]

“Oh, I completely forgot about that,” Alec replied to the system in his mind, remembering the serious headache he had when he used 100 mana to evolve Legion back when he was still a (low) Tier 1 mage.

[ × : Well, those are the types of things you should not forget about, since I am taking about 40 mana again for helping you answer another question]

“Well, you do a good job reminding me about that,” Alec said, while opening his status tab to check how much mana he had left.

[Status Tab]

Name: Alec Gordons

》Race: Human

》Level: 6

》Tier: 1 [mid-tier]

■ Exp till next level: 325/1000


》Strength: 14+

》Agility: 16+

》Endurance: 13+

》Mana: (259/500)

Affinity: Earth (high)+, Fire (high)+

Available points: 12


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