The Gaurdian

Thrown into a situation he would have never expected, Marcus must find his way in this New World. A world completely different to his own. Follow him as he blazes his own path, and discovers the reason behind his journey.

Mungknut · Fantasy
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Flashes of trees covered in moss went through his head, large trees like those in an ancient forest. Flashes of a strange, terrifying creature, with long limbs and a noseless face; running through those ancient moss covered trees. It was hard to make sense of what was going on. One moment there was nothing but trees, and in the next, the noseless creature was running through them; running as if chasing something, hunting, something.

Startling awake in a cold sweat, Marcus opened his eyes. "That dream again. It's getting more and more vivid." Looking around his bedroom, at the sliver of light peeking from behind his blackout curtain on his window. He noticed it was still fairly bright outside. "It's not even noon yet, I'm going to be exhausted if I don't try to get at least some more sleep." Laying there with his eyes open, not even feeling a bit tired, he decided to get up for the day. Leaving his bedroom, he went to the kitchen/dining room and made himself some toast. Putting some greek yogurt on top and sprinkling some crushed up almonds on top of that; he set down to enjoy his meal.

Finishing up, he made his way to his front door with his gym bag. Although he may be tired, he wouldn't miss out on his workout. Marcus was what you might call a gym rat, he liked to think of himself as an amateur bodybuilder. Standing at an intimidating six-foot five inches tall and two-hundred and sixty-five pounds, most people would make way for him as he passed by. A full beard, with a tint of red, adorned his ruggedly handsome face. A chiseled physique with low body fat, made him look right off the front of a fitness magazine.

Taking the bus to the gym, Marcus arrived about forty-five minutes after he left.

"Let's see what's on the schedule today. Yesterday was leg day, so that means today is arm day, the best day of the week!" Marcus said with a smile.

"I've got about two hours before the next bus runs on the route home, so I can get in a pretty good workout. Then I can maybe try to take a nap before my shift tonight."

Letting out a deep sigh, he went to the dumbbell rack and grabbed the 30lbs dumbbells to warm up. After about an hour and a half, Marcus headed towards the showers. After a hot shower, he dried off and packed his bags. Grabbing a protein shake out of the vending machine on his way out the door. When he made it the crosswalk before the bus stop, Marcus stopped dead in his tracks. Across the street, standing on the other side of the crosswalk, towering above the other pedestrians, was the noseless creature. Staring right at him, the creature cracked a wide, unnatural smile. A smile you would see on a deranged killer, or on someone who finally got ahold of the one thing in the world that they desired.

As Marcus was frozen, a bus went by, and then when it passed, the creature was gone. Swallowing a dry mouth, and steadying a shaky hand, Marcus stood there.

"Maybe I should go see someone about this. I thought the dreams were bad, but seeing things is a whole other level of crazy."

Slowly recollecting himself, Marcus made his way to the bus stop. Taking his seat, he let out a deep sigh. Closing his eyes, Marcus prepared himself for the long bus ride home.

Arriving at his one bedroom apartment, he closed the door behind him. It was about four-thirty in the afternoon. If he got to sleep by five he'd have about three hours to try to catch a nap before his shift started. Thinking this, he took off his pants and shirt and layed down to try to hopefully catch a dreamless sleep.


Waking up to his alarm on his phone, Marcus rubbed the tiredness out of his eyes. Looking at his phone, he seen that he had about just enough time to catch the bus downtown to his job. Having never finished college, there weren't too many job opportunities out there for him. Although, a man of his build did open up other opportunities.

He was employed at a private security firm in the city. They provided security for events, local night clubs, and private citizens that felt they needed protection. They didn't pay a whole lot, but it was enough for rent, his bills, and even to be able to put some back into savings. The benefits weren't anything to scoff at either. Dental, medical, and even 401k.

Most people his age didn't think too far ahead into the future to worry about a 401k, but at 28, he was old enough to know better. That, and the fact he saw what his elderly parents have to do since they haven't saved anything when they were younger. His parents, both in their mid sixties, still have to work full time to afford to live.

Bad financial investments, and living above their means for years; put them were they are today. Having to work every day until they die. Marcus was different from them, he wanted to retire as soon as possible. He wanted to travel, and do what he wanted without worrying about having to clock in and give his time to a company. To do that you needed money, and that was what he would do. Make as much as he could while he could.

Good financial sense, living frugally, and no kids or spouse has put him on the right track. It's not that he wasn't interested in a relationship, it's just that he enjoyed the freedom to do as he pleased. He'd rather have a one night stand, than to be tied down to another person. That's why he always prefers older women, they know what they want and won't beat around the bush to let you know. With him working security at the local club, there was never a shortage of a good time searching him out.

"Well, hopefully Donnie isn't working tonight. I can't stand that dick." Marcus said as he was pulling on his dress slacks.

At the club there were always two people working security in order to have each other covered in case something went down. Donnie would sometimes work the night shift with Marcus, and he was full of himself. Donnie was a wannabe cop that could never pass the psych eval. A straight laced guy that could never bend the rules. He could never joke around or have fun while on the job and Marcus couldn't stand him.

"I bet Donnie would be great at parties." Marcus said sarcastically while looking in the mirror, straightening his tie. Grabbing his coat and keys, he made his way out the door and to the Red Velvet Night Club.


"Hey, what happening Mark!"

"Oh, thank God it's you tonight Jack. I thought maybe I'd have to work with Donnie tonight." Said Marcus as he greeted Jack.

Jack was the other security guard that usually worked the night shift with him. Jack was a good guy that had a wife, and a kid on the way. They'd horse around at work, when it was slow, and usually had a good time. They'd even work out together sometimes. Although jack wasn't nearly as big as Marcus, he'd still put in the work to stay on top of his aging frame.

