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The Gift of Healing


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Two sides, two forces, two symbols of good and evil has appeared in this new chaotic era or Gifts. One was called Hope while the other Despair, two different ideas leading two opposing teams of Heroes and Villains. And with that came the inevitable war between the forces of good and evil, and with the miracle of hope, the side of Heroes won against the forces of evil as humanity prospered once more in the era of relative peace that our protagonist lives in, born with the simple Gift of healing. Disclaimer: This novel will delve into some very sensitive topics so viewer/reader discretion is advised. AN: The more sensitive scenes start at chapter 2 or the 3rd chapter if you include the prologue, now I am not begging you to read you worthless ant, but it would at least make me put a bit of my attention towards you. If you suddenly receive a reply to one of your comments in this novel with me saying "Cringe", its because you're cringe. Some immortalize readers: Rando_ - the first commenter and also the first power stone giver bananaman - the first reviewer, and also the first Transcended Also follow me on Twatter, I post hints and cryptic messages for the upcoming plot of my novels and get some juicy info like what my voice sounds like. It's @NoNameDeityWN. (Started in February 28, 2022 - 96th day of writing) (4th novel)