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*On Hiatus* Name: Dimension Devouring Ghost In the year 3650, humanity has conquered the universe, only to find out that they were the only intelligent species in existence. Unfortunately, the mystery they had known as the universe was nothing special. There was no extraordinary or the existence of special power. Even if there was, the human body was too weak to handle them. Therefore, they started out the project - B.S. in desperation with the goal of finding the extraordinary and prolonging their lives. Fortunately, right after a century, they had succeeded. They had successfully failed. Their success didn't bring any joy nor any happiness. Instead, it was the grievance and suffering that lasted for a millennium. But after the grievance was the joy that they had been desperately waiting for. Joy that they had finally discovered extraordinary that had the quality that allowed even humans to reach it and grab it for themselves. Now in this age and world, the orphan, Cylius will set sail on the grand of adventures. ... Read the auxiliary chapter first. ... Join discord https://discord.gg/8WxtGKk Not my picture. If the owner wish to take it down, I will do so. ... Currently being rewritten.

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His every word radiated holiness and his aura was as holy as a god. From this impression alone, it could be seen that the man was terrifying. From previous experiences, the man couldn't be third-tier, at least a fourth-tier...

He was strong, very strong. Maybe with just a finger, he will be erased from existence...

The first impression would last an eternity. If he doesn't get rid of this scar on his mind, he will get a heart demon and have problems when breaking through bottlenecks in the future.

Fortunately, his mind was tempered because of his previous experiences having a heart demon just because of this was impossible.

Though his mindset changed continuously, his mind chose the most logical and the best way for him. Like before, even if he became a second-tier existence, he will apologize to Farold and would pay remuneration.


Early due to his shouting, a winged human, like the guardian from before was coming here.

The monsters here weren't nosey at all, just a peek, and when they discovered the fluctuations of the dimension rune they went away. The rune was a top tier one and people who had comprehended it had terrifying combat power. In the late stages, even teleportation was possible.

In complete comprehension traveling thousands of miles with a single step wouldn't be just a fantasy anymore. And making it his first choice just meant that the person was overflowing with talent.

Even though the scream was quite disturbing they could calm their mind, being nosey wasn't a good choice.

The monsters here were second-tier and above, They had comprehended runes so their intelligence was above average among adult humans. comprehending runes would mean an increase in both mind and soul, their thinking would be accelerated and also would be able to find more effective ways.

Every tier was a whole new realm and advancing to it was similar to evolution.

Just from the second-tier, humans would start to have the same body structure as a monster. The only thing unifying them was the potential, benefits, and the human relationships they had.

Peak first-tier monsters weren't completely rational and would sometimes lose their reason and become bloodthirsty, so at the international standard level, only second-tiers were considered rational creatures.

Suppressing the pain and sudden loss he felt, he closely examined the rune strings. Concentrating his mind he tried to move the rune strings. The result was that it moved even though it only flinched.

Tiredness didn't come to him as he had expected and instead he hadn't felt so refreshed before. Something within his soul was definitely eroded by the rune imprints.

A large-sized seal was in his mind. The outlines of it were very crude but the defense of it was abnormal. As the rune imprints eroded it, slight strands of energy came out of it which became nourishment for his body and refreshed his mind.

With the slight strands, his soul became clearer and clearer until dense black pollution was forced out of it. The purity of his soul became clearer and clearer until it was so pure that one could see through it.

Finally, the strands ended coming out as the seal restored itself.

Checking the benefits his perception increased dramatically, and his soul advanced by a huge degree.

The current situation could be considered horrifying.

Everything was zoomed in and he could even see the dust particles in the air. His vision zoomed in and out as he felt the urge to vomit suddenly.

He could no longer see straight as the sky became blurry. His head was spinning and he couldn't differentiate between himself and the surroundings. Control was lost and a head-splitting headache came out.

His mind was blurry he was on the verge of fainting at any moment. But he dared not faint here. This was the public property of the core part. Law enforcers were coming here and if he fainted here, he would be defenseless.

Though he was confident that he had special privileges as a talented trainee he didn't know what would happen to him if they discovered his unusual state.

They could kill him and act like they didn't see him. Forcing himself to stand up he barely kept his cool.

A wooden toad appeared in his hand, his instinct was urging him to take it out. Albeit barely he could now understand the use of the wooden toad. All of his mind focused on the wooden toad he could barely see the outer appearance of it.

With shaking fingers he got the stick out of its mouth and rubbed it softly on its back and knocked it in the head.

"Guag guag"

A sound that only he could hear rang out in his ears as his mind and soul gradually calmed down. The sound was like a soothing medicine as it calmed down his mind and regained his focus.

The shaking of his body ended and the various attributes of his were strengthened.


Race: Human(Cylius)

Tier: 2(1%)

Strength: 1.5

Speed: 1.5

Agility: 50.0

Soul: 49.9

Mana: 2.2

Lifeforce: 1.7

Active skills: [Yin Barrier lv.1] [Yin Tentacle lv.2] [Life Absorb lv.3] [Mind manipulation lv.2]

Passive skills: [Yin manipulation lv.3] [Living detection lv.1]


[The owner of the status. Has extraordinary soul power and perception. Fighting prowess boosted significantly. Needs to stabilize the foundation and newly gained power. ]


The wooden toad had various uses, only one of its functions was calming and stabilizing the mind. It could resist against illusion attacks and other mind control, hypnosis spells.

The wooden toad had many uses, he had only used the healing function of it. Each function would need a specific sequence in rubbing and knocking it.

After he viewed his body.

His soul had a dark halo around him, the halo was very strange. It had the feeling of being distant yet also close, and it seemed that once anything came into contact with it, it would be lost instantly.

His eyes had also become entirely black and a rune was etched into it. A white circle outline was in there perfectly round, in it there was another white outline and inside it, there was also another one. Three big circles it looked very strange.

Except these two there were no obvious changes.

Soul was obvious while the eye was considered the mirror of the soul, it depicted the personality, emotion, soul. It was also because of this reason that the main ingredient of soul, spirit storing artifacts are eyes. They were very good at storing souls.

The bottleneck of 50 chapters. Been a few months since I started writing this.

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