Jack was in his mid forties, he started late in the dating game and only met his now wife three years ago at the very club he works at now. Of course he wasn't wanting kids this late in life, but life has a way to not go the way you want it to.

"How's your wife doing now Jack? She's what, six months along now, right?" Marcus asked.

"Oh yeah, she doing great. Finally got over that morning sickness, and can finally eat real food without it coming back up." Jack said with a slight smile on his face.

"That had to be rough huh. Not being able to eat anything but plain rice and bananas."

"Well she could eat other things, but the doctor did give her some shakes to make up the lacking nutrients she wasn't getting. Anyways, she's doing a lot better now. Thanks for asking." Jack said as he patted Marcus on the back.

"Whoa, getting bigger aren't you? When are you going to do your first show? I'm sure you'd place at least." Jack said as he was feeling up Marcus's back.

"If you're going to feel me up at least give me a dollar. I don't work for free!" Marcus said cracking a smile.

"And maybe next year. I still need to do a whole cycle before I hit my goal weight. I think it'll be close, but the amateur circuit will be in town around that time. Then I'll register and see how it goes." Marcus replied seriously.

"Good, I know how much work you put in, so it'll be good to see you get some recognition for it. Not to change the subject, but just a heads up. There's supposed to be a bachelorette party coming in later tonight. So be on the lookout for drunk women and the creepy guys that'll come after them." Jack replied.

"Will do Jackie."

"Don't call me that, you know I don't like it." Jack said with a frown.

"I know you don't, that's exactly why I call you that…. Jackie!" Marcus shot back with a shit eating grin.

Jack rolled his eyes as he closed up his personal locker.

"Whatever, it's time that the doors open for tonight, got everything?"

"Yeah, I got my baton and pepper spray ready to go."

Company policy said that each employee had to carry some sort of non-lethal weapon on them for protection. Although any weapon could be lethal, all you had to do was keep beating them with it. You wouldn't want to carry a gun when doing security at a club. Not that Marcus had anything against guns, it's just that if you shot a round off in a crowd you wouldn't know who else you would hit in the process. Also there was the fact that some drunk might manage to get a hold of the gun. That would cause a whole other mess of problems.

Marcus only ever had to use his protection once in the five years he's worked at this particular club. It was a night just like any other, dim lights, too loud of music, and of course too much alcohol. One drunk decided to get a little too handsy with a woman he'd just met. She didn't take too kindly to the unwanted attention. So after her slapping him, she turned around to storm off. He grabbed her wrist and was about to slap her back when Marcus grabbed his offending hand.

"You need to leave buddy." Marcus yelled, to make himself heard over the music.

"And who the fuck do you think you are!?" The drunkard slurred.

"You just need to leave before I make you leave. There's no reason to make this into a big deal." Marcus said while recoiling from the other's stinking breath.

The drunk slowly nodded his head in agreement, right before he reached into his front right pocket. Seeing this Marcus already had his hand on his collapsible baton. In a quick, but unsteady motion, the drunk brandished a knife. It was the foldable kind of knife you might buy at a gas station or flea market. Really only good for opening boxes or cleaning your nails. Still dangerous when in the hands of someone with ill intentions.

Seeing this, Marcus expanded his baton and proceeded to strike at his wrist, while sweeping the drunkard's legs out from under him. Once on the ground, Marcus continued to beat him with his baton, letting out his anger at the fact he dared to pull a weapon on him.

When the police showed up it was easy to prove self defense, with the witnesses and the security cameras. The extra injuries were caused by falling down the stairs that led outside, according to Marcus. The arresting police officer just nodded with a half smile when he heard the excuse.

Since that day, he'd always made sure to have the baton and pepper spray with him in case something like that ever happened again. Adjusting his tie again in the mirror before they took their positions, Marcus said "Don't worry about me Jack, I'm a big boy."

"Yeah yeah, I know. Cmon, let's go."


Flashes of trees. Snarls in the distance. He was running through the forest. Running from something, something large, something relentless in it's chase. The fear was welling up inside him, his heart was pounding. He saw an outcrop of rocks with a fallen tree over top. The tree was long since dead, with green moss covering most of it.

Vaulting over the tree, he huddled close to the base of the rocks. He could smell the dirt and moisture in the air. Clamping his hands over his mouth to try and quiet his breathing, he noticed his hands were not his, they were small like a child's. Thinking about it, Marcus realized this must be a dream.

"But why is it so vivid?" He thought to himself.

"The sights, the sounds, I can feel everything like it's real."

Then he realized something else. He wasn't in control of his body. It was like he was just a passenger, along for the ride. Just viewing everything going on around him passively. Trying to wake himself, Marcus tried to wrestle control from this dream. Nothing seemed to work. Then a large cracking sound came from nearby, just behind the rocks and tree.

He was helpless as he looked through the gaps of the rocks to see what made the noise. Through the gaps he could see it. The creature that has haunted his dreams for the last month or so, the noselss creature. Only this time it wasn't a half forgotten image. It was visceral, the waxy looking skin, the way it's chest moved in and out with every breath it took. The way it would cock it's head to listen.

While staring at the creature, Marcus tried yelling to whoever owned this body to stay quiet, to stay still. But he was just a passenger, no message could get across. In their panic, the child knocked a few loose rocks from their perch. The rocks weren't large, just the size of a marble or so. That was all it took though, with a snap of it's head, the creature locked eyes with Marcus. And with an unnaturally large smile, started towards him.

First attempt at writing a story. Although I’m doing it just for fun right now, hopefully I’ll be able to turn it into something more serious.

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