21 Assimilation of shield mastery

" kerrrae...rkkkk " the (peak) tier one zombie shriek as its eyes turned red showing his enraged status as it dashed towards Legion

" The fuck !!! " Alec Exclaimed the moment the zombie dashed towards Legion , it was at this moment Alec realised he had been playing with his life when he thought he could be safe when attacked by a tier one zombie

Because he just realised how foolish he was when he thought he could at least survive an attack from a peak tier one but he could not even keep up with the movements of the peak tier one speed demon zombie but Legion still seems unfazed as it placed its circular shield his front and the spear by the side

Waiting patiently for the zombie to collide against its spear and shield but things don't always go the same way we predict as the zombie quickly changed his movement mid run and attacked from the side instead


